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Forest Ranger Job Requirements for Future

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

In the United States, A Forest Ranger conserves and preserves national and state parks as per the job requirements. This article is going to tell about Forest Ranger job requirements.

The National Park Service (NPS), a U.S. Department of the Interior Department recruits forest rangers to maintain hiking trails, monitor wildlife, and promote environmentally friendly activities.

States recruit forest rangers to fight pollution, fight deforestation, and hikers and campers respect public land.

Forest Ranger Job Requirements Requirements

Forest rangers need to have a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree that prepares them for natural resource management.

General majors include but are not limited to, natural science, history, archeology and business administration.

State and national park services seek applicants with relevant experience, especially those who have worked in wildlife, natural resources, and law enforcement.

Military veterans, police officers, and firearms are especially greedy and they are frequently taken as forest rangers.


Forest rangers are trained to protect trails, streams, plants, and wildlife.

Each park is different, and rangers must learn to navigate an array of different landscapes.

Forest rangers are taught to observe wildlife and follow their practices.

They are required to enforce the park’s rules and to ensure that visitors do not contaminate rust or damage park property.

Park services rely on their rangers to communicate with visitors and assist them when needed.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, conservation scientists and foresters earned $ 57,420 on average in 20 years.

The salary of forest rangers is different and depends on education, work experience, and location.

The National Park Service (NPS) pays new employees between $ 20,908 and $ 31,680 a year.

Rangers can get different raises and promotions throughout their careers.

Forest rangers usually climb up the ladder with specialized training in science and forestry.

Work outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that Forest Ranger employment will increase by 5% by 2021.

Job growth of 5% is below average and indicates that in the future forest rangers will face a competitive market.

Applicants with specialized experience, training, and education will continue to be hired at higher rates without this qualification.

Jobs may not be plentiful, but the benefits are attractive, especially to those who love the outdoors.

2016 salary information for conservation scientists and forestry

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, conservation scientists and foresters earned an annual salary of $ 60,700 in 2016.

In the lower end, conservation scientists and forestry residents earned $ 47,160 for the 25th percentile, which means 75 percent more income than that amount.

The 75th percentile salary is $ 75,620, which means 25 percent more revenue. In 25 In, 34,600 people were recruited in the US as conservation scientists and forestry, which is a good sign for Forest Ranger Job Requirements.

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forest ranger job requirements

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