companies will be required more skilled manpower in this industry

Career growth and future prospect in energy sector

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2019)

Energy is one of the continuously growing sectors in the world. Renewable energy is a rapidly thriving industry that has the worldwide opportunities. Because, we cannot think of a day without fuel, gas, oil, electricity, renewable Energy, Nuclear, Petrochemicals and alike. So, the career prospect in energy sector is good in the coming days.


So it has been a vibrant and vast sectors for career development since a long. It is a lucrative area for the career challengers with plenty of diversification.  

Variety of career paths are available to individuals intend to work in the renewable energy industry.

As per industry estimates, demand of oil only in India is expected to grow to 458 Million Tonnes (MT) and gas production is expected to touch 90 Billion Cubic Metres (BCM) by 2040.

This demand for energy is estimated to be more than double by 2040 as economy will grow to more than five times its current size.

Therefore, job opportunities will be increasing day by day in careers in renewable energy engineering.

So, we foresee a crucial transition for energy industry as new developments are in place with the rapid technological advancement.

Job sectors

The charm of this sector is it’s interlink with foreign exchange and involvement at different part of the project. Among the popular jobs in energy sector, following are some examples with high demand:

    • Renewable energy finance
    • Solar energy consultant
    • Manufacturing production operator
    • Energy policy analyst
    • Energy advocate
    • Petroleum engineer
    • Process operator
    • Plant operator
    • Bio-diesel operator
    • Solar engineer
    • Solar installer
    • Wind turbine engineer
    • Wind farm site manager
    • Biomass consultant
    • Wind analyst
    • Hydro expert
    • Solar manufacturing engineer
    • Electronics technician
    • Energy efficiency specialist
    • Power plant operator
    • Green electricity
    • Lineman, etc.

Who can apply

Emergence of green electricity through the new technology, made by hydrogen will be creating more opportunities in the job sector. Due to less production cost, utilities of green electricity will be jumped up significantly.

Additionally, it is sustainable for nature. So, from social point of view, job in this sector is significant.

Keeping the technological innovation in the heart, energy sector requires continuous manpower supply.

Frequently, a single mega project requires the contribution of many skilled individuals.  Because of continuous transformation in its need, this job sector ever challenging.

Need for skills

So, workforce with a multi skilled background is in great demand within this sector. As a result, fresh graduates with promising background has good prospect to join.

Employers need talented people. Also, they search for skilled personnel. Because this sectors offer multicultural dimension for the career seekers, retention rate in these sectors is too high. So, career prospect in energy sector is good.

Continuous need for workforce

Reported that, revolution in shale gas will transform the United States into a major gas exporter by 2020.

Moreover, the impact on oil-centered economies, such as in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, will be profound. Moreover, China now produces as much oil as America’s largest international corporations.

All nations wish to tackle climate change. Therefore, many have very strong policies focused on green electricity, at both the national and regional level.

California just announced that it is aiming to achieve 100% green electricity on its network by 2045.

Additionally, Europe will reach 30% by 2020 and is aiming for 50% by 2030.It means, career prospect in energy sector is good.

Take away

To do this, companies will be required more skilled manpower in this industry. So more job opportunities is looming. Know how to start a career in renewable energy sector.

Therefore, more technically trained personnel will be hired.  Salary and other facilities are also higher. Listen to your heart to build your career. And, when you are capable enough, career prospect in energy sector is good for you.

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