Fastest Growing New Jobs of the Future 2026: Do you Qualify?

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

Change is everywhere. Future job sectors are not out of this transformation. Rapid changes in the global labor market is looming in the next decade. Moreover, technology, accompanied with automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics have been causing the transition of the work pattern from one state to another. This article is going to talk about the fastest growing new jobs of the future by 2026– do you qualify?

Preparation for future

It has been a great challenge for the employers to retain their existing talents with their skills improvement for the required sectors in future. Moreover, employers are also gravely concerned for having suitable candidates who will be able to meet the future job requirements in the changed environment. So, extensive research on fastest growing new jobs of the future is a way to harness yourself with required skills and competencies.

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Reskilling has-been a grave concern for the companies to tackle the displacement of the current job situation. That means, workforce will be required to adjust as soon as possible with the future skills. Moreover, the variation of new skills set will equip the workforce to survive in the rapidly changing job environment, accompanied by leapfrogging ecommerce industries.

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Among the required top future skills for the workforce, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and other soft skills. That means, workforce will be required to develop a mindset, culture and habit of lifelong learning in the days to come. Continuous learning process will turn them experts for the future.

So, level of education, capacity to taking load, and ability to learn will be found handy to acquire new skills set for individual level.

Future job transitions

According to an analysis, assembly-line workers are predicted among the most at risk of losing jobs to automation in the future. The good thing is, this profession will be having 140,000 transition opportunities as a whole. The number is the most of any other group of workforce. A perception on fastest growing new jobs of the future is a way to harness yourself with required skills and competencies.

On the other hand, professions like tool-makers and processing-machine operators will have the least opportunities for transition, which is around 5,000.

The report also predicts, jobs for women will disproportionately be affected by artificial intelligence and automation in the coming days. It is to be noted, as per the prediction, 1.4 million of US jobs are predicted to become extinct by the year 2026, more than a half, that is 57% of these jobs are done by female.

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In the industrial sectors, there will be a significant increase in jobs by 2026. On the other hand, popular jobs related to production over 360,000 are predicted to disappear by the next 8-10 years. So, studies on the fastest growing new jobs of the future is a way to harness oneself with required skills and competencies.

The report says, in the education, training and library sectors, as many as 790,000 transformed jobs are expected to be created by 2026. It is to be noted, in the healthcare category, there around 2.3 million new jobs will be created.

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Fastest growing jobs by 2026

US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals, statistician is fastest growing jobs in recent time, and is predicted to increase 34 percent by 2026. However, the report states twenty fastest growing jobs with the highest percent change of employment by 2026, such as:

  • Solar photovoltaic installers (105%)
  • Wind turbine service technicians (96%)
  • Home health aides (47%)
  • Personal care aides (39%)
  • Physician assistants (37%)
  • Nurse practitioners (36%)
  • Statisticians (34%)
  • Physical therapist assistants (31%)
  • Software developers, applications (31%)
  • Mathematician (30%)
  • Physical therapist aides (29%)
  • Bicycle repairers (29%)
  • Medical assistants (29%)
  • Genetic counselors (29%)
  • Occupational therapy assistants (29%)
  • Information security analysts (28%)
  • Physical therapists (28%)
  • Operations research analysts (27%)
  • Forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists (27%)
  • Massage therapists (26%)

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As a whole, sources forecast that, around 11 million new jobs will be created in different forms in the US alone in the coming years. Therefore, These will create immense opportunities for the future workforce. So, this information on the fastest growing new jobs of the future is a way to harness a person with required skills and competencies.

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The source predicts some most new jobs with (number of jobs to be occupied by 2026).

Most new jobs by 2026:

  • Personal care aides (777560)
  • Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food (579900)
  • Registered nurses (438100)
  • Home health aides (431200)
  • Software developers, applications (255400)
  • Janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeeping cleaners (236500)
  • General and operations managers (205200)
  • Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, hand (199700)
  • Medical assistants (183900)
  • Waiters and waitresses (182500)
  • Nursing assistants (173400)
  • Construction laborers (150400)
  • Cooks, restaurant (145300)
  • Accountants and auditors (139900)
  • Market research analysts and marketing specialists (138300)
  • Customer service representatives (136300)
  • Landscaping and groundskeeping workers (135200)
  • Medical secretaries (129000)
  • Maintenance and repair workers, general (112500)

The above study on the fastest growing new jobs of the future is a way to harness yourself with required skills and competencies.

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Take away

It is certain that, the future job trends will face many twists and changes. Some future jobs are predictable, but some are unpredictable. However, aAs we said, research on fastest growing new jobs of the future is a way to harness yourself with required skills and competencies. Labor markets in the coming days will confront many transformation, upskilling, and reskilling. Therefore, companies will have priorities for training, development and reskilling of their existing talents, as well as to grab new workforce to handle future requirements.

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