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4 Experiential Learning Examples for Corporate Programs

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2021)

Experiential learning activities and examples are vital for organizations to enhance their inside studying and improvement packages to make sure their staff is ready to reply to the advanced challenges that always characterize the fashionable enterprise atmosphere.

This article will give an overview of Experiential learning examples for corporate programs.

Experiential learning examples for corporate programs

This premise leads us to focus the dialogue on Experiential Studying and its rising recognition inside company improvement packages.

Whereas conventional strategies, reminiscent of lecture-based coaching, deal with studying earlier than doing, experiential studying emphasizes and “facilitates studying by way of doing.” – Nikos Andriotis, eFront

Experiential studying locations members in a protected house the place they’re uncovered to real-world conditions and observe related professional abilities without the dangers which might be generally related to coaching staff on the job.

Earlier than we discover a number of the handiest and widespread experiential studying actions utilized in company coaching packages, let’s focus on two of the primary advantages offered by this studying methodology.

The Advantages of Experiential Studying

Strikes from concept to software

Regardless that conventional coaching strategies will be efficient in instilling data, they don’t educate members on the way to translate that data to their everyday job capabilities.

Experiential studying nurtures significant worker improvement by way of actions that enable members to observe abilities, resolve issues, and make selections that parallel their position and group.

Fosters improvement with actionable suggestions

Experiential studying locations members in a protected atmosphere the place they will check assumptions, make selections, and “fail quick.”

This creates a possibility for them to obtain speedy suggestions, shortly studying what they did unsuitable to allow them to keep away from making the identical errors in actual life.

Moreover, failing quick additionally “means extra speedy remediation, which in flip makes learners work-ready quicker.” – Nikos Andriotis, eFront

Experiential Learning Examples and activities

Let’s now discover 4 actions that may successfully nurture worker improvement by making your subsequent coaching program extra experiential.

1. Enterprise Simulations

Enterprise simulations are experiential studying instruments that present real-world simulated environments wherein members are tasked with working for a digital group.

Gamified person expertise engages members whereas they collaborate with crew members to answer varied stimuli and make knowledgeable selections throughout varied enterprise models.

Simulations additionally present debriefs that spotlight the impacts of participant selections, established errors, and information them by way of their shortcomings.

These suggestions nurture the event and tie the simulation expertise to their particular group and job operation.

These instruments additionally possess the flexibleness to deal with varied studying aims, reminiscent of enterprise acumen, crew collaboration, strategic decision-making, and management improvement.

2. Case Research

Case research is utilized in experiential studying packages to show members to real-world conditions that have occurred previously.

As Niko Andriotis states, case research “can provide them [participants] invaluable perception into the suitable habits required to take care of related conditions, and the blow-back it might have.”

3. Function-Enjoying

Function-playing actions enable members to expertise particular conditions from varied views.

This will increase the consciousness of how particular actions and selections impression different stakeholders.

4. Sensitivity Coaching

The target of sensitivity coaching is to assist members to develop into conscious of how different stakeholders understand them and their talents.

This improves their capability to work with others, thus boosting productiveness and crew dynamics.

experiential learning examples

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Take away

Some of the experiential learning examples are:

  1. Case-based learning
  2. Simulations and gaming/role-playing
  3. Undergraduate research
  4. Volunteering
  5. Project-based learning
  6. Inquiry-based learning
  7. Cooperative (work- or community-based) learning
  8. Prodigy
  9. Laboratory, workshop, or studio work
  10. Apprenticeship
  11. Problem-based learning
  12. Clinical experiences
  13. Fellowships
  14. Internships
  15. Pro and Con Grid
  16. Cross-Age Peer Tutoring
  17. Student-Generated Test Questions
  18. Fishbowl
  19. Student teaching
  20. Study abroad
  21. Make a Mnemonic
  22. Field Trip Activities
  23. Practicums
  24. Service-learning

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