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Forestry Careers – Prospect, Salary and Required Degree

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

The US, Canada, Australia, or Britain’s forests provide a wide range of career opportunities, and there may not be many sectors that provide more inspiring and healthier workplaces as does the forestry careers. The forestry sector requires people with skills and knowledge from different backgrounds if it continues to grow and develop. Choosing a few career opportunities in the forestry sector is provided to help you plan your career in forestry.

Forestry careers

Forests play an important role in land management, conservation and rehabilitation. They assist in the management and management of forestry projects such as planting new trees, monitoring and preserving wildlife habitat, selecting and preparing timber plots, evaluating the current value of wood and suppressing forest fires. Forest workers usually carry out practical activities that include planting, pruning, thinning and reducing trees. Forestry Specialist Forestry Equipment Operator. Forest mechanical engineer. Director of Forest and Woodland. Forest agents. Forest graduates are highly recruited and well-versed in a variety of careers.

This is just some information, and does not cover all forest jobs and details for specific jobs may vary depending on various factors. Let’s see the glimpse of forestry careers:

Forestry and logging

Forest workers usually carry out practical activities that include planting, pruning, thinning and reducing trees. They work to protect the trees through weeds, insect control and large forest management tasks such as fencing, pavement maintenance, coping, ride widening and practical habitat creation and management. Basic knowledge of forest and timber land management at Level 2 or higher may be valuable for obtaining employment as a forest artisan as practice licenses for chainsaw operations, pesticide application, tractor and tailor diving and pest control will be valuable. This is one of the common forestry careers.


Logging workers cut down trees and cut forests. They grade the logs and calculate their harvest based on the amount of timber used. They use machines and chain saws to cut down trees and prepare trees to move them out of the forest and drive them to the mill. Loggers also repair and repair logging roads. Logging does not require education outside of high school, but workers must complete their training activities before starting work in the forest. The training programs focus on the security measures and techniques needed to perform logging tasks. The average salary for the logging staff was $ 32,870, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data released May 25. Loggers cut down trees, say Faller, because they earn a bit more than equipment operators and log graders and scalpers.


Foresters are responsible for meeting agreed management objectives for day-to-day management of forests and forest sites. They can be commercial, entertaining, conservation, aesthetic, educational or a combination of different goals. Duties may include survey / inventory of trees, wildlife, flora, fauna, waterways and other habitats. Some site foresters are responsible for planning, distributing and evaluating these works, while others will be responsible for hiring, guiding, and managing contractors. Whichever system is in place, Forrester must have a high level of knowledge and skills for multipurpose forestry. Along with a degree in forestry or related matters, 2-3 years of experience in forest and woodland management is required.

Forestry and conservation technicians

Forestry and conservation technicians manage the work of forest and conversation staff. They work under the guidance of forest and conservation scientists. Technicians record and monitor forests on wild conditions, including land and water, disease, pest problems and fire hazards. They maintain records of timber quality, volume and species in the forests, and they manage the forests when they choose to cut trees. They apply environmental protection rules, which often require the monitoring of their loggers. Forestry and conservation technicians report their findings to forests, scientists and the public. Technicians help create roads and trails through forests and maintain recreational areas in forests. At least one associate’s degree is required in the field of forestry or related matters of the technician’s career. According to the May 28 statistics of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technicians earned a median annual wage of $ 33,390.

Chainsaw operator

Chainsaw operators perform various tasks related to manual chainsaws. This involves regularly removing the limbs of the resulting tree and cross cutting logs of the agreed size. Chainsaw operators can work as part of a forest crew or as a self-employed contractor. This is an advantage if you have a minimum chains maintenance and crosscutting license for practice, but you may find that some recruiters will insist on a minimum level of experience. Experienced operators and those who have completed a practice license for tree cutting certification may be given the responsibility of removing small trees.

Forestry and conservation workers

Forest and conservation workers are beekeepers for forestry. They basically work for federal, state and local governments and logging agencies. They plant saplings in pruned forests and burned forests, and they clear brush and debris from high-traffic recreational areas such as campgrounds and hiking trails. They cut down trees, spray pesticides and pesticides, and work to prevent and suppress forest fires. These employees need a high school diploma. Work experience is required in the management of senior forest and conservation staff for advanced pay jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for forest and conservation workers was $ 23,900 (2018)

Forestry Equipment Operator

Forestry equipment operators operate and operate sliders, harvesters, loaders and other heavy machinery. Most of these tools are extremely valuable and very technical to operate so require a high level of expertise that can only be achieved through experience. Working with the forestry machine presents a set of its own health and safety concerns so that employers often look for employees who exhibit mature safety practices as well as mature attitudes. Qualification is not essential as in most positions job training is provided but those who acquire skills related to forest harvesting, machinery and engineering will benefit. The practice license is available to forestry equipment operators which provide the recipient with proof that he or she has met the minimum requirements of the sector for the management of selected forestry.

Director of Forest and Woodland

The Forest Director has a further role to be responsible for producing, updating and developing forest / timber management plans. They need a broad knowledge and deep understanding of forest management goals and objectives. Generally skilled degree level in forest department, rural management, land management or a closely related field. Develops skills including GPS, mapping, accounting, planning and contract negotiations, most of which will be spent in the office using a computer.

Forestry careers like this requires a knowledge of legal requirements, health and safety, funding applications is also highly monitored. Need a good level of fitness and walking on rough terrain is a normal part of the job. Large personal wealth often employs one or more forest workers, led by a chief forester who is usually a forest manager. Many forest managers are self-employed and work under contract with their clients.

Forestry and conservation scientists

Foresters manage the forest. Their goal is to ensure the health of the forest. Forests manage the recovery of burns in the forests or reduced logging. They also manage forests that are affected by plant diseases, and they handle overgrown areas. To work as a forester you need at least a bachelor’s degree in forestry or related fields. Some Forestry Careers require a Master’s Degree. Some states require licenses for forest dwellers. Licensing standards include educational requirements and work experience in forestry. Most foresters work in favor of the federal government, logging companies or taxpayers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for forests at 20 was $ 54,540.

Forestry agents

Agents advise and dispose of landowners (small to large, non-governmental organizations), to advise on the planning and implementation of management, mobilization of grant opportunities, sale of timber on a daily or periodic basis, and various advisors to landlords (small to large, public institutions). Provides the role of management.

Forest Mechanical Engineer

Due to the growing development of forestry machinery there is a growing demand for knowledge and understanding engineers on the principles of forestry equipment. Engineers are often responsible for the construction, maintenance and maintenance of forestry machines in the field. Forestry engineers are employed as large forestry machinery companies or contractors. This means work is being done on-site at large factories / assembly plants or at locations across the country. Mechanical engineers require a high level of skill and knowledge level, so usually a bachelor of engineering degree or a bachelor of an industrial education project. Those who have a background in agricultural engineering are usually employed within the sector.

A case study: Experience from an Expert

Dr. Michael Goerndt, Assistant Professor of Forestry and Natural Sciences at Missouri State University says, the title of my current job is Assistant Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources. My work consists of a number of field designing, organizing and teaching courses in the forest department, including forest ecology, forest measurement, silviculture, dendrology and wood science. I also study forestry and publish in reputable journals. Finally, I am involved in service activities, including serving on academic and administrative committees at MSU, advising students and the MSU Forestry Club, and engaging in external service and promotion at MSU (such as Chapter 4H, FFA, MDC).

How did you get started in forestry?

My interest in forestry began at an early age. As the son of a professional forester, I have faced forestry practices and challenges for as long as I can remember. Although I briefly considered other career paths, when it came time to go to college, I immediately started working toward a degree in forestry.

My personal interest in forestry begins with my respect for conservation, my desire to be a steward of our forest resources, my love for and out of the forest as much as possible, and my desire to spread my knowledge about forestry to others. My desire to get involved in the deeper aspects of forestry education and research is why I received a BS, MS. And Ph.D. To acquire forest and an M.S. To bolster my skills as forest biometrics in statistics.

Which positions or activities and duties do you like most about your forestry work, and why?

The activities of my early career so far have consisted of research and teaching. Of both, teaching is definitely my favorite activity. Teaching enables me to spend time both in the classroom and on the field, as many of my classes are involved in outdoor labs. I have found that I have the talent to teach students in both the scientific and practical aspects of forestry that they are able to grasp and use that information.

I also believe that teaching is one of the most valuable disciplines, especially in forestry, which is widely misunderstood by most people and is certainly not as well-known as engineering, computer science, chemistry or other sciences, not even wildlife biology.

What are the biggest challenges in forestry?

One of the biggest challenges for a forester is working with the public. Many started their forestry career thinking that they would be able to roam the forest all day and not have to deal with people. In contrast, engaging people is a huge part of this work, especially in the Central Hardwoods area, where most of the forest is privately owned. It highlights the common challenges faced by private land foresters in comparison to public land forests.

Another key challenge of forestry is that in order to become a knowledgeable forest, there must be various biology, ecology, plant pathology, soil, hydrology, mathematics, statistics, economics, plant taxonomy, entomology and the list goes on. Forests are extremely complex three-dimensional landscapes in which countless different biotic and biological elements interact with each other.

The challenge of being a forestryist is actually one of the things that attracted me to forestry in the first place, and because of the high species biodiversity and very complex topographic landscape, the Missouri Ozarks forests are some of the most complex in the United States.

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest benefits of being a forester is being able to work in a field that is fully dedicated to the growth and yield of the forest ecosystem. While Forest Forster’s particular focus is not on a forester’s particular focus in the greater science, overriding is intended to sustain forest management and help landowners and other partners do so.

The challenge that I have considered as a benefit to another Da Factor. Barring the aforementioned challenges and physical requirements of being a forester, there is often a certain degree of professional autonomy for foresters, meaning that most foresters do not work directly with other forestry groups of the same specialty. This means that individual foresters can have a high degree of influence within their district, region or other influence. While this can be realized as an advantage, it also places a higher responsibility on one forester to make cognitive decisions and give appropriate advice to another.

What type of student might be suitable for career and study in forestry?

I have seen many level students pursue forestry careers. Dition Theoretically, most forestry students come from rural or semi-rural backgrounds, but this is not necessarily a requirement for success. Students with a passion and inclination towards biology, wildlife, plant science, and other aspects of forest ecology are often well-suited for forestry studies.

However, knowledge of mathematics and statistics is also required for forestry. Although most of the specific knowledge required in these fields is obtained during forestry studies at the college level, at least the high-school level algebra, geometry and trigonometry are usually required as a precondition from the beginning, and for good reason. A successful forestry student needs to have a deep respect for the forest ecosystem and to look at the important way it lives. Simply put, to be a forester, one must be prepared for the hard work required daily in the forest and for forestry work.

Current urban forestry jobs
current urban forestry jobs

Take away

We discussed that the US, Canada, Australia, or Britain’s forests provide a wide range of career opportunities, and there may not be many sectors that provide more inspiring and healthier workplaces as does the forestry careers.  The Forest provides a steady, reliable career for thousands of American workers. Although forests seem to require little management, the reality is that forestry professionals spend their entire careers managing forests, harvesting wood, and replacing trees. The vast majority of forestry jobs fall into four categories: forestry and conservation scientists, forestry and conservation technicians, forestry and conservation workers, and loggers. The job varies, with qualifications and salaries, even after three of these careers share the same title.

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