Future Dynamics Shaping Career Trends & Workplace Evolution

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2019)

What are the key dynamics that are shaping modern careers at present? Workforce now a days are going through a transition– a transformation from manual to digital with variation of jobs and the environment. The career scenario of the 21st century bring our some requirements that enable us to rethink in a different way about streamline careers in the future. This article is going to discuss about some obvious future dynamics that are shaping career trends and workplace evolution.

Work variations, work interruptions, skills gap, temporary contingent work assignments, work ethics, opt-outs, and part time work are some of the factors to keep in mind.

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With linear careers in a single industry or corporation, male in the twentieth century has the most career literature in the study. Yet both male and female in the 21st century experience unique career path.

Male and female careers have some unique, non linear part of contingent job, as addressed by the Kaleidoscope Career Model (the KCM). As per this study, requirements for challenges, balance and authenticity has great influence, but it shows different intensities throughout the life time for a person.

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Authenticity means what is genuine. It is the behave and attitudes and person needs to demonstrate according to the situation based on their natural inner selves. It is a candid and improvised behavior a person shows as a professional to survive in work surroundings. The milestone of authenticity exhibits that the person is true to herself as well as to others through work ethics and values.

Work or personal strengths as well as participation in activities for personal interest reflects through one’s behavioral authenticity. It is one of the future dynamics that are shaping career trends and workplace evolution.

Organization has many type of politics among groups over reasons. People with authentic individualism deny corporate politics. It brings overall positivity in the organization.

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Balance is the other criteria that represents work-family integration as well as management. Employees are expected to create a work-life harmony that constantly balance both networks. An emotionally intelligent employee can balance both office and life by choosing specific assignments in the office which enables her to restrict work hours significantly. future dynamics that are shaping career trends and workplace evolution. Balance also slows down her career move through integrating work and family life.

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We will find many individual who don’t bother about working in a big organization, rather finds work in a smaller local firm so that he may pass enough time with family and friends. Some employees leave job and start business to give much time to family members.

Employees may adjust work-family environment systematically, through several re-balance, such as:

  • work online that also enable working from home
  • part time employment is a good way adjusting work time
  • opt out of the employees on temporary basis
  • take turns with husband or wife
  • pass holidays with family intensively to regain stamina for office work
  • adjust workloads according to family activities
  • search for options to meet both needs at the same time

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Challenge means the requirements to take part to task that is inherently motivating for a person.

Taking challenges is a way develop and grow her intrinsic skills as well to make significant progress in her career path by means of skill based programs, lateral progress, as well as linear advancement in career and personal life. Change is one of future dynamics that are shaping career trends and workplace evolution.

Personal urge to boost up individual potentials for learning, motivation, development, stimulation, stamina and skill growth covers up challenge taking abilities.

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Challenge can be experienced in a diversified way, such as, taking a fresh set of job assignments, discovering scopes to improving a new set of skills, or climbing the career stairs, among many other such examples.

These three dynamics may be dominating to other, during one’s career progression, as well as may artificial, it is suggested to be influential all together. When challenges are not found, it is good to change the job; when authenticity is artificial, search for ways to talk truth; and when balance is imbalanced, smaller companies are suitable to take. These are the future dynamics that are shaping career trends and workplace evolution.

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take away

According to the KCM, both male and female quest for authenticity, challenge and balance over the course of their careers. We have discussed about the future dynamics that are shaping career trends and workplace evolution.

However there are some other parameters available. They also have some sort of influence. Time to time one parameter may be dominating over others. A combination of all these parameters in different ratio enhance motivations draw a convincing fitness to person to career.

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