Ask for Promotion on Performance Evaluation

How to Ask for a Promotion on Performance Evaluation

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

This title change is not enough to ask for a promotion or bring the topic to the fore when it comes to evaluating your performance. It is tricky to ask for promotion on performance evaluation. If you make a case to prove that you are eligible for promotion, you are more likely to succeed. This is a long-term strategy that starts months – perhaps as a year – before your performance is reviewed. If you want to be on the promotional track, the strategy should continue indefinitely. This article will show ways how to ask for promotion on performance evaluation.

How to ask for promotion on performance evaluation

Here are the effective tricks

Be prepared with strategies

Present your strategy. Your desire to lead others starts with high-level performance and a consistent record of responsible behavior. You are likely to lose that “supervising” or “assistant manager” position because of low-quality work assignments, missed deadlines, complaining about workloads, talking to colleagues, and excessive drinking at work after work.

Ask for a Promotion on Performance Evaluation

Maintain a file that documents your performance. These include previous performance evaluations, awards, quotes, letters of appreciation and thank you notes. Ask your managers, colleagues, and customers who appreciate your work whether it is done in writing. Even the most casual promotion of positive comments helps make your case.

Focus leadership and achievements

Ready to evaluate your performance. Review your performance-backup documents. Focus on your leadership skills such as demonstrating your problem-solving skills, communicating effectively, leading the team, and overseeing projects.

Develop a brief presentation. Plan on telling your boss your successes. Whenever possible, determine your amount of achievement. For example, the percentage of new customer companies you have brought in the last six months or the amount of revenue your latest marketing plan has earned. Select documents and create notes to bring with you to review.

Practice your speech so that you are confident yet comfortable.

Be presentable

Be nice and professional in your reviews. Speak slowly as you answer your boss’s comments and questions. Take a deep breath to relax when needed

Acknowledge your boss’s positive feedback about your performance but avoid the temptation to agree to a negative evaluation. Instead, ask your boss how you can speed up production or increase sales.

Make your presentation. Finish by mentioning your achievements, what you want and feel ready to promote.

Be positive and responsive

If your boss rejects the promotion, please respond. Take the decision with a positive attitude and ask how you can prepare for future promotion.

Ask feedback

If you only meet your boss during your performance evaluation, ask for feedback in the reviews. You know how well you’re doing and what you need to improve to promote.

Don’t wait for your performance to be evaluated to necessarily ask for your promotion. Just when you win a big account or break a sales record – when the tension is still high – may be the perfect time to ask.

Know when to ask for a promotion. Employers are less likely to be budgeted, trimmed, and promoted during freezing appointments.

Ask for a Promotion on Performance Evaluation


If you feel that you have been unfairly promoted, talk to your human resources manager to resolve the issue.

You will have the right to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the United States, which enforces anti-discrimination laws involving race, age, gender, ethnicity, and physical disability if you think they apply to your case.

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