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8 Reasons for Becoming A Male Nurse Practitioner

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

Becoming a male nurse was quite unorthodox before. At the first appearance, the worldwide popular nursing job is unofficially captured by the female sect. People from time immemorial have been considering this noble profession to regardlessly belongs to women society. In this article, I am going to talk about becoming a male nurse, benefits, challenges, requirements, and many more. Being a male nurse is truly enjoyable.

Becoming a male nurse

We will hardly find a person who has never heard the word “sister”, that calls a nurse by its simplest form. How you will be becoming a male nurse? Can males do nursing jobs? The good news is, yes, the male should consider joining a nursing career.

The situation has been getting different, as a good number of male nurses are in place in recent years. Nursing is, historically, and apparently a female-dominated profession for a long.

Beginning of male nursing

However, this female-dominated professional outlook is transforming over time. Yet with a small percentage only between 9-10%, a lot of scopes, as well as interest, have been developed for male RN nowadays. It indicates an upheaval of becoming a male nurse in the future. Interests are brewing on how to become a male registered nurse.

What inspire males in nursing

  1. Nobility and empathy
  2. Diversification in career
  3. Career stability
  4. Competitive salary
  5. Demand in future
  6. Transformation of medical science
  7. Change in career path
  8. Critical nursing shortage
  9. Values
  10. Gender balance
  11. Relationship development with patients
  12. Career demand

Popular nursing job areas for male

Observation shows that a good number of specialty options on nursing are available now. It is obvious that nursing jobs opened up various patient care job options. Apart from females, these jobs are being attracted by men in nursing.

Some popular job areas for males are, sports, emergency, flight, trauma nursing, physiotherapy, and, dentistry, among others.

There are many other opportunities for becoming a male nurse, in some specialized areas like middle management, biochemistry, nursing education, forensic medicine, nurse practitioner, organ transplants, oncology, nurse anesthetist, ICU, psychiatry, anatomy, pediatrics, osteology, and administration.

What makes nursing exclusive

Nursing is not like other traditional professions. It deserves specialties and care in one (or few) exclusive areas. Because it is directly related to care, affection, and empathy. It is not that you are an expert, or trained in one place, and will perform a role in other areas of medication. Therefore, it is a common unwritten rule for nurses regardless of males and females.

As of 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), mentions there are 3,096,700 registered nurses in the United States. Yet there are still many more opportunities looming so that you can be the first male nurse in the coming year.

It has been a historical and psychological issue in the case of some stereotypical jobs as male dominating, or female dominating jobs. Nursing belongs to female domination since time immemorial.

Nursing is an evergreen profession by its nature. It is a solid and stable career path throughout the world. Therefore, consistent demand, reliability, and financial savvy have turned the nursing career very attractive for many career challenges. The BLS projects 221,900 RN job openings through 2029.

1. Future of changing nursing jobs

It was the scenario of the past, whereas there is apparently, not any significant difference in quality, compassion, care, and need between male and female nursing profession when both of them are well trained and are able to meet the job requirements.

However, the situation changes gradually. Nursing has also been a promising career choice for males nowadays. Many people started becoming male nurse. It is not because of only a career choice, or a job that just needs to be done for butter and bread. Nursing is more than that. It multiples smile, compassion, and softness of heart. In fact, only persons with great intentions and mentality can perform and do better in this profession.

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2. Salary and benefits

To encourage and attract more male talents for the need, the American Assembly of Men in Nursing is offering scholarships, training kits, conferences, guidelines, collaboration, training, and coverage of nursing topics especially for the interested and qualified male candidates.

There are many other associations and support centers for nursing professionals around the world.

In the case of salaries, benefits, and honorarium, a male nurse practitioner is very competitive as in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia. It is interestingly a fact that men in nursing earn more in many cases, compared to their female counterparts.

3. The consistent need for nurses

With the increasing number of mental and physical complexities, accompanied by a transformation in pattern and position in sickness, a good number of medications is in high demand. It, in return, more opportunities for the nursing job are proclaiming, with opening more scopes for a guy nurse.

Therefore, this profession experiences no downfall of any kind. New nurses frequently receive sign-in bonuses and allowances. It is consistent and reliable as a career choice. Moreover, post jobs and retirement benefits are often very attractive in many cases for black or white male nurses.

To facilitate higher demand for medical support, the need for hospitals and medical centers is on the rise. This huge number of hospitals require many well-trained, highly qualified nurses to handle different patients with exclusive support as a guy nurse. So, how to become a male nurse has been a talk of many countries.

So, hospitals and nursing schools are deploying qualified men to join the nursing profession all year round. Apart from this, many wells to do families recruit full-time nurses at their residence to handle their dear ones in a homely environment.

4. Value addition for male nurses

It implies that the male nurse requirements can’t be ignored, and these challenge takers will gain success in a career in terms of no time. Moreover, it is commonly perceived that male nurses should naturally be good people who desire to stand beside others whenever required.

A male RN also has great humans qualities the same as their female counterparts have, such as helping the sick and wounded with responsibility, care, and love. Many patients also like to have a male nurse for home care. Additionally, male nurses stand out from the crowd in this nursing career only due to their gender, which sometimes demands more than that a female nurse may have risk and challenges to do.

5. Where a male registered nurse stands out

There are male patients who need special care for their masculine biological issues. A female nurse may not be appropriate for them. However, there may have issues like decency and shyness for many male patients.

Patients may require some heavy works, those male nurse practitioners are fit to handle it successfully, and without causing any harm or pain for the patients.

The concept of a male travel nurse is also getting popular gradually.

For some people, it is not decent to take female nurses, where a male registered nurse is suitable for those patients.

A male nurse practitioner is more flexible about timing and place for their profession. They can work till the night and even at a remote place, whenever needed.

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6. Nursing schools

We live in an era of change, and transformation. Rapid changes are taking place in every profession. Medical science and nursing are not different from this trend. The overall conception of a male nurse practitioner has shifted dramatically.

Fresh interests are brewing up in nursing jobs as black or white male nurses. The number of males in nursing has multiplied over the past few decades. Many career challengers are coming and having nursing degrees from nursing schools.

Many nursing schools are being initiated with state of art education, training, and future job placement. These are attracting male candidates to have graduated from these institutions.

The U.S. Census Bureau States “the proportion of male registered nurses has more than tripled since 1970, from 2.7 percent to 9.6 percent, and the proportion of male licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses has more than doubled from 3.9 percent to 8.1 percent.”

7. Hope for male nurses

It is true that gender biases are usually significant only in our brains. It is merely some backdated conceptions, which have been overruled by the cordial acceptance and harmony from the patients. Go and look, a sick patient usually doesn’t concern about the gender of a nurse, rather, he expects welcoming orientation, smile, care, affection, and responsibilities, that a male nurse also can have.

It is just an orthodox mindset for some male patients, who feel reluctant to have support from men in nursing, and vice versa. There is nothing to worry about it. It is not a common picture. We have to accept that mentality and show respect to this ideology shown by some people, by staying positive.

When you are really interested in nursing, issues like gynecology will not be embarrassing, as long as you will be a human– not a male or female. Just focus on your politeness and rationale for nursing care for all patients.

Be a professional and focus a male nurse on the task that comes to you as a natural role of a great nurse. Your noble job is to help people during their sickness, to help them get better as a male nurse for home care.

Feel like an angel of Heaven and realize your nursing job from the heart. When you love your job, when your passion and job come together, you can perform well, and break any stereotypical concept as well as male nurse home care.

8. Gender equilibrium in nursing

Male and female will work hand in hand. It is not a matter to prove competency or head-to-head competition. Forget about gender discrimination. There is nothing to fear of being a male nurse.

Prominent nursing schools equip male and female graduates with modern education, practical skills development, and hands-on training. These will harness you with the motto of greatness and magnitude as being a male nurse. Your self-esteem, strengths, leadership, and perseverance will consider you as a valuable resource of the entire nurse society as a guy nurse. Even black male nurses are doing great.

Active nursing groups like the Brotherhood of Nursing, the National Student Nursing Association, and the American Assembly for Men in Nursing are some useful platforms to connect you with other nursing students. There might be many more such organizations in your vicinity as a male nurse home care or male travel nurse.

Be active members with them to harness your knowledge, personal development, social skills, and information through networking.

Growing Nursing Specialties

According to the source, & source, the following are the Growing Nursing Specialties for becoming a male nurse practitioner:

  1. Virtual nursing
  2. Registered Nurse (RN)
  3. Nurse midwife
  4. Nurse Practitioner
  5. Cardiac Nurse
  6. Travel nursing
  7. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
  8. Nurse educator
  9. Critical Care Nurse
  10. Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
  11. Mental Health Nurse
  12. Nurse manager
  13. Home-care nurse
  14. Geriatric Nursing
  15. Case management nurse
  16. Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
  17. Nursing Administrator
  18. Geriatric nurse
  19. Critical care nurse
  20. Neonatal/perinatal nurse
  21. Pediatric nurse
  22. Public Health Nurse
  23. Psychiatric nurse
  24. Trauma/ER nurse
  25. Oncology Nurse
  26. Orthopedic Nurse
  27. OR nurse
  28. Labor and delivery nurse

Take away

Finally, we will set our goal to be a nurse, not men in nursing, or a female in nursing, absolutely. Think about female medical students or female nursing students. They set their career as only doctors or nurses (not female doctors, or female nurses). Improve your soft skills that are required for career development. You should know about male nurse requirements.

Break the gender obstacles. You can take your lead. It is all about your mindset to be a male nurse. When challenge taker people like you will come forward, the gender barriers will be no more. The future professional world will be for nurses, not male or female nurses to unleash opportunities for becoming a male nurse! Be the first male nurse among your friends.

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