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70 Free Job Posting Sites for Employers and Seekers

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The realm of online job posting has burgeoned in recent years, offering employers a plethora of platforms to advertise their job openings. These platforms, often referred to as free job posting sites, present an economical and efficient means to reach a broad and diverse talent pool. Beyond the confines of unpaid offerings, these websites frequently offer supplementary paid promotional options and sponsorship opportunities, providing a wider reach for your job listings. This diversity in promotional avenues empowers employers to tailor their approach to hiring, balancing budgetary considerations with the urgency of filling vacancies. In this article, I am going to give an overview of free job posting sites for employers as well as job seekers.

Leveraging Social Media and Company Website

In the digital age, the dissemination of job listings extends beyond dedicated job posting sites. Employers can, and should, harness the potential of their existing digital assets. Integrating your recruitment strategy with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be a remarkably cost-effective approach. By regularly sharing job openings on your company’s social media accounts, you can engage with a community of followers who are already familiar with your brand and its culture. Furthermore, your corporate website can serve as a centralized hub for job listings, granting prospective candidates easy access to your openings. This fusion of social media and your website can create a robust and multifaceted recruitment strategy.

Caveats in the World of Free Job Postings

While the allure of free job posting is undeniable, there are nuanced considerations that warrant your vigilance. When embarking on this journey, be sure to navigate the sign-up process with circumspection. Many job posting sites, in their quest to monetize their services, present ostensibly free plans that are underpinned by subtler financial motives. As you traverse the registration process, tread carefully when asked to input credit card information. This seemingly innocuous request can be indicative of two potential scenarios. It may either signify a brief, albeit limited, free trial, beyond which a subscription fee ensues, or it could be an overt paid plan disguised as a free offering. Discriminating between these options is pivotal to your recruitment budget’s welfare, ensuring you do not inadvertently drift into an unexpected expenditure.

Free job posting sites for employers

The world of free job posting sites is a multifaceted landscape, brimming with opportunities and potential pitfalls. Employers are presented with the liberty to explore both unpaid and paid avenues for posting job listings, allowing them to tailor their approach to their unique hiring needs. Beyond dedicated platforms, social media and corporate websites stand as potent allies in the quest for talent. However, in this realm, caution is the watchword. Careful scrutiny of the registration process is essential to avoid unwittingly incurring unforeseen costs, preserving the integrity of your recruitment budget. Let’s begin with the most effective totally free job posting websites:

1. Twitter: Amplifying Job Opportunities with Social Media

Twitter, a ubiquitous social media platform, offers businesses an invaluable tool for expanding their reach in the job market without incurring any expenses. Opening a Twitter account is free, and leveraging its capabilities to announce job vacancies to a broader audience is not only feasible but also effective. By judiciously employing hashtags such as “#hiring” and “#jobs,” companies can transcend the confines of their immediate network. Through a well-calibrated amalgamation of followers, trending hashtags, and visually appealing content, you can efficiently publicize your job openings to a vast pool of potential candidates, all without spending a single cent.

2. LinkedIn: The Global Hub for Professional Networking

LinkedIn, with its staggering membership base of over 500 million professionals worldwide, presents itself as an indispensable tool for employers. This thriving platform hosts executives from Fortune 500 companies and serves as a haven for individuals seeking new job opportunities. It’s not just a run-of-the-mill platform; LinkedIn stands as the largest professional network on the internet, and it offers a platform for free job postings.

3. Google for Jobs: Visibility in Google’s Expansive Realm

In the digital age, visibility on the behemoth that is Google is a coveted prize. If you format your job postings correctly, you can have them appear in Google’s search results, significantly broadening your recruitment reach. Google for Jobs is a strategic channel, a free job posting platform that can enhance your job postings’ visibility.

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4. Indeed: A Titan Amongst Job Search Engines

Indeed, the colossal job search engine is a veritable giant in the industry, boasting over 250 million job seekers in its vast network. Our readers have consistently rated it as a top choice. Notably, you can post jobs on Indeed without incurring any costs and enjoy the added benefit of a complimentary applicant tracking system. This tool simplifies the arduous process of managing candidates, from their resumes to interviews, all while being accessible via mobile applications. For enhanced visibility, sponsorship opportunities are available at a nominal $5 per day. Alternatively, entrust Indeed to design your hiring campaign and establish an effective budget. Furthermore, Indeed simplifies the process of reviewing resumes, assessing candidates, and monitoring communication and interviews. To sweeten the deal, first-time users receive $50 in free Job Sponsorships.

5. LiveCareer: Accessing a Vast Reservoir of Candidates

The LiveCareer Network boasts millions of monthly users, constituting the world’s largest repository of unique candidates with up-to-date resumes. This treasure trove of potential hires is readily available at your fingertips, all for free. If you are an employer, LiveCareer is one of the go-to platforms for posting jobs without incurring any expenses.

6. National Labor Exchange: Extensive Recruitment Reach, Effortlessly

The U.S. National Labor Exchange, a non-profit organization, extends a generous invitation to recruiters, allowing them to post job vacancies across its expansive recruiting network at no cost. Vacancies disseminated through this platform are not limited to their own domain; they are syndicated to various job sites and distributed across more than 1,000 job search engines. This platform ensures that job openings reach an extensive audience, including college alumni, individuals from diverse backgrounds, those with disabilities, military veterans, and professionals, thereby securing its position as one of the most far-reaching recruitment sites, free or otherwise.

7. Wisestep: The Ideal Social Recruiting Platform

Wisestep emerges as a premier social recruiting job board that permits employers to post an unlimited number of job listings and browse countless resumes, all free of charge. This platform excels when you are seeking passive job seekers affiliated with specific educational institutions, industries, or schools. Additionally, Wisestep offers the unique advantage of integrating your hiring endeavors with your existing social network, amplifying the dissemination of your job openings. With over 40,000 clients, Wisestep has firmly established itself as a prominent player in the world of free job posting sites for employers.

8. Facebook: Tapping into the Power of Social Media

Facebook’s business Pages provide a convenient avenue for promoting job openings to your company’s followers. By crafting posts that include succinct job descriptions and links to application forms or career pages, you can engage your audience. Employing captivating visuals alongside job descriptions and links can captivate your audience’s attention, encouraging them to explore your offerings further. For added reach, recruiters have the option to invest in promoting vacancies on a per-post basis, thereby enhancing the potential to attract top-tier talent.

9. Your Company Website: A Multifaceted Talent Magnet

For some businesses, their websites serve as hubs generating a plethora of visitors from various sources. If your company enjoys recognition, prospective candidates may already be actively searching for your website on Google or clicking on referral links from other platforms. Visitors may stumble upon your website for various reasons, and if they find that you are hiring, they may be inclined to apply.

Even if your website isn’t a traffic powerhouse, you can leverage a dedicated “jobs” or “careers” page to augment the visibility of your job openings. This page can serve as a comprehensive source of information, offering insights into your company’s size, location, values, and typical job roles. An up-to-date listing of your vacancies not only appeals to potential candidates but also keeps existing staff informed about open positions. In fact, employees might be inclined to refer friends or colleagues or even consider applying themselves.

10. Your Internal Website or Applicant Tracking System (ATS): The Hidden Gem of Recruitment

At times, the ideal candidate might be closer than anticipated. Internal candidates, those within your organization, possess an in-depth understanding of your company’s culture and often require less time for training since they likely already possess the necessary skills. Remarkably, a substantial 82% of organizations attest that employee referrals deliver a superior return on investment compared to other recruitment channels.

To harness the potential within your organization, your job openings should ideally be posted on an internal-facing platform, whether it’s an intranet, an internal website, or your applicant tracking system (ATS). This strategy allows your employees to actively engage with your recruitment efforts, making referrals or even submitting their applications for new vacancies. It’s a cost-effective method that relies on your organization’s in-house talent pool.

11. Monster: A Respected Job Board with Global Reach, a renowned job board, caters to a wide spectrum of jobs and offers access to an extensive resume database. It is regarded as one of the top job posting sites, even allowing free job postings for employers on a trial basis. Pricing is contingent upon the number of job postings you opt for, with a notable advantage – the more postings you purchase, the more economical each one becomes. Job seekers and employers alike can readily discover and post jobs on, offering an array of options for career development.

12. ZipRecruiter: Affordable Job Posting with a Robust Database

ZipRecruiter stands out with its extensive database housing millions of job seeker resumes. It garners praise for its cost-effective job posting solutions and for sourcing job seekers from third-party job boards. This platform is particularly well-suited for entry-level roles, offering an affordable option for employers. While active job slots are priced at $249 per month, it frequently features free trial promotions, presenting an opportunity to explore its capabilities before making a commitment.

13. Reddit: A Hub for Job Seekers and Recruiters

Reddit, known for its stringent stance on corporate promotion, surprisingly harbors a handful of subreddits that actively encourage recruiters to share their latest job openings. These subreddits, aptly named “hiring” and “job postings,” boast hundreds of subscribers and are dedicated to facilitating the dissemination of common job opportunities. Moreover, there are specialized subreddits like r/writing_gigs, which meticulously collate industry-specific job alternatives, rendering Reddit one of the premier free job posting sites for employers in the digital landscape.

14. Jobisite: Unlimited Recruitment Resources

In stark contrast to many other free job boards for employers, Jobisite extends an olive branch of virtually limitless recruitment tools. HR professionals can unleash their creativity by posting as many job advertisements as their hearts desire and seamlessly sifting through the treasure trove of candidates’ resumes, all without the fetters of restrictions. These open positions are disseminated instantaneously to Jobisite’s impressive network of over 10,000 users, as well as across affiliated websites within the expansive Jobisite network, solidifying its position as one of the most comprehensive free job posting sites for employers.

15. Snapchat: Leveraging Creativity for Job Recruitment

For brands already leveraging Snapchat to engage with millennial and Gen Z brand enthusiasts, why not extend its utility to reach potential job seekers? Learn a valuable lesson from industry giant McDonald’s: With a few creative snaps or filters, this platform offers a unique gateway to tap into an audience of engaged followers who might just double as ideal candidates for job openings.

16. YouTube: A Surprising Source for Recruitment

While YouTube might initially appear unconventional as a sourcing channel for job recruitment, it can potentially emerge as the most effective option for filling vacant positions. Notable companies like Zappos and Barclays have harnessed the power of YouTube videos to attract candidates for their open roles. Moreover, Jet has even taken the innovative approach of hosting virtual reality experiences on the platform to provide potential employees with a glimpse of their future workplaces and meetings. Remarkably, you don’t need a substantial budget to produce video content; a quick “day in the life” or “we’re hiring” video, shot on your mobile phone, can be highly appreciated by prospective candidates, showcasing your commitment to transparency.

17. SimplyHired: Broaden Your Reach on Over 100 Job Boards

SimplyHired stands as a robust job search engine that diligently aggregates job postings and resumes. The platform allows you to post job listings free of charge, which are subsequently broadcast on over 100 job boards. An additional perk is the ability to receive email notifications each time an applicant submits an application through SimplyHired. It’s worth noting that this free service is subject to specific terms and conditions and usage limits, with certain job types and staffing agencies excluded. For more extensive features, there are paid tiers available, including STARTER at $199 per month, SMALL BUSINESS at $299 per month, and the PROFESSIONAL tier at $1,599 per month.

18. A Haven for IT Recruitment is a highly specialized job board meticulously designed to assist recruiters in filling IT consulting and contracting positions. This dedicated platform boasts an impressive network of over 2.5 million candidates, who collectively generate a staggering 7 million responses annually. To enjoy full access to TechFetch’s capabilities, a premium subscription is recommended, although recruiters can embark on a free seven-day trial to explore the service’s efficacy.

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19. Hacker News: The Tech Talent Oasis

Frequented by engineers, developers, product managers, and technical entrepreneurs, the Hacker News discussion board plays host to a recurring “Who’s hiring?” thread. This monthly thread is a dedicated hotspot for collecting new and enticing job opportunities within the tech sector. After registering on the platform for free, employers can seamlessly post their job listings to this thread, complete with relevant links and contact information. A vigilant “whooshing” account then dutifully disseminates a significant portion of these open positions to a dedicated jobs page, streamlining the application process for potential candidates with just a few clicks.

20. Nextdoor: A Local Community Approach to Hiring

Nextdoor, designed to connect brick-and-mortar businesses with their local communities, offers a unique opportunity to post job openings, promote job fairs, or announce hiring events without incurring any costs. The only caveat for sharing free job listings on Nextdoor is that the positions must be deemed “relevant” to the specific community where they are shared. As such, it’s advisable to steer clear of posting remote job opportunities, ensuring that your job listings remain within the purview of this community-oriented platform.

21. JobSpider: A Craigslist Alternative for Free Job Posting, a veritable oasis for both employers and job seekers, proudly upholds the banner of free access. Here, there are no charges associated with posting resumes, job listings, searching through resumes, browsing available jobs, or setting up job alerts. It’s worth noting that this platform emerged in response to mounting frustration with Craigslist, which had become inundated with fraudulent job postings. In stark contrast, JobSpider presents a compelling online alternative, particularly advantageous for employers looking to explore and assess an expansive repository of over 100,000 job seeker resumes.

22. Instagram: Visualizing Job Opportunities

Much like the practice on Facebook, recruiters and hiring managers can seamlessly disseminate new job openings via their company’s Instagram account. Instagram, being a visual content-centric platform, allows each job posting to be complemented with captivating images, thereby enhancing its visual appeal. For those looking to leverage Instagram for job advertisements, remember to incorporate relevant hiring-related hashtags like “#hiring” and “#job.” This strategic move increases the visibility of your job listings beyond your current followers, casting a wider net in the search for potential candidates.

23. Ladders: Where Management and Executive Jobs Shine

Ladders, renowned for its focus on management and executive-level positions, offers a generous allotment of 20 free job postings and unrestricted access to resume searches. Originally tailored for roles boasting salaries of $100,000 and above, Ladders has since broadened its scope, now accommodating most professional job listings with salaries exceeding $40,000. With a staggering 240,000 six-figure jobs posted at any given time, Ladders has firmly established itself as the go-to destination for high-profile career opportunities. This diverse range of offerings makes it a prime resource for employers seeking exceptional managerial and executive talent.

24. JobInventory: A Statewide Portal for Free Job Postings

JobInventory is a valuable resource for employers, offering a unique approach to job listings by categorizing them based on states. It serves as one of the free job posting sites for employers, catering to a wide range of job seekers. Unlike some high-tech interfaces, JobInventory prioritizes job authenticity and requires users to create an account before posting jobs. This meticulous approach ensures that only legitimate job opportunities reach the eyes of potential candidates, which can be a vital feature in the era of online job scams. For those seeking local talent or positions with geographical constraints, JobInventory’s state-based job postings can be exceptionally beneficial. The platform operates under a free model, making it accessible and budget-friendly for employers.

25. Nexxt: A Hub for Niche Professional Networking

Nexxt is not your run-of-the-mill job board. This powerhouse of a platform comprises a myriad of niche professional websites and specialized skill communities, providing a distinct and targeted approach to job recruitment. Employers can leverage its focused distribution and email alerts to connect with highly qualified candidates, ensuring that job postings reach the most relevant audience. The platform’s strength lies in its ability to cater to specific industries and professions, making it an invaluable tool for employers seeking talent with niche skills.

26. Jobcase: Bridging the Gap for Hourly Workers

Jobcase serves as a beacon of hope for employers in search of hourly workers. For hiring managers, the platform offers the unique advantage of posting jobs for free, eliminating the financial barrier for those in pursuit of hourly talent. In contrast, external recruiters and agencies must opt for a paid plan. This job posting site is part of a network that includes JobTree and Craigslist, expanding its reach and potential candidate pool. Jobcase’s specialized focus on hourly employment sets it apart as an ideal choice for employers with diverse staffing needs.

27. Adzuna: A Global Job Board with Local Appeal

Adzuna, originally hailing from the United Kingdom, has blossomed into one of the most frequented global job boards, attracting millions of candidates each month. Employers can post a single job for free, allowing them to test the waters on this versatile platform. Additionally, Adzuna provides options for localized branches, enabling employers to target candidates in specific geographic areas. This combination of global reach and local appeal makes Adzuna a noteworthy choice for employers with diverse hiring needs.

28. Chegg Internships: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Talent

Chegg Internships is a U.S.-centric job posting website with a unique focus on hiring paid interns or interns compensated with educational credits. This singular focus on internships sets Chegg Internships apart as a specialized tool for employers looking to foster future talent. Whether you’re an employer seeking to provide educational opportunities or a student searching for internship positions, Chegg Internships offers a distinctive platform for connecting employers and aspiring interns.

29. Hubstaff Expertise: A Hub for All Types of Talent

Hubstaff Expertise is a relatively new entrant in the job posting landscape, with its core software designed for tracking employee time. However, it distinguishes itself by offering free job postings for both full-time staff and nonpermanent or contract roles tailored to freelancers. This versatility makes Hubstaff Expertise an attractive choice for employers searching for a wide range of talents. With over 90,000 monthly visitors, the platform serves as a vibrant hub for job seekers and employers alike. Additionally, Hubstaff Expertise provides various pricing tiers, including Free, Basic ($7 per user per month), Premium ($10 per user per month), and Enterprise ($20 per user per month), catering to diverse budget preferences.

30. Jobvertise: Bridging the Gap with Free Job Postings

Jobvertise, like many other free job boards, aims to assist employers in promoting job listings through paid plan options, including “Starter” at $29 a month, “Standard” at $59 per month, and “Professional” at $89 per month. However, it distinguishes itself by offering free job postings and free resume views within the Free plan. The only constraint is that employers have five days to review online job applications. This unique feature is invaluable for recruiters, as it allows them to connect with over a million job seekers on the platform. Jobvertise acts as a bridge, connecting half a million employers with an extensive talent pool while offering a range of pricing options to suit diverse needs.

31. Smartly: A Fusion of Human and Artificial Intelligence

Smartly is a standard job posting site that blends human expertise with artificial intelligence to make precise job matches. This innovative approach enhances the likelihood of finding the right candidates for your vacancies. Smartly stands out as a tool that embraces technology while valuing human insights, providing a balanced approach to the recruitment process.

32. Startupers: A Craigslist-Style Haven for Tech Companies

Startupers, a platform reminiscent of Craigslist, caters specifically to tech companies. The distinctive feature of this site is its free posting service, allowing tech employers to connect with potential candidates without incurring additional costs. Moreover, every job listing undergoes human review to prevent spam, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for employers and job seekers.

33. SquareHire: Expanding Your Reach with Effortless Syndication

SquareHire simplifies the job posting process by helping employers reach multiple job boards with a single listing. In addition, vacant roles are syndicated to popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, further extending the reach of job advertisements. Recruiters can benefit from two free job postings on the platform before they are prompted to consider an upgrade, making SquareHire an efficient and cost-effective choice for employers.

34. Zippia: A Fusion of Human Expertise and AI

Zippia’s free job posting site combines the best of both worlds – “artificial intelligence and human expertise” to fulfill your staffing needs. For employers, job advertisements are entirely free, and registered candidates gain access to comprehensive information about companies with open positions. This unique blend of technology and human touch ensures that both employers and job seekers have the tools they need to make informed decisions.

35. PostJobFree: A Catalyst for Wider Exposure

PostJobFree acts as a catalyst in the job posting ecosystem, serving as a feeder for larger job boards. Anything you post on this platform is often cross-posted to other prominent job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Employers can publish job listings for free on its basic website and simultaneously explore its resume database without incurring any costs. With approximately 1.5 million jobs posted weekly, PostJobFree is a hub of activity in the job posting world. It’s worth noting that while most jobs are picked up by larger job boards, some might not make it onto every platform. PostJobFree offers a range of pricing options, including Free, $29, $59, $99, $199, and $399, accommodating employers with diverse budgets and needs.

36. MightyRecruiter: Broaden Your Reach with up to 30 Job Boards

MightyRecruiter, a beacon of promise in the realm of recruiting, emerges as an all-encompassing platform that unveils the power to cross-post job listings to an impressive array of job boards, totaling nearly 30 in number. Notably, the initial subscription offers a tantalizing proposition—30 days of gratuitous access, during which you can explore the synergy of platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Career Builder, without incurring any costs. For those who seek a greater expanse, the option of a paid subscription, starting at $189 per month, bestows upon you the privilege of casting your job postings across a sprawling network of over 100 websites. In addition to this impressive posting prowess, MightyRecruiter boasts a repository of 17 million resumes, offering a veritable treasure trove for those on the quest for passive job seekers, thus rendering it a comprehensive haven for both job seekers and employers alike.

37. Hound: Amplify Your Outreach with an Extensive Network

Hound, among the constellation of free job posting websites, shines brightly with its unique advantage—a sprawling network of partners that would make even the most discerning employer’s heart skip a beat. Employers who choose to unfurl their job vacancies on Hound are granted the boon of instant syndication across a colossal 500+ job advertising websites. Furthermore, it generously provides the liberty to peruse and export related resumes, an invaluable resource in the realm of recruitment. As an extra treat, every fresh vacancy that graces Hound’s domain is showcased in their job alert emails, ensuring an even wider reach and visibility. This bounteous offering, replete with its riches, is available gratis for an initial trial period of 14 days, enabling employers to fully experience the panoply of benefits before considering an upgrade.

38. CareerBuilder: The Global Leader in Human Capital Solutions

CareerBuilder, an indomitable titan in the realm of human resources, stands tall as a global beacon, consistently facilitating the union of aptitude and opportunity with greater frequency than any other platform. This illustrious platform takes its place among the elite group of free job posting sites for employers, a testament to its commitment to fostering professional connections. Its reach transcends borders and boundaries, ensuring that the perfect talent finds its ideal vocation with unmatched efficiency.

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39. Loadjobs: Bridging the Gap, Irrespective of Distance

Loadjobs, a pioneering force in the job posting arena, undertakes a solemn oath to bridge the geographical chasm between employers and prospective candidates. Its mission is clear: to facilitate connections and offer opportunities without the constraint of location. A noteworthy feature of this platform is the provision of a three-month free trial, a substantial duration that grants employers ample time to assess the platform’s comprehensive suite of features. It even extends its arm to social media, enabling the posting of vacancies in these dynamic spheres, making it an appealing proposition for employers seeking to tap into the vast pool of talent, transcending geographical confines.

40. Jora: A Fresh Perspective on Free Online Job Postings

In the grand tapestry of free job posting websites, Jora unfurls itself as a relatively new and vibrant thread, resonating with fresh energy. It harbors a noble vision—to provide employers with the invaluable resource of free job postings. Jora’s ambition is to craft a destiny akin to that of industry giants like Indeed, by rendering job posting accessible and cost-effective for a diverse range of employers, nurturing the very essence of recruitment in the digital age.

41. Homebase: A Multifaceted Solution for Employers

Homebase, a multifunctional platform for employers, offers an array of features to simplify the process of job postings. Its offerings include premade job descriptions tailored for common hourly roles, establishing a professional web presence for your company, and disseminating job listings across various job boards. With the added convenience of a mobile application, Homebase ensures seamless communication with candidates and facilitates the onboarding of new hires. Its pricing structure comprises four fundamental tiers, offering flexibility to meet the unique needs of employers.

42. When I Work: Uniting Shift Scheduling and Job Posting

When I Work, renowned for its shift scheduling and time-tracking applications, extends an inviting embrace to businesses with fewer than 75 employees by offering its services free of charge. This benevolent gesture incorporates a dedicated hiring app, empowering employers to broadcast job listings and recruit staff to fill their labor gaps with unparalleled ease. Moreover, the commendable feedback garnered by When I Work on various software review platforms underscores its efficacy and user satisfaction.

43. AngelList: The Rising Star in Tech Startups

AngelList, often hailed as the LinkedIn equivalent in the tech startup sphere, has been steadily ascending the ladder of popularity. It beckons with open arms to nearly 2 million active candidates, a congregation that predominantly includes developers and designers. The platform graciously extends a complimentary invitation to employers, granting them the ability to post job listings without incurring any charges. However, the initial step demands the creation of a startup profile, a minor prerequisite for accessing this treasure trove of opportunities.

44. Anthology: A Sanctuary for Confidential Job Searches

Anthology emerges as an oasis for those embarking on a confidential job search expedition. It specializes in uniting seasoned members of management with prestigious roles at renowned corporations, including industry giants such as Amazon, eBay, IBM, and Toyota. Anthology’s generosity manifests in the form of a free plan that accommodates the simultaneous posting of three open positions. A hallmark of this platform is the unassailable commitment to privacy, keeping all employer and applicant data under lock and key. The identities of both the employer and candidate remain shrouded in mystery until they mutually consent to meet, a masterstroke in reducing bias and preserving confidentiality.

45. Craigslist: The Time-Honored Job Posting Portal

Craigslist, from its inception, has stood as a venerable institution in the realm of online job postings. Depending on your location, you may be fortunate enough to avail yourself of the free job posting feature, although, in most markets, a modest fee ranging from $25 to $75 per job listing for a duration of 30 days is the standard. This expense, however, still remains remarkably budget-friendly in comparison to many other online job posting platforms. It’s important to tread with caution, as the platform’s ease of application submission tends to attract a deluge of resumes from candidates of varying qualifications. The tantalizing prospect of cost-free postings should be weighed against the time and effort required to sift through this vast pool of applicants, as appearances can often be deceiving.

46. Scouted: Pay for High Candidates Upon Rent

Scouted, a pioneering platform, redefines the traditional recruitment process. It offers a unique proposition that could be a game-changer for employers – publish your job openings absolutely free! This, in itself, is a breath of fresh air in the competitive world of talent acquisition. But what truly sets Scouted apart is the fact that you don’t need to reach for your wallet until you’ve found that perfect candidate and have them on board. In essence, there’s virtually no financial risk associated with utilizing this service. You can put up your job with confidence, knowing that if your search ends fruitlessly, it costs you nothing.

Now, let’s delve into the treasure trove of talent that Scouted brings to your doorstep. Scouted meticulously curates a pool of potential candidates from over 500 esteemed educational institutions. These candidates, often recent graduates, come equipped with up to 5 years of experience in a wide spectrum of 150 different majors. Not only are they well-versed in their fields of study, but their average SAT scores of 2180 attest to their exceptional cognitive abilities. With such a talent pool, you can be assured that you’re tapping into the best and brightest minds out there.

47. Angular Jobs: A Developer’s Paradise

Angular Jobs, a name inspired by the renowned Angular JavaScript framework, beckons developers and front-end engineers to a haven of opportunities. It’s not just another job board; it’s a dedicated platform that understands the unique needs of this specific niche. What’s more, it’s completely free for employers to post their job openings.

The icing on the cake? Your job postings remain visible for a generous 30-day period, ensuring that your message reaches its intended audience effectively. This extended visibility can make all the difference in attracting the right talent.

But Angular Jobs doesn’t stop at just offering a platform for job listings. Recognizing that sometimes, finding the ideal candidate can be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, they offer an additional service. Employers have the option to enlist the expertise of a recruiter through the platform. This recruiter can help identify the perfect match for your job opening, saving you valuable time and effort.

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48. Fiverr: A Micro-Job Wonderland

Fiverr, an innovative micro-job platform, provides an avenue for employers to access an array of services without breaking the bank. The concept is simple yet revolutionary – you can post your gig for free! Whether you need assistance with data entry, someone to cover your phones during lunch, or a myriad of other tasks, Fiverr can be your go-to destination.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Fiverr is that you don’t need to pay to post your job. However, there is a minor catch, albeit a reasonable one. You will incur a percentage-based fee, both to Fiverr and to the freelancer who performs the task. This nominal fee, in comparison to traditional hiring methods, is a small price to pay for the convenience and efficiency that Fiverr brings to the table.

49. Upwork: Your Gateway to Freelance Talent

Upwork, the behemoth of the online freelance market, stands as a towering gateway to a vast pool of freelance talent. One of its most attractive features for employers is that it imposes no charges for posting job listings. Yes, you read that correctly – you can post jobs without any cost.

This platform is not just about posting jobs; it’s about managing the entire hiring process with finesse. You can post your jobs, track the time spent on projects, and manage contracts with utmost ease. But here’s where Upwork takes the cake – you can set parameters to filter candidates based on your specific needs. Whether it’s their ratings, location, or work experience, you have the power to tailor your search to perfection.

50. Jobxoom: Your Gateway to Job Posting Freedom

In the ever-evolving landscape of job hunting and talent acquisition, Jobxoom emerges as a versatile platform, transcending industry boundaries across the United States. This virtual haven empowers its customers with the choice of both complimentary and paid job postings, carving its niche as one of the preeminent free job posting sites for employers.

51. The Cradle of Technical and Design Excellence

Step into the realm of, an online sanctuary for tech-savvy freelancers and creative minds alike. Much like its contemporaries in the realm of freelance websites, extends an open invitation to all to post their job opportunities without incurring any costs, offering expedited access to a pool of adept candidates. Moreover, boasts an array of indispensable tools meticulously designed to unearth those hidden gems in the vast sea of talent, effectively streamlining your quest to find the perfect match for your project. Keep in mind, that when you tread this path, you may find candidates hailing from foreign shores, making it a diverse melting pot of potential.

To ensure a secure transaction, bestows upon you the gift of an escrow account, a financial guardian that safeguards your funds until the culmination of the assigned tasks. Delving into pricing specifics, tantalizes with a triad of options. The first, is a tantalizing “Free” tier, where your wallet remains unburdened. Next in line is the “Builder Plan” – an investment of $14 per user on a monthly basis, laying the foundation for premium services. For those seeking the epitome of expertise, the “Knowledgeable Plan” beckons at $244 per user per month, an investment promising unparalleled proficiency.

52. Workpop: Bridging the Gap in Recruiting Excellence

Workpop, a platform meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of recruiters and hiring managers, serves as the conduit for attracting hourly service personnel for businesses ensconced in brick-and-mortar establishments. Industries spanning hospitality, food and beverage, healthcare franchises, and administrative agencies all converge within its expansive realm. While Workpop does come at a cost, it extends a gracious olive branch by allowing potential users to explore its plethora of features without charge for a span of ten days.

53. TopTal: Where the World of Freelance Meets Top-Shelf Talent

TopTal, a paragon of premium talent acquisition, strategically aligns its pricing structure with those who seek top-tier technical, engineering or design prowess. Here, you are offered the unique privilege of a “try before you buy” model. The process entails collaborating with up to five freelancers on a trial basis, requiring financial commitment only if you are content with the results and ready to extend a formal offer. Be prepared to tender a $500 deposit, though it’s important to note that this deposit conveniently offsets your first freelancer invoice if you decide to proceed. Should the trial phase prove unsatisfactory, TopTal graciously refunds your deposit, ensuring a risk-mitigated approach.

54. ActiveHire: Pioneering Job Sharing in North America

For employers with aspirations of recruitment on North American soil, ActiveHire unfurls a welcoming avenue for broadcasting new job openings to a vast pool of prospective candidates. This platform not only caters to gratis job postings but also acts as a repository of millions of employee resumes, amassing data from a staggering 115,000 partners and private databases.

55. Giggrabbers: The Novel Frontier of Freelance Flexibility

In the ever-evolving landscape of freelancing, Giggrabbers emerges as a refreshing addition, tailor-made for startups and burgeoning enterprises. What sets Giggrabbers apart is its unique fee structure. Here, the burden of payment falls squarely on the shoulders of the freelancer, ensuring that you, the employer, are greeted by a motivated and driven talent pool. In addition to an eclectic mix of freelance professionals from around the world, Giggrabbers further dazzles by allowing you to post your freelance projects for crowdfunding, directly within the confines of their platform, offering a holistic support ecosystem for your creative endeavors.

Signing up for an account is a cost-free endeavor both for freelancers and employers. However, freelancers should be mindful of a modest fee structure, amounting to 9.5% of the total cost of an awarded project. This unique approach delineates Giggrabbers as a platform that fuses affordability with potential, making it an enticing choice for both new and established players in the freelance domain.

56. HotJobs.Vet: Bridging Military Service and Employment

HotJobs.Vet is a remarkable platform, thoughtfully designed to serve as a vital bridge for Navy veterans seeking a seamless transition back into the civilian workforce. This platform offers a commendable service, allowing employers to post job openings for free, specifically targeting those looking to connect with former service members who have served our nation. The options for employers are versatile, enabling them to choose between two free job posting options, one lasting 10 days and the other extending to 21 days. Alternatively, employers can proactively scout for potential candidates by utilizing a database teeming with resumes, streamlining the hiring process significantly.

57. FreeUp: Empowering Employers with Global Talent

FreeUp is a game-changer in the world of employment. This innovative platform provides a free avenue for employers to discover self-employed professionals from across the globe, ready to take on tasks and assignments that span a diverse range of industries. These freelancers are highly skilled and can take on roles in high-demand sectors, including eCommerce, website marketing, and Amazon promotion. The beauty of FreeUp is that employers can find talent that aligns with their budgets, with hourly rates ranging from a mere $5 to a more substantial $75. It’s a win-win for both employers and freelancers, creating a robust ecosystem of global talent.

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58. AileenSoul: A Haven for Creative Employment

AileenSoul is an embodiment of creativity and innovation in the job posting sphere. This platform offers a refreshing approach by providing a completely free space for businesses and recruiters to post creative and artistic job opportunities. What sets AileenSoul apart is the fact that even the creation of a recruiter profile comes at no cost, making it a particularly attractive choice for startups and emerging recruiting agencies embarking on extensive hiring campaigns. This platform essentially celebrates the intersection of artistry and employment, fostering an environment that nurtures creative talent.
59. Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce

As the name suggests, is a specialized platform tailored to accommodate internship opportunities. It serves as an invaluable resource for employers seeking to post summer and college-year internship positions. Here, employers can tap into a pool of eager and motivated students who are keen on embracing part-time and short-term roles. What’s particularly fascinating is that these students, given the right experience, often evolve into full-time employees upon graduation. Beyond job postings, also extends a helping hand by offering guidance on the intricate process of hiring and managing interns, thus ensuring a mutually beneficial journey for both students and employers.

60. My Remote Developers: A Gateway to Global Talent

My Remote Developers stands as a testament to the transformative power of remote work, especially in the last half-decade, which has seen an impressive 44% surge in remote employment opportunities. This platform presents a revolutionary solution, allowing employers to transcend geographical boundaries in their quest for top-notch talent. Gone are the days of paying relocation fees or confining your search to local candidates for crucial roles in fields like web design and marketing. My Remote Developers opens up access to a staggering 60 million candidates worldwide, effectively diversifying your talent pool.

Furthermore, they offer guidance to adapt to changing hiring practices or refine candidate search criteria, ensuring that you find the perfect match. Employers can choose from a variety of service bundles, incorporating options such as direct hires, contractors, or fixed-price agreements, making it a truly customizable experience. To add to its allure, My Remote Developers even provides a two-week risk-free trial and offers $1 million in insurance coverage at no additional cost.

61. Learn4Good: Nurturing Student Talent

Learn4Good, a distinguished educational platform, extends a remarkable job board dedicated to students. Although not entirely free, this platform grants employers the opportunity to post up to 20 job openings over a six-month period without incurring any charges. This proves invaluable, especially when searching for candidates in fields such as engineering, cybersecurity, logistics, or search engine optimization. Employers not only receive applications but also enjoy the privilege of perusing college student resumes, enhancing the efficiency of the hiring process. The platform strikes a harmonious balance between educational aspirations and professional growth, making it an exceptional resource for employers seeking to shape the future workforce.

62. Hire Veterans First: Unlocking Military Leadership

The unique qualities of military veterans make them exceptional candidates for various supervisory and managerial roles, thanks to the extensive leadership training they receive during their service. Hire Veterans First stands as a beacon of opportunity, inviting employers to post jobs for veterans without incurring any expenses. While it operates on a self-service model, it lacks the capability to view resumes. However, this platform serves a noble purpose by facilitating the connection between military veterans and civilian job openings, thereby offering veterans a chance to continue their impactful careers post-service.

63. An Eloquent Name and a Simple Promise

The name itself,, eloquently conveys its primary objective: to enable employers to publish job openings without any cost associated. This platform, distinguished as one of the earliest proponents of free job posting, has earned a reputable presence on Google, making it highly visible for various job searches. With its user-friendly interface, simplifies the process of job posting, making it accessible to a wide range of employers.

64. Digital Vocations: Unleashing Remote Workforce Potential

Digital Vocations emerges as a beacon of opportunity for employers seeking remote, home-based talent. This platform extends a free employer job portal, providing hiring managers with access to a colossal talent pool exceeding 900,000 job seekers, all with a penchant for remote work and telecommuting. Job seekers willingly subscribe by paying $15.99 per month, granting them access to a plethora of open positions. The platform extends the courtesy of free job postings to businesses, and they even facilitate the integration of job feeds from recruiting software. Digital Vocations acts as a catalyst, enabling employers to harness the untapped potential of remote work, a trend that has gained remarkable prominence in recent times.

65. Wahve: Posting Jobs for Seasoned Consultants

In the realm of job posting websites, Wahve distinguishes itself as a platform tailored to identifying experienced professionals with expertise in fields such as accounting, human resources, insurance, and more. Wahve operates more akin to a freelancing website, where these seasoned experts are engaged as freelance contractors rather than traditional employees. If your quest is to recruit a seasoned professional with industry-specific proficiency, Wahve undoubtedly presents a compelling option. All it takes is a simple contact with Wahve to communicate your specific expertise requirements.

66. ExpoTor: Catering to the Event and Marketing Industry

ExpoTor is a specialized job platform uniquely dedicated to the event industry, offering access to a pool of talent with expertise in event and marketing disciplines. This includes personnel for your trade shows and exhibitions. Moreover, ExpoTor extends services beyond job listings to include product and event listings. Notably, if you’re in pursuit of talent within the marketing and event industry, you can list your job vacancies here free of charge, although they do offer a “Premium” service for 29.90 euros per month.

67. Talmix: Bridging the Gap with Independent Workforce

Talmix has been conceived to facilitate the integration of businesses with the global independent workforce. Recruiters and hiring managers are not burdened with any associated costs when it comes to posting job openings and project descriptions. Talmix actively promotes these job openings to its network of freelancers, who then submit their bids directly through the platform to vie for the available work opportunities.

68. Handshake: Strengthening Campus Recruiting at Zero Cost

Handshake makes a fresh appearance on our list this year, and it offers access to over 500 college partnerships. This makes it a powerhouse for finding well-educated graduates in fields like engineering, marketing, operations, sales, and human resources. What sets Handshake apart is its philosophy of enabling businesses and recruiters to post job listings and engage with college graduates without incurring any fees. Moreover, Handshake extends an invitation to participate in campus events, including professional festivals.

The standard offering from Handshake lets you post job vacancies, register for events, and participate in professional festivals, and it comes at no cost. There’s no consideration for charging for job listings or university access. The registration process involves creating a company account, and each user will sign up individually, linked to that central account.

If you are interested in their Premium partnership, which provides tools for recruiting at scale with features such as campaigns, enhanced employer branding, event check-in, and analytics, you will need to reach out to Handshake directly for more information. Handshake remains committed to fostering meaningful connections between employers and college graduates without financial barriers.

69. Glassdoor: Discover Skilled Expertise in 30-Days Free

When it comes to online platforms that cater to job postings and company evaluations, Glassdoor stands as a prominent player alongside Indeed. It is not only a must-have for employers seeking to manage their online company reviews but also offers a professional job board that’s available for a 30-day trial. With paid subscription plans starting at $549 per month, you can post up to five job listings, and it comes with a mobile app designed to simplify the job application process.

But that’s not all; Glassdoor has gone beyond its traditional role as a job posting site and expanded its services to serve employer clients more comprehensively. This extension includes a suite of valuable resources for recruitment, featuring templates, datasheets, and webinars. It’s worth your time to explore how Glassdoor compares head-to-head with Indeed concerning job postings, recruiting tools, salary information, and online company reviews.

70. CareerBliss: Widespread Job Exposure with One Listing

CareerBliss, a free job website, offers the remarkable advantage of a single job posting being distributed to a network of 100 job boards. This results in providing companies with extensive visibility to over 15 million job seekers concurrently. If your organization doesn’t hire frequently or you’re looking to test the waters with multiple free job posting locations, CareerBliss presents an excellent opportunity for experimentation.

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Adherence to Free Job Posting Site Guidelines

When it comes to utilizing free job posting sites for your recruitment needs, it’s crucial to adhere to the guidelines and parameters set forth by these platforms. While they offer a valuable service by allowing employers to post jobs at no cost, they do have specific requirements that you must follow. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your job listings being removed or your account facing restrictions.

For example, one prominent free job posting site, Indeed, does not place a limit on the number of jobs you can post for free. However, they do impose particular requirements, especially when it comes to commission-only job postings. If you intend to post such job opportunities, Indeed mandates that you clearly and transparently identify them as commission-only roles. This stipulation is in place to ensure that job seekers are not misled or have false expectations when exploring available positions.

Position Visibility and Free Job Listings

When you opt to post jobs for free on these platforms, it’s important to understand how the visibility of your listings evolves over time. Initially, when you submit a free job posting, it will enjoy high visibility, appearing near the top of search results. This increased visibility is a boon for attracting potential candidates. However, there’s a caveat: as time passes, your job listing will gradually descend in the list of search results.

This decline in visibility is a natural consequence of the platform’s algorithms and is designed to ensure that fresh job listings have the opportunity to be seen. Even though your job listing may slide down in the results, it’s not lost in oblivion. Users can still locate it if you’ve crafted an appealing job title and utilized relevant keywords. Nevertheless, if you wish to maintain a prominent position for an extended duration, most free job posting sites offer advertising options that you can explore.

The Role of Paid Advertising

Despite the allure of free job postings, it’s important to acknowledge that relying solely on these no-cost options may not always yield the desired results. In some cases, free job listings might not attract a sufficient number of high-quality candidates. To address this limitation, many free job posting platforms provide advertising opportunities that can bolster the reach and impact of your job listings.

Opting for paid job advertisements can provide several advantages, including increased visibility, a larger candidate pool, and more targeted exposure. However, it’s essential to strike a balance, as an excess of candidates can be as overwhelming as a scarcity of them. Employers often find that paid job ads, while effective, might bring in more applicants than needed. Thus, careful consideration and a strategic approach to job posting, whether free or paid, are essential for a successful recruitment process.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Utilizing Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

In a world where countless free platforms for job postings are readily available, a pertinent question arises: Why should employers contemplate paying for job listings? What lies at the heart of the matter are the distinct advantages and drawbacks associated with the utilization of free job posting websites.

Enhancing Targeted Recruitment vs. Casting a Wide Net

When you opt for free job posting sites, you forgo the opportunity to specifically target qualified candidates. The fundamental concern here is that your message may not reach individuals of genuine value or those possessing the desired level of competence. Consequently, the precious time and effort invested in meticulously crafting a recruitment message can go to waste if you’re met with a lackluster response or inundated by a barrage of unqualified applicants.

This results in a significant trade-off between the convenience of a no-cost approach and the precision of targeting candidates who perfectly match your job requirements. The dilemma lies in the balance between casting a wide net in the hope of catching the right talent or employing a more targeted approach to minimize the influx of unqualified candidates.

Lack of Data Tracking and Real-Time Insights

One of the pronounced drawbacks of relying solely on free job posting sites is the absence of robust data tracking and real-time insights. For an employer, the ability to harness data and metrics to fine-tune their recruitment strategies is a substantial advantage. Paid job listings often come with data analytics tools that allow you to assess the performance of your job posts.

In contrast, free platforms typically do not provide this crucial feature. Without access to real-time data, it becomes challenging to determine which avenues and regions yield the most fruitful results for your recruitment efforts. The absence of such information handicaps your ability to make informed decisions and adjustments, thereby hindering the optimization of your recruitment processes.

Investing Time, Energy, and Creativity Without Guarantee

While it’s true that free job posting sites do not demand a financial investment, they do necessitate the expenditure of other valuable resources, such as time, energy, and creativity. Crafting an engaging job posting requires careful thought, well-chosen words, and perhaps even a touch of artistic flair to capture the attention of potential candidates. Cracking the Federal Job, Resume, Job Application, Career Guide

Regrettably, there is no promise of positive results that can be measured or replicated when using these free platforms. The time and creative effort poured into a job posting may ultimately yield no tangible returns. This presents a dilemma for employers, as the absence of clear, quantifiable outcomes makes it challenging to justify the continued use of free job posting sites, particularly in comparison to paid alternatives.

In conclusion, the utilization of free job posting sites for employers carries its share of benefits and drawbacks. The decision to opt for these platforms or invest in paid listings hinges on a careful evaluation of your specific recruitment goals, the level of precision you require in candidate selection, and the importance of real-time data in refining your hiring strategies. Balancing the allure of cost-free options with the need for targeted recruitment and performance metrics is the key challenge that employers must navigate in their quest for top-tier talent.

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