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25 Insane Blogging Mistakes to Avoid for Long-term Success

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

Blogging needs a lot of effort. It is not a task for one day. Many people work for their blogs with much energy and passion. But while doing so they undergo many silly mistakes that cause much damage to their blog. However, a little bit of attention can save them from going down. Here is a list of 25 insane blogging mistakes to avoid for a longterm success. Considering the following areas can maximize the success rate for any blogger. Here are the blogging tips for 2019, that will be able to answer how to create a blog on blogger or WordPress.

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1. Don’t go into a niche where you don’t have any passion

It is the first rule for writing the blog. Selecting a niche where you don’t have passion will block your progress. Creative writing is most important for epic content. You should know how to pick up profitable blog niches that will give you success soon. Start blogging without passon is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid.

When you decide on a niche where you don’t have an interest, you may not be creating good content continuously. Therefore, when you will not have an interest, you cannot stick to your blogging in the long run.

Visit popular blogging platforms, how they became successful? These blogging sites didn’t come to this position in a day. They knew how to promote an anonymous blog, or how to start a blog and make money, or even how to start a blog on Instagram!

2. Don’t think a lot about us pages, domain name, and mission statement

Some people ponder over issues like, about us page, a catchy domain name, and the mission statement of the blog. These are in fact not that much important areas to invest too much time and attention and one of the common blogging mistakes.

In fact, readers will not much care about that. They visit your blog due to attractive content and the information they need. Better, try to invest your valuable time to create king contents. It is one of the useful blogging tips and tricks. It should be used in all blogging platforms.

3. Don’t buy a bad host

Initially, you may not be able to realize the importance of a good host. But, be careful about that. The bad hosts may seem to be initially cheap and useful. But it might cost a lot in the long run. All of your efforts may be at risk due to a lack of security and backup vulnerability of a so-called host. A good host may be a bit costly but will ensure your security and backup. It is one of 25 insane mistakes to avoid for blogging success.

4. Don’t copy-paste from others

It is illegal to copy and paste exactly from contents from others. It is called plagiarism. Recreating any copyrighted materials will not only downgrade your SEO ranking but also damage your reputation. Use your blogging tips and tricks smartly. Moreover, you may be reported to commit offenses due to any such action and one of the common blogging mistakes.

Rather rely on your own creativity and try to write unique materials. If you are not initially habituated to write on your own, keep going. Gradually you can do it. However, for your study, you should visit other similar blogs.

5. Don’t underestimate your marketing

Only writing and posting will not be so much useful to maximize your popularity and traffic conversion. All successful bloggers do more marketing than writing. There is an 80/20 rule in blogging. It means, when you write for 20 minutes, you should go for 80 minutes for its marketing.

Upon following this rule will help you gradually improve your popularity. Keep marketing and sharing your images, links, and posts on different social media. Visit and comment on other relevant blogs with your useful links so that traffics can be converted.

6. Don’t go for a free hosting

You will get a lot of free hosting sites for your blog. It may seem lucrative at the beginning but might cost you a lot in the future. They may have poor optimization and hidden cost.Free hosting is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid.

It might be irritating for you. Moreover, free hosting will not get that much attention in the SEO algorithm unless there is not a good number of king contents.

And it mostly depends on luck. So don’t rely on your luck. Rather go for your effort and useful action. Finally, free hosting will generally not be able to attract your target market.

Rather, there are some popular and reliable hosting and domain providers you should depend upon for the sustainability and safety of your sites.

7. Don’t buy crazy expensive all-inclusive software

On the way of your blogging attempts, you will come across a good number of software with this and that facility. They all are in the market due to exploring their business. That software may not the ability to match your expectation. And eventually, you may waste your valuable time investing in blogging sites, which is one of the common blogging mistakes.

Moreover, they will take control of your site. You should buy these items after proper review, verification, and expert opinion. And most importantly, go for purchasing after a couple of months, if needed. It is one of 25 insane mistakes to avoid for blogging success.

8. Don’t rely on an agent

It might not be useful unless you don’t have any better understanding of them. Although they are professional, they will not be able to understand your passion. There are usually no shortcuts to maximize the popularity of your blog in this way. It is one of the valuable blogging tips for beginners.

Try to develop your blog by own. Take time. In case you really require any expert opinion, go for your trusted network. You may ask for suggestions online to your virtual blogger community. Youtube tutorials and similar blogs from others may be useful to enhance your knowledge to avoid blogging mistakes for beginners.

9. Do not be inactive until you get a consistent success

The success of a blog relies mostly on the continuity of the blog. You should realize you desire to establish your blog. This success will not come in a day. Stick to it. Keep creating posts. Also, keep on marketing. Try to write on trendy items. Catchy topics will enhance your success rate.

Don’t stop. It is one of must follow blogging tips for beginners, whether you are blogging for the first time, or you are blogging for money, which is one of the blogging mistakes for beginners.

10. Don’t try to establish more than a blog at a time

You may have the plan to go for several blogs on different niches. It sounds good! But, not initially. Yes, several blogs at the same time will distract your attention and you might be tired due to overburden. The best option is to work and establish one blog at a time. And then go for the next.Starting with several blog at the beginning is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid.

And then next. When you are serious enough, 6-12 months should be enough to get an average success to your blog. Be passionate about one blog during that period.

11. Do not ignore social Media

Social media has a great impact on exposing your blog. Share your blog with social media as many as you can. Sharing will create great publicity for your content. Share posts with good pictures and informative stuff. Every post you publish needs a boost from your social media presence.

I’m on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and Google My Business. You have to know from other bloggers that how to create a blog for free and make money, or for advice blog only.

12. Don’t forget to invest in useful reasons

On the way of developing your blog, you might require to invest some money for useful reasons. Boost your post in social media, give ad for greater publicity and interest for the targeted traffic, buy some useful software for technical enhancement.

It is useful regardless to you are blogging for the first time, or you are blogging for money or passion. Understanding blogging is a crucial part of a blog best practices 2019 and beyond.

13. Don’t be much concern about traffic

If your contents are epic, over time, you will be popular. Don’t worry about that in order to skip beginner blogging mistakes. Keep the basics of blogging up. Establish all the must-have a portion of your Blog. Pickup a good topic with catchy titles.

Your blog should have some useful content. Traffic will be coming over time. All the blogs have some loyal readers of their own. Just you need to make a space for them so that they visit, stay, and explore.

14. Don’t follow other bloggers

It is because you will be based on the way of writing creative stuff. You should not follow other bloggers and set your own writing style to avoid beginner blogging mistakes.

It should be unique and readers should get a different taste reading your stuff. However, to learn about blogging, trendy items, and styles, you may go through other bloggers. But these are just for your research purposes. You can check out blog writing format, blog writing examples to know about what is a blog and how does it work.

15. Don’t follow trend

To follow the trend is good for time being but not sustainable in the long. You know trendy things go backdated over time. It is ever-changing. So, the following trends will continuously put you under pressure to grab new and new things. Rather listen to your heart. Tell your own story for others. Write according to your own pattern. If you find no other way, create evergreen content that will be popular all the time.

16. Don’t go for random posting

Set a schedule for your posting. Your readers should get an impulse that you write for them and post your content on a stipulated time of the day or week. Instead of scheduled posting, randong posting is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid. Some say, posting 3-4 items a week is okay, but most bloggers advice to write once a week.

And it should be at least two years. Still, you are a prolific writer, go for 3 articles a week, no problem. You will be able to know from other bloggers that how to create a blog for free and make money.

17. Don’t rush

Some people jump on an unnecessary competition and hurry in blogging. It seems they have to catch the train! It is not that. Without some exceptions, blogging requires a slow and steady approach. Proceed carefully. No need for any rush in the case of personal blogging for beginners, or anything, which is one of the blogging mistakes for beginners

SEO requires some time. Traffic also come slowly. A blog should gain authority for its success. And authority doesn’t come in a day. A useless rush may damage the impression. People may not trust you. All popular blog sites followed it, with some lucky exceptions.

18. Don’t write to you

As we told earlier, go for blogging per your readers. Tell your story in such a way that readers can relate themselves to it. Make your approach emotional. Show your audience that you are here to providing them a solution, value. Be flexible. Catch public emotions. You should not be here for online money marketing.

If you write to you, why the traffic should come and stay a long time on your pages? At least while you have an aim in mind to make it financially viable. It is your business. Readers should not think you are here for online money marketing or undergoing marketing a blog. Think, do you open your shop for you, or for your target market?

19. Never stop learning

We live in an ever-changing world. Trend, taste, interest, philosophies, and objective can change from time to time. Adjust yourself with the change. Learn from others.Stop learning and feeling over-confidence the blogging mistakes to avoid

Learn from your experience and mistake if any. Issues like SEO, traffic attraction, Ad Sense, social media, marketing, affiliates are transforming. People will love the innovative way you can take to supersede others. So keep learning.

20. Don’t ignore a catchy title

An attractive title has great importance. Traffic needs to be curious about your title. And this curiosity will pull them to your blog. Ignoring an attractive title is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid. So, never avoid the importance of an attractive title. For heading idea generation, there are many more websites like answer the public, buzzsumo, Google trends, etc. Ask for help from them with your content keywords.

21. Ignoring linking up with older posts

You should always link up any other similar posts from your blog in the other one. You should always link up one of your posts with other related blog posts so that readers may also visit those. By this way, I promote my blog for free!

It will help to minimize the bounce rate and click to your other posts. Moreover, readers will get the impression that your blog site is enriched.

22. Forgetting meta description

Every post should have a proper meta description that is in fact reiterate the keywords in a descriptive way. It is very useful for ranking up your blog over other competitors. Each meta description should be a short summary in 2-3 sentences about the whole post using keywords. You should know what to blog about.

23. No attention to presentation

Your king contents must be presented in an attractive way. Be decent. Learn to write contents that people will love to read. Focus on short paragraphs. Each paragraph should belong to 2-3 sentences, whereas a sentence should be of 10-25 words. The shorter, the better. Failing to present  yourself in a simple and attractive way is one of the blogging mistakes for beginners.

Write in simple languages. There should have an appropriate heading in each part of a blog. Consider adding useful pictures. Don’t forget to optimize pictures properly. It should be loaded quickly. Your site should be comparatively faster.

24. No attention to Backlinks

It is a reference that you would like to refer to other bloggers or alike. Most people don’t think it’s necessary to relate with other similar inbound links that will make a blog more trustworthy to the readers. Standard backlinks are also useful to prove your neutrality and credibility to readers. Blog with sufficient backlinks is also very impressive for higher ranking.

25. Don’t give up

Blogging usually requires a huge time and effort. It is sure if you stick to it regularly, you will get success. Blogging is hard work, and commitments like profession, family, or other reasons can overtake your blog. Have your patience. It is the secret of success in blogging for beginners.

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Take away

Blogging is not so easy. The list may be more on blogging mistakes to avoid. It is not difficult to. By following the mentioned features, you must be on top of your target. Just follow and stick to them to avoid beginner blogging mistakes. Abide by the rules of blogging for beginners. You will be a successful blogger very soon.

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