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Features of e Commerce – How to Cope with Future Digital Markets?

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Features of e commerce determine the prerequisite of forming a successful e commerce business. This article will be discussing in-depth all other features as well as the commonly discussed eight features of the modern time of e commerce, such as:

  1. Global Reach
  2. Ubiquity
  3. Information Richness
  4. Universal Standards
  5. Interactivity
  6. Information Density
  7. Customization
  8. Social Technology

Guess, you’ve bought two products online. Explain why you choose to buy that product online, through the pros and cons of buying online.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a business model or a larger business model that allows companies or individuals through electronic networks and is typically the type of business part of the Internet. E-commerce can also do business It can now provide new ways for companies of all sizes to create new relationships and enhanced relational activities based on website and network activity. E-commerce leverages the playing field for a company or the playing field, whether small or large. In addition, one can buy or sell products and products on the Internet. By electronic measure, a business can be electronic trading and without using any paper documents, electronic commerce is divided into three categories: B2B, business to consumer or BT2, and business to business to customer or C2C to business. Includes full variation of e-commerce pre-sales and customer service operations.

What is B2B ?

B2B (business to business) is a kind of manufacturers and wholesalers or wholesalers and retailers. Business to business refers to the company and personal expenses rather than the company.

What is B2C?

B2C (Business to Customer) is also trading in consumers. For example, to promote their products or services directly to users in business and transactions. What is C2C (Customer Customer)? Promotion and interaction between C2C benefits and customer. Customer is provided with customer location and people, exchange and trading with other people.

E-commerce has become a household name. It is known that there are various computing or e-commerce tools, we need to learn our computer using our mobile internet, and this is simply waiting for your attention. The main feature of e-commerce through commercial transactions is making money on the internet. Today, you don’t have to travel to meet e-commerce retailers, manufacturers and consumers in a whole new world. People understand, need it, and start enjoying it.

Unique features of e commerce

Global Rich

E-commerce allows cross-country business transactions that can be more convenient and more effective than traditional trade. The potential market scale in e-commerce businesses is roughly equal to the size of the world’s population.

The technologies in e-commerce extend beyond the traditional cultural and national boundaries and enable worldwide access. Pearson Education states that businesses can market and cater to an international audience, rather than simply providing products and services to a population within a given boundary. The ability to translate a web page along with the Internet and multilingual web sites allows global visitors to access web sites worldwide, purchase products, and make business interactions.


Since they are web-based, e-commerce technology features, you can connect to the internet at any point in time, such as homes, offices, video game systems, internet connection, and mobile phone devices. Because eCommerce is universal, the market is able to expand its traditional geographical boundaries and operating hours. An example is a cafe or airport where Wi-Fi hotspots have the ability to access the Internet. Moreover, those who have cell phones with data phones can access the Internet without any Wi-Fi connection.

Universal Standard

E-commerce technologies are an unusual feature, the technical standard of the Internet, so carrying the technical standards of e-commerce is shared across all countries worldwide. Standard affects the cost of entry into the market and may consider the cost of the product in the market. While standard technology can make technology more convenient, which can reduce costs, and an additional indirect cost strategy can allow the electronic commerce website to set $ 10 / month.


Advertising and branding are an important part of the trade. E-commerce can provide video, audio, animation, billboards, signs, etc. but it is as rich as television technology.

Information richness

Users can access and use text messages and visual and audio components to send and receive information. Pearson teaches that such aspects provide a rich informative experience regarding marketing and consumer experience. In a post, information can be rich in an organization’s blog, if a post contains a product and hyperlink video that allows him to view or purchase the product and send information about the post through text message or email.


The traditional business market is a physical space, access to treatment through the execution of documents. For example, clothes and shoes are usually directed to encourage customers to buy somewhere. E-commerce can be universal money everywhere. E-commerce is reducing cognitive power to complete the task of the world.


Technologies used in e-commerce think that the customer needs interactions so that he thinks he is an active participant in the personal transaction process. As a result, e-commerce technology can adjust the experience of each person. For example, while shopping online, a person is able to see different angles of some items, add products to a virtual shopping cart, provide payment information, and then submit the order.

Twenty-first-century electronic commerce business technologies are called interactive, so they allow two-way communication between businesses and consumers.

Universal Standards

Individuals, businesses, and governments use a set of technical, media, and Internet standards to use ecommerce features only. As a result, universal quality helps ease the interaction. A person can view these values ​​while shopping online, because the process of buying items is similar to the one that uses e-commerce technology. Similarly, when a person creates an online account, the site usually requires a person to create a username and password so that they can access their account.


Allows e-commerce technology personalization. The name of the business can be adjusted for the individual’s interests and past purchase message and the marketing message to the specific person. The technology also allows for customization. Traders can change the product or service based on user preferences or previous behavior.

The technology marketing message in eCommerce allows for the personalization and customization of groups or individuals. Pearson teaches that the company can base the message of a consumer on different characteristics such as. An example of personalization includes product recommendations based on a user’s search history, which is a website that allows people to create accounts.

Some unique features have their own functions but this website has disadvantages. Most of the seven unique features on this website are not a problem, but there is some difficulty in data density and it is one of seven unique features. Data density can be the total amount of information on the Internet and web site and the information on all markets, consumers and enterprise quality. At the same time, consumers can find the information on this website is accurate and timely.

However, the website is unexpected on this website because the language of this website is inadequate, and can easily make a language shopping, even consumers can not understand the language that can be left out. Buy this website and even browse or buy fewer and fewer people to lead this site. For example, buying clothes on this website, but the browsing process is available so that customers can not buy enough data for the customer because they do not like cloth, so this aspect of the problem should be corrected and the problem should be solved.

For example, the first website may have different language preferences, which can easily be understood by different national consumers to easily purchase information about this website. Then in the items such as this site is being sold, the costume, style, color, and size of the item should be written in more detail so that the customer is easier to buy. In addition, whenever the customers know the new style of website promotion clothing.

Important Features of an awesome E-Commerce Site
Important Features of an awesome E-Commerce Site (image source)

Data density

As long as the total amount and quality data of all markets, consumers and businesses, the data density of the Internet has improved. Electronic commerce technology, to reduce the cost of data collection, storage, communication and processing. At the same time, as the accuracy and duration of information technology increases dramatically, information is more important, more useful than ever.

E-commerce use reduces the cost of saving, processing and communication according to Pearson education. At the same time, increase accuracy and timeliness; That way, making the information accurate, cheap, and plentiful. For example, the online shopping process allows a customer to receive personal, shipping, billing and payment information from a customer at one time and send customer information to the appropriate sections in seconds.

Content created by users

According to Cart Grishwai in the Web site Merchant Circle article, social networks use e-commerce technology to allow members, general public to share content with communities around the world. As a result, consumers may share personal and commercial information for promoting the product or service with the accounts. When a company has a professional social networking account, a member or product on the same social network has the option to add themselves by liking or recommending it. When a person updates his or her status on a social networking account, he or she can specify a product or company by name, which generates face-to-face ads.

Take away

In e-commerce we can see that these seven types of unique features are a function of the website. Seven unique feature functions are very important, if a function makes your site defective on the website, it is an essential one. The seven unique features were;

Ubiquity: available everywhere and always;

Global Rich: Users or subscribers can get total enterprise electronic commerce;

Universal Standard: Worldwide is divided by all countries;

Richness: complexity and message content;

Interactivity: which allows bilateral communications between business and consumers, provides general information and quality;

Data density: for all market participants;

Personalization: By converting interest news, marketing message to a person’s name and specific person by past shopping.

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E-commerce technology lets consumers know more and more consumers use the information to make more effective use. Online businesses can use this information to develop new information disagreements, improve their brand products, high prices, quality services, and market segments of different groups, to charge each other’s prices.

Refers to the purchase and sale of products or services through electronic commerce, or electronic means such as e-commerce, internet or mobile phone applications. It can also refer to the process of marketing, marketing, service, and payment for services and products. Can participate in the business, government, and public ecommerce transactions.

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features of e commerce
features of e commerce (image source)

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