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Cash Balance Pension Plan Termination – What to Know

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2021)

The cash balance pension plan and its termination are some important issues every person should know about. In this article, I am going to share some of the basic facts about the cash balance pension plan termination.

Understanding Money Stability Retirement Plans

Many employers provide money stability pension plans as a priceless part of their staff’s advantages package deal.

One of the best parts of this profit is that you do not have to fret about factors.

These plans are absolutely managed and funded by your group—they choose the investments, they contribute cash on your behalf—

all you need to do is go to work and meet this system’s employment eligibility guidelines!

Money stability plans are retirement plans which can be funded solely by the Plan Sponsor based mostly on a method that takes into consideration your age, years of service, and compensation.

Such an outlined profit plan is funded annually with a “profit credit score”—tied to a proportion of your compensation, in addition to a “curiosity credit score.”

The accruing worth of a money stability plan is outlined by precise account stability you could observe over time, much like monitoring balances in an outlined contribution plan.

Nonetheless, not like outlined contribution plans, the fluctuations of the market don’t have an effect on your particular profit within the money stability plan, because the funding dangers are assumed by the group sponsoring the plan.

Your vested stability shouldn’t be topic to market fluctuations and might solely improve as time goes on.

An essential advantage of a money stability plan is portability. “Portability” means when you meet the vesting necessities of the plan, you’ll be able to take a lump-sum distribution while you terminate employment.

Moreover, upon the termination of employment, you may additionally elect to switch your stability into an IRA or one other certified retirement plan (to keep away from taxes and penalties) or convert the stability into annuity funds.

Cash balance pension plan and termination

In fact, you may additionally go away the cash within the plan (in case your stability exceeds the plan’s small profit money out quantity) to proceed to accrue curiosity till retirement age or while you select to withdraw your funds.

Money stability plan advantages are protected, inside sure limits, by a federal company often known as the Pension Profit Warranty Company (PBGC).

This safety is essential ought to a corporation grow to be unable to satisfy its means to pay worker advantages.

In that case, the PBGC will start paying pension advantages in accordance with pension laws established by the federal government.

Steps: Terminating a Money Stability Pension Plan

The self-employed have lengthy loved the tax deductions and vital retirement contributions. However, there are numerous respectable causes for plan termination.

Typically, employers want to terminate the plan to keep away from ongoing publicity. For instance, the next causes could also be thought-about legitimate causes for terminating a plan:

the corporate goes out of enterprise;
the corporate has the shortcoming to fund the plan going ahead;
when companions or shareholders are anxious a couple of rising plan legal responsibility;

The IRS wants to see an “enterprise necessity” in relation to terminating a money stability pension plan. The will to get the funds right into a participant’s fingers to permit them to direct their very own investments wouldn’t qualify as an enterprise necessity.

Money stability pension plan termination

An enterprise necessity would usually entail decrease enterprise earnings, change in shareholders or possession, or difficulty that restricts the corporate’s means to proceed funding the plan.

The IRS has additionally accepted the adoption of a special retirement plan as a respectable purpose for plan termination. The principles might be advanced.

Terminating a Money Stability Plan

The IRS considers a plan as an everlasting firm program. The IRS assumes plans will stick with it indefinitely or at the least for a “few years.” The laws don’t outline clearly what a “few years” means.

However virtually talking, the IRS has traditionally not typically questioned a termination that occurred greater than 10 years after plan inception.

Moreover, employers that can be terminating a money stability pension plan that has been in existence for 5-10 years don’t usually obtain push again from the IRS.

Can a plan be terminated?

Sure it could actually. The IRS states that it’s an everlasting plan. Nonetheless, it may be terminated for an affordable trigger.

This might embody

(1) enterprise homeowners within the strategy of promoting the enterprise;

(2) a cloth change in enterprise funds that prohibit the power to fund the plan; or

(3) a big enterprise change that negatively impacts the plan on an ongoing foundation.

Terminating a Cash Balance Pension Plan

So let’s stroll by means of the steps:

Amend the plan

Amend the plan to determine a termination date and replace the plan for all adjustments within the regulation or plan qualification necessities efficient on the plan’s termination date.

Cease plan contributions

Guarantee the corporate has ceased plan contributions until a remaining contribution is required for certified contributors. This must be rigorously coordinated with the funding advisor.

Vest all contributors

Present full vesting of advantages for all affected staff on the termination date (the plan ought to have already got this provision).

Notify plan contributors

Notify the plan contributors concerning the plan termination. All particulars must be supplied.

Full rollover notification

Present the required rollover discover to plan contributors (should be inside 15 days of modification).

Full vesting

Vest all “affected contributors” 100% (applies to any staff or former staff with account stability when terminating a money stability pension plan).

Coordinate distribution

Coordinate to have the plan to distribute all advantages in accordance with plan phrases as quickly as administratively possible after the termination date.

Finalize distribution

Distribute plan property to contributors as quickly as possible (usually inside 12 months) after the plan termination date.

Full termination evaluate

Do a remaining evaluation of the plan property and termination paperwork to just remember to are all compliant.

File remaining type 5500

File any relevant remaining Kind 5500 collection return. This might end in a component 12 months submitting.

Is it Acceptable to Terminate then Restart a Money Stability Plan?

Nonetheless, there may be additionally a priority that the IRS might apply a “step transaction” idea to termination and restart.

That’s if the results of the termination/restart are in any other case similar plan, the IRS might argue that the plan didn’t in actual fact terminate and that the brand new plan is just a continuation of the previous plan.


In such a case, the distributions could be thought-about prohibited from the previous plan.

This is able to end in disqualification of the plan, in addition to extreme rollovers (within the case of a rollover to an IRA) or receipt of funds from a disqualified plan (within the case of a rollover to a 401(okay) plan).

Business purpose to terminate the pension plan

There are various legitimate causes for terminating a plan.

However simply just remember to do your due diligence and guarantee that your efforts are rigorously coordinated along with your third-party administrator (TPA).

I hope this article on the Cash balance pension plan and termination was worthy to you. Read more Frequently Asked Questions on the Cash Balance Pension Plans Compliance.

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