Career growth and future prospect in energy sector

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2019)

Energy is one of the continuously growing sectors in the world. Renewable energy is a rapidly thriving industry that has the worldwide opportunities. Because, we cannot think of a day without fuel, gas, oil, electricity, renewable Energy, Nuclear, Petrochemicals and alike. So, the career prospect in energy sector is good in the coming days.


So it has been a vibrant and vast sectors for career development since a long. Career in oil and gas, renewable energy engineering and in clean energy, solar energy, and energy management are some of lucrative areas for the career challengers with plenty of diversification.  

Variety of career paths are available to individuals intend to work in the renewable energy industry.

As per industry estimates, demand of oil only in India is expected to grow to 458 Million Tonnes (MT) and gas production is expected to touch 90 Billion Cubic Metres (BCM) by 2040.

This demand for energy is estimated to be more than double by 2040 as economy will grow to more than five times its current size.

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Therefore, job opportunities will be increasing day by day in careers in renewable energy engineering.

So, we foresee a crucial transition for energy industry as new developments are in place with the rapid technological advancement.

Why to build career in energy industry

It is a blended industry

Compared to 20 years ago, today’s energy industries have been affected by rapid, variable and growing industries, science, engineering, finance, business, policies and even design. There are many opportunities for energy industry to suit your interests and you will be able to wear many hats especially on the world’s beginning.

Make a positive impact

What has not changed is that your work will have a positive impact on the world. A contributor in energy sector earns money in his work line as well as helps to fight climate change – in other jobs in the energy sector, you will work on similar lines of projects.

Job sectors

The charm of this sector is it’s interlink with foreign exchange and involvement at different part of the project. Among the popular jobs in energy sector, following is a list of careers in energy with high demand:

    • Renewable energy finance
    • Solar energy consultant
    • Manufacturing production operator
    • Energy policy analyst
    • Energy advocate
    • Petroleum engineer
    • Process operator
    • Plant operator
    • Bio-diesel operator
    • Solar engineer
    • Solar installer
    • Wind turbine engineer
    • Wind farm site manager
    • Biomass consultant
    • Wind analyst
    • Hydro expert
    • Solar manufacturing engineer
    • Electronics technician
    • Energy efficiency specialist
    • Power plant operator
    • Green electricity
    • Lineman, etc.

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Renewable energy projects seek a good number of workforce with diverse academic background, experience and skills-set. A list of careers in the energy industry is also available for-

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Physicists
  • Embedded Engineer
  • Power electronics design engineer
  • Energy policy analyst
  • Planners and project managers
  • computer scientist
  • Ecologists
  • Communications professionals,
  • Green building projects manager
  • Energy engineer
  • Renewable project manager
  • Biologists
  • Architectural and structural engineers
  • Geologists
  • Helicopter pilots
  • Business development manager, etc

Education on career in energy

Curiosity is the root

College education systems are prepared for the industry, in both academic and extra-curricular courses. Potentially a strong indicator for energy industry, an interest in learning curiosity and a success for success. Because the technology constantly changes, you are not expected to convert into a complete set of work knowledge, either in graduation or in art without being special. To prepare yourself and show your curiosity, you will find your passion.

Experience of the team

Playing football means you can work in conformity with people in high-pressure environment. Could you keep your spirits high and be enjoyable to work with a bad day? This is a very important issue for the team’s morale, because at the end of the day, your work is not turning around cutting science, but cooperating with the people.

Moreover, working alongside chemical engineers and geologists, you never know when the next great idea will come and the team work is particularly important in multi-party groups.

The liberal art background

Background in the liberal industry with having dual BS degree, computer science and history graduation can provide a thorough understanding on how he can be the driver of that change. Combined with your curiosity and fundamental knowledge, a liberal industry mentality can help you identify many opportunities in energy places to make a fundamental change.

Attention to fundamental knowledge

The technology can vary from day to day, but what is constant is the basic knowledge that you learn in your fundamental classes – mathematics, physics, chemistry, for example. This basic set of knowledge will help you understand the concepts in new technologies and will make it easier for you to learn from your partners once more, in the industry.

Stay up to date

This sector is continuously being updated. You are not expected to stay up to date on each of your new developments, but it is a good idea to read regularly, so that you can understand the growing trends alongside big-picture concepts. Grow your thirst of knowledge and information. Professional journals like, IEE spectrum, Greenchurchia (GTM), as well as annual reports, energy perspectives, energy information administration, etc are good for the technological advancement and can give you external perspective on WSJ and Atlantic Energy problems.

Who can apply

Emergence of green electricity through the new technology, made by hydrogen will be creating more opportunities in the job sector. Due to less production cost, utilities of green electricity will be jumped up significantly.

Additionally, it is sustainable for nature. So, from social point of view, job in this sector is significant.

Keeping the technological innovation in the heart, energy sector requires continuous manpower supply.

Frequently, a single mega project requires the contribution of many skilled individuals.  Because of continuous transformation in its need, this job sector ever challenging. With further study as well as having professional degrees will be answering well on how to get a job in renewable energy.

Apart from the freshers in some cases, background in electrical engineering with a 5-10 years of concentrated experience will open up great career opportunities in the energy industry.

Meaning of work in energy sector

Career in energy management, as well as career in oil and gas have great meaning of work. Physical, real numbers – Understanding trees, reducing CO2, understanding the value of energy reduction.

Further refinement is a short-term, almost immediate – compared to pure research or academy. At the end of the day, your work is intelligent as part of a great puzzle with a rewarding end-of-endurance of sustainability, this is a positive feedback that keeps you back.

Need for skills

So, workforce with a multi skilled background is in great demand within this sector. As a result, fresh graduates with promising background has good prospect to join.

Employers need talented people. Also, they search for skilled personnel. Because this sectors offer multicultural dimension for the career seekers, retention rate in these sectors is too high. So, career prospect in energy sector,such as energy management as well as career in oil and gas is good.

A part time degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or even plasma physics will be worthy to accommodate jobs in renewable energy engineering industry. When you will have this, you will be able to know how to get a job in renewable energy. Career in oil and gas, solar energy, renewable energy engineering and in clean energy, energy management are some of attractive areas.

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How to start career in renewable energy

Graduates from different discipline have different career opportunities in the energy industry. Apart from university degrees, there are many academia with their courses for the candidates. Many online courses and software mechanism are also available. Just make sure, wherever you learn, they should have a good placement records.

Your additional degree will never block you from any other opportunity. rather, it will boost up your confidence, and make you a stronger candidate for a specific sub sector of the renewable energy field, career in energy management, as well as career in oil and gas industry.

For Arts back: With having an arts degree, a deserving candidate can work in as successful sales persons in the careers in energy.

For science back: Students preferably having physics, chemistry, or electronics graduation, can undergo higher research in new generation solar cells like hands on fabrication of Quantum Dot, Dye Sensitized, Ci-GS, Perovskite, Amorphous solar cells, or how to get into stem.

The opportunity is unleashed for the science back grads across the globe as they are continuously inventing innovative levels of methodologies. A science graduate may also aim for pursuing Master or PhD in this sectors.

For Engineering back: A graduation on Electrical, or Electronics, or Mechanical engineering will be worthy to start pursuing further education about the renewable energy.

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Continuous need for workforce

Reported that, revolution in shale gas will transform the United States into a major gas exporter by 2020.

Moreover, the impact on oil-centered economies, such as in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, will be profound. Moreover, China now produces as much oil as America’s largest international corporations.

All nations wish to tackle climate change. Therefore, many have very strong policies focused on green electricity, at both the national and regional level.

California just announced that it is aiming to achieve 100% green electricity on its network by 2045.

Additionally, Europe will reach 30% by 2020 and is aiming for 50% by 2030. It means, career prospect in energy sector is good.

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Is Power Engineering a Good Career?
Is Power Engineering a Good Career? Some believe that power engineering is a less rigorous and less stressful career than other engineering fields; It’s also a stable and relatively well-paid job, making it a desirable career for those not looking for a high-profile engineering position.

How much do 5th grade power engineers do?
Fifth grade power engineering certification median salary through employment
Average of jobs
Power Engineer C $ 68,489
Building Maintenance Engineer C $ 55,495
Building and Facility Manager C $ 62,400
Chief Engineer C $ 64,000

Is renewable energy a good career choice?
Is renewable energy a good option for a career? If you have a major in engineering related courses such as majoring in electrical, civil, and environmental, you will enjoy this new (almost) work area. Working with energy-based issues is always challenging and rewarding.

How much do first class power engineers make?
Entry Levels The average salary for fourth and third power engineers ranges from 47,000 to 86,000 per year. It takes years, even decades, for top first class engineers to reach their peak positions, and often make around $ 150,000- $ 200,000 per year.

Is an electrical engineer a real engineer?
An electrical engineer, also known as a stationary engineer, is a technically skilled and certified professional who is responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair, and repair of boiler systems and other mechanical systems at any facility. Power engineers work in various industrial and commercial facilities

Where can Power Engineers Work?
Nature of work is different for the power engineers. They are employed by power generation centers, electric power utilities, manufacturing plants, hospitals, universities and government and commercial organizations.

How much do power engineers in Canada earn?
The average salary for a power engineer in Canada is $ 64,500 per year, or $ 33.08 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $ 39,000 per year while most experienced workers make $ 9 109,650 per year.

What do Power System Engineers do?
An electrical systems engineer gains expertise in working with electrical systems, from conducting power system studies to testing window turbine components … Power system engineers can provide guidance to junior engineers to improve technical skills or project management skills.

What does a fourth grade power engineer do?
Power engineers or stationary engineers are professionals who keep power plants in hospitals, pulp mills, oil upgraders, refineries, manufacturing plants and countless other operations. … entry-level power engineers are often fourth-class power engineers, who do a lot of fieldwork and monitoring.

What is a 5th grade power engineer?
In Manitoba, a 5th grade power engineer is a certified professional responsible for managing and maintaining the boiler plant. The 5th grade power engineers are focused on ensuring the maintenance and protection of common plants or facilities as well as maintaining an appropriate level of human comfort.

What is a Third Class Power Engineer?
Holder of Power Engineer’s Third Class Certificate of Eligibility is: Chief Engineer of Third or Lower Class Plants; Or. Second or lower class shift engineer; Or. In-charge of any type or size of refrigeration plant.

What are the negative effects of renewable energy?
All energy sources have some effect on our environment. Fossil fuels – Coal, oil and natural gas cause substantial damage to renewable fuel sources by several measures, including air and water pollution, public health damage, loss of wildlife and habitat, water use, land use and global warming emissions.

What tasks can you get with a degree of renewable energy?
These professions give you the highest return on your educational investment and a bright career outlook.

Green Construction Manager.
Renewable energy consultants.
Solar Project Director.
Wind Farm Site Manager.
Renewable Energy Sales Representative.

Does renewable energy create more employment?
Jobs and other economic benefits is significant in this area. People need to install solar panels; Technologies are needed for wind farm maintenance. This means that, on average, more jobs are generated for each unit of electricity produced from renewable sources than fossil fuels. … Other renewable energy technologies employ more workers.

How long does it take to become a power engineer?
A power engineer has an average of four years of apprenticeship training, which includes classroom and on-the-job training.

What is the most difficult engineering?

9.5 / 10— Nuclear Engineering – Glune, New Nutrino, Boson …
9.2 / 10 — Electrical engineering uits circuit galore.
9.0 / 10 – Computer Engineering – Digital circuits and coding.
Chemical engineering, chemical painting, stereochem, etc.
8.6 / 10 — Aerospace Engineering of Spacecraft and Aircraft— Design

What is a first class power engineer?
An employee of this class works as a shift power engineer at a high pressure center. He is directly responsible for electrical engineering. First Class – A high pressure plant that develops more than 1000 boiler horsepower is classified as a first class plant.

How can I become a power plant engineer?
Steps to become a power plant operator

Step 1: Get vocational or graduate training.
Step 2: Take a trend test.
Step 3: Start Job Power Plant Training.
Step 4: Create Experience.
Step 5: Accept the required license.
Step :: Keep the license current.

Take away

A report says, there would be 46.3 million jobs in the global energy industry by 2050, the good news is, this estimation is 16.4 million more than all previous forecasts.

To do this, companies will be required more skilled manpower in this industry. So, more job opportunities is looming. Now you know how to get a job in renewable energy.

Therefore, more technically trained personnel will be hired. Salary and other facilities are also higher. Listen to your heart to build your career. And, when you are capable enough, career prospect in energy sector is good for you.

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