Career Goals Essay – How do I Write my Career Goals?

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2019)

A career goals essay speaks about the pros and cons of an appropriate career goal in a nutshell. A sample of a career goals essay is a piece of writing that describes what you want to be in the future and what heights you want to achieve. In it you talk about your career aspirations, the biggest achievements so far that make you relevant to the position, and the ways in which this education or position can help you achieve more in the future.

The goal is to show whether the admissions board or your prospective employer is relevant to what you are looking for in the field, as well as your potential ambitions and goals that may be working for a prospect with this project. A career goals essay can be written for several reasons.

Although it can be challenging, writing career goal essays is often an inspiring and motivating process! Not only can this give scholarships a clear picture of your goals and aspirations, but it’s also a great opportunity to think about what you’re interested in.

Before beginning the article, you should ask yourself some questions. It can be extremely helpful to brainstorm and create an outline before you start writing (just to sort your thoughts first). Here are a few questions to help you get started, but feel free to pick or choose or add your own:

  • What are my short-term and long-term career goals?
  • Where do I see myself in ten years?
  • What events in my life have led me to achieve these goals?
  • Which big one will help me reach my goals?
  • What skills do I need to reach my goals?
  • What impact do I want to have on society?

These questions are a great starting point. It is best to have a general idea of ​​the structure when it is time to put your ideas in the article format. You can use the template below to give you some ideas. But keep in mind that some rules are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to be innovative and think outside the box!

So, to sum it up, this essay about career goals can determine your future at once because if you don’t convince a prospective recruiter that they will recruit you or the admissions board to give them a chance to study in college, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

career goals essay

How to write a career goals essay

Your first step is to set your career goals. This is something you want to achieve in your professional life after finishing school. You can use various pre-writing techniques such as brainstorming, free writing, mapping or clustering. Think about specific information. When you begin writing career goals, you can answer the following questions:

  • What are your professional goals and dreams and why do you want them?
  • Why does it appeal to you?
  • What do you want to achieve in your future professional career?
  • Do you have any prior experience with this type of work?

Provide answers to each question. You need to search the internet and research about specific areas you choose as your future career. There are several ground rules that make up a good career goal article sample. These rules include but are not limited to:

Organize your ideas

You should prepare a detailed plan regarding your career goals. Make some short sentences and serve as a thesis statement to give your paper the focus. Create a work outline. Regarding career goals, your paper should follow a general framework and contain an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion. Do not lengthen your contacts, talk about the background that has made you choose specific career goals. Think about your audience. Be careful when choosing each word to meet their expectations.

career goals essay examples

Support your idea by data

Body is the main part of your career goal essay. Your real goals should be to provide you with details of how you plan to accomplish them. It is very important to give concrete examples. Body paragraphs should be based on relevant evidence that plays a key role in making a strong impact on your readers. How can you do that Support your key points with information and examples from trusted online resources.

You should explain why you are fit for this career and give examples that show your skills. You should speak from your heart. It’s a proven way to achieve the best results and make a great impression on your audience. If you are not sure how to do this, you can use good educational and career goal essays.

Write a strong conclusion

Emphasize once again why your career goals are important to you. Try adding some memorable lines to impress your readers’ community. Use some sensitive phrases. Remember that conclusion is the part that your audience will probably remember most.

Re-read and correct

Creating a conclusion is not the last step. Take a few days off and correct the grammar and spelling mistakes in improving the content, logic, flow, and content of your paper. Ask a friend or family member to help proofread your work.

Stick to your own style

The essay is about you, your goals, aspirations and ambitions. So, the person reading it should have your personality in line. Don’t imitate other people, or even consider writing an essay based on other people’s work. It should come right from you and center around you.

thesis statement

Like any other essay, you should start with the main point which in this case is about setting your career aspirations and goals. Make clear what you want to achieve and then explain how you came to set such goals or how you would like to achieve them in the near future.

FOllow structure

The structure is your friend, because clear structure helps the reader to follow your thoughts and stay on the same page with you. And though these national essays are often viewed as creative pieces that require no rigorous structure, do not fall prey to this nationally misleading idea and organize your thoughts well.

Be relevant

Make sure your thoughts and ambitions are relevant to the end reader. Align what you want to achieve with what you are applying for. And there should be something irrelevant to the position, just strike it right in your article.

Now, we know that these tips alone are not enough for you to understand how composing career goals for quality should be. That’s why we’ve prepared a number of samples that will help you see what they’re saying.

So, if you need examples of a better career goal essay, read on and take what you need from our samples.

Career Goals Article Sample # 1

Why I want to be a special education teacher

When I was a kid, I wanted to have power. I thought the power or the ability to flow and disappear would give me a chance to fight crime. That was my way of making a difference in the world.

Now, as I grow up and stand in the way of making important decisions I realize that I want to be a special education teacher. Now I believe this is the best way to make a difference in the world we all live in.

Why do I choose this path? There are a number of reasons at hand.

First of all, I love kids. Being around them, coming up with ways to make the school program attractive for them, and investing in their personalities, not just their intellect, are all my life’s biggest passion. I never get bored with all the dreaded responsibilities like administrative work or paperwork.

As a schoolteacher, I used to work as a teacher support in my parents’ private school. When I come up with extra responsibilities, I know for sure what I’m talking about. I’ve seen my parents at work and helped them with some of those tasks. And I want to do it someday.

Furthermore I am a googster in nature. This means that coming up with brilliant ideas, organizing schedules and managing contests will not be an issue for me. I love adventure and would be truly delighted to transform a simple learning process into an exciting adventure with kids.

Also, I am creative and curious and I am always ready to share my discoveries with kids. And that is the key to successful training and education.

And finally, I want to work as a special education teacher which means I won’t be around ordinary kids. I will work with a wonderful one. I believe that I will be fortunate enough to receive training that is special in many ways. I understand the hardships of this job, but they do not scare or burden me. I consider the scope of this work a true blessing. But to get there, I have to start my studies first. And that is why I am applying to your college.
I hope that one day after I graduate I will find my own special education institute where kids will not only gain valuable knowledge, but also find friends, rediscover their emotions and fulfill their bold dreams. And all of this is possible through my potential and your college knowledge base.

 	essay on career goals and aspirations

Example of career goals essay # 2

One day get a degree to start an eco-friendly business

Working somewhere is not for me to do just the end. I was always looking for a job that I was really proud of. I wanted to reach new heights and do things that I felt really passionate about. After all, a passion for what you do on a dull winter morning will be the only reason to get out of bed without hating yourself.

After much thought and analysis of my prospects, I came to the conclusion that in the long run, I would like to start a business specifically for recycling. I have always viewed waste as a huge problem and I believe that the degree I can get at your university, that I can change the problem and make the world a better place for us and our kids to live.

Why choose me out of thousands of other applicants?

Because I know for sure that this major will make a huge contribution to my future career. I am in love with the idea of ​​making the world a better, and certainly cleaner place. But I also need some solid knowledge to help me see ways to apply the most up-to-date knowledge in real life problems.

Furthermore, I am committed to making the most of this education. I have always been a staffer at my school so I look for opportunities to engage in recycling activities with my friends. Our class organized competitions, participated in various events in the city to improve the living conditions and environment of the neighborhood. And I was often in the student initiation group.

We did it voluntarily, but with the right knowledge, I would not only be able to resume doing it but be able to do it with a larger scale and greater impact.

I also realized that when I decide to run my own business, I need to pick some well-managed skills that will be of immense importance to me. I know that you also offer these national classes and I am happy to join them and learn what they are happy with there.

And finally, I can be an asset to your campus as well. I look forward to being active and promoting healthy and environmentally friendly living on campus, engaging students in a variety of useful activities, and encouraging their interest in this field. Therefore, I am not only willing to earn a degree here, but want to change the community in a better way.

As you can see, this education has a lot of importance for future career goals of running my own recycling company. I want to help people out of a toxic place to live in the world. I hope you find my passion and experience relevant to this research find I look forward to hearing from you!

If you have no ambitions, it can be difficult to compose an appropriate career goal. This is why you should consider prioritizing your dreams and goals first before executing our tips and sitting down to write. To begin your thesis statement you need to have at least three arguments.

Once you’ve figured these things out, you’ll have no difficulty composing this article. Just use our suggestions and your thoughts and organize them in the right way.

Don’t try to copy the idea you got online. You can only read some samples for inspiration, but believe us, it will be obvious if you copy them. Let the paper be original and realistic. Employers and admissions boards want to see the real people behind each segment. Still, they want to see significant people. So, try to cover all the bases with a single paper.

Career goals essay template

The first paragraph should be an overview of what you are talking about and it should also catch the reader’s attention. For example, instead of starting your essay with something generic (e.g. I’ve wanted to be a zoologist since I was a kid), Get creative with it! For the first time as a young girl going to the zoo or most kids playing at home or school, try something like my greatest memory, I’ve always wanted to play the zoo.

For the second paragraph, it is a great idea to elaborate on what motivated your career goals. Maybe it was a relative, a TV show or just your experience. You can also touch your short-term and long-term goals here, though it’s better to really focus on them in the upcoming paragraphs.

In Section 3, you can discuss your short-term career goals and your targeted major. How will your targeted majors help you reach this goal? What skills do you need to reach them? At the end of the paragraph, try to discuss how your short-term goals can help you achieve your long-term goals

For the fourth paragraph, it is a great idea to focus on your long-term goals and the impact you are expecting in society. If you’re not sure what your long-term goals are, don’t sweat it; They will probably need to change anyway. Instead you can focus on the difference you want to make as a whole. And don’t worry too much about the size of the effect … Keep in mind that doing what you are truly interested in can have a huge impact on the people around you.

The last paragraph is your conclusion. You can use this paragraph to summarize what you have discussed in the last few paragraphs. If you want to be more creative, try to finish your essay with a question or a new insight for your readers.

 	short term and long term career goals essay examples outline

Take away

Wondering why setting your career goals is important? Research has shown that people are more likely to achieve their goals if they put their ideas on paper. This fact can be easily explained. We can all talk about our dreams or emotions, but they may change over time. As you grow, learn, learn about the world, and gain life experience, your interests and values ​​may change. Every day you can start getting different things. One day you may feel that you no longer want to reach the specific goal you wanted to reach in the past year or 3 years ago. If you are determined to get a dream job or start a business and make money, it will give you the motivation to take action.

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