Accept an Interview in a Letter

How to Accept an Interview in a Letter

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

The way you accept an Interview in a Letter is a way the HR manager excavate your professionalism. Therefore, accept an Interview in a Letter needs much attention and care.

You’ve successfully navigated one of the biggest hurdles to your job search – you’ve been invited to an interview. Your biography and cover letter obviously impressed the recruiter or the recruiting officer enough that they wanted to talk to you in person. Even if you have already provided an initial e-mail or telephone response, maintain a positive impression by writing a gentle, professional response to the interview invitation. This article will share tips on how to accept an Interview in a Letter that breeds a good impression upon you.

How to accept an Interview in a Letter?

There are several useful steps on how to accept an Interview in a Letter. Let’s see:


Create a professional-looking personal letterhead by typing your full name and address in the center of your letter.


Fold-down four lines, then type the date you are writing the acceptance letter flush with the left margin.


Below the date, type the name, title and company address of the person you are writing to flash with the left margin of the page. Double-space, then type in greetings using the person’s last name – “Dear Dr. Smith” or “Dear Mr. Jones,” for example.


Do not write more than two or three short paragraphs. In the first place, thank the person you wrote for the interview opportunity and you are pleased to receive the offer.

Tell In the second paragraph, point out that you expect to discuss how your skills and experience might be a good match for the company’s needs, but your entire cover letter will be repeated.

Don’t do it In the final paragraph, confirm the date and time of the interview. If you need to contact him before the interview, include your phone number or email.


“Intentionally” or “Yours sincerely” “Close your interview acceptance letter in the space of four lines, then type your full name. Sign your name in the open space.

How to Accept an Interview in a Letter


Please review your letter carefully before sending it. Correct any typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors as needed. Keep a copy for your records.

Place the letter in an envelope addressed to the same person you addressed. Type your name and mailing address in the upper left corner of the envelope front.

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How to Accept an Interview in a Letter


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