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20 Future Healthcare Jobs in Demand – Skills | Trends

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

The world is now passing time through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This advancement in civilization has set many disruptive forces, among others a revolution in healthcare as well. Future healthcare jobs in demand. Clinic administrator, medical, public health project manager, healthcare management, and many other professions have a significant number of future jobs.

The scientific boom has declared this a century of biology. The secret of the gnome is revealed. As a result, the genetic shape will be turning too much more sophisticated.

Therefore, the essential biological structure of human beings will be further tuned. A new door for career opportunities will also be on the rise. A significant number of future healthcare jobs in demand.

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These holistic changes in biology have also raised many questions. Some questions can be answered, some can’t. Interestingly, scientists are trying to answer questions that are not answered yet.

There is a bunch of successful history in medical science in the recent past. Healthcare has undergone complete transformation worldwide.

However, change naturally scares some. It also excites others. It happens in every case. That is, adapting to change is a great factor to define the future.

Prediction on change

We may predict many changes in the job sectors due to changes in medicine and health care. As per the source, the following predictions might be imminent in the future in the health sector:

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1. Death to appear as optional to humankind. The Hayflick limit predicts theoretical restrictions on human life, that will increase life span, partially based upon the length of a person’s telomeres (approximately 125 years of age).

Career opportunities: longer life will open up long time job, as well as more outsourcing opportunities, and more shift jobs for new candidates. It is a signal that a good number of future healthcare jobs in demand.

2. Death of cell is a character of our genes, that causes a decrease in human immunization. Assuming this is a defect, scientists will work on its remedies.

Career opportunities: More job opportunities in the Genetics and Genetic Engineering

3. New techniques will be generated to effectively invent medicines that will enable human beings to overcome intractable diseases.

Career opportunities: Career in the Pharmaceutical industry. Many future healthcare jobs in demand for deserving health professionals.

4. Biotech, like pharmaceuticals, will change its place as a part of life longing elixir. 4 decades back, a new era begun with the birth of Genentech. Biotech came out with useful and heavy drugs. Simultaneously, pharma will be continued inventing medicines.

Career opportunities: Future job growth in Biotechnology

5. Two driving forces biotech and pharma will further reshape drug development: computational biology and distributed development.

Career opportunities: Career growth in Computational biology

Future healthcare jobs in demand

The source also suggests the following factors that would lead to many other future healthcare jobs in demand.

6. Medicine will no longer be dominated by the US and Europe. New regions like China will be in place of action.

Career opportunities: bright future in jobs related to Medicine production, marketing, and associated industries.

7. Pattern of the disease will be transformed. Many deadly diseases of the past have already been curbed with the effect of the medicine. A new dimension of medication will continue to control many other deadly diseases.

Career opportunities: Medical science, MBBS, Nursing, hospital industries

8. With increasing knowledge of genes, less invasive techniques will emerge. This will enable native gene control by utilizing the body’s self biological system to cure or fight diseases.

Career opportunities: Biological Science, Genetic Engineering

9. Rise of in utero and pre-conception genes will enable deletion of many congenital birth disorders, which will increase the length of life.

Career opportunities: Genetics

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10. The future of medicine belongs to little, insignificant companies. The research analyzed 121 blockbuster drugs (which made more than $1 billion in sales per year) between 1980 and 2010, 87.6% were marketed by a major pharmaceutical firm. 24.7% were originated by a non-major firm and licensed to big pharma, 37.1% were originated by a non-major firm and acquired or merged into big pharma, and 4.1% were licensed from an academic institution. Thus, 65.9% or two-thirds of all blockbusters originated outside of big pharma. Healthcare disruption accounts for over 20% of the economy in the US.

future healthcare careers

Career opportunities: Pharmacist, Biotech and Healthcare jobs and entrepreneurship

Top 20 most in-demand healthcare future jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the following in-demand healthcare future jobs by 2026:

  1. Home Health Aide
  2. Personal Care Aide
  3. Physician Assistant
  4. Nurse Practitioner
  5. Physical Therapist Assistant
  6. Medical Assistant
  7. Genetic Counselor
  8. Physical Therapist
  9. Occupational Therapy Assistant
  10. Massage Therapist
  11. Phlebotomists
  12. Athletic Trainer
  13. Medical Secretary
  14. Mental Health Counselor
  15. Respiratory Therapist
  16. Ambulance Driver/Attendant
  17. Health Services Manager
  18. Dental Hygienist
  19. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  20. Laboratory Technician

Entry-level healthcare future jobs

The following entry-level healthcare careers for the freshers pay comparatively higher now, which will be continued in the days to come. Following future healthcare jobs freshers are in demand:

  1. Occupational Therapy Aides (average salary of $29,200 per year) On the job training is provided, although a professional certification from the institute will be advantageous.
  2. Animal Caretaker/Veterinary Assistant (average pay $26,140 per year)Just to be amicable and comfortable with the animals, no certification to be required although you’d need to be comfortable around all animals.
  3. Health Records Technician or Medical Coder (average yearly pay $39,180) on-the-job training to be required to have these entry-level jobs, having a degree may be found advantageous.
  4. Dental Assistant (annual average pay: $37,630) The candidates will be required to study for a 1-year certification course, and pass an exam at the end with a good grade.
  5. Physical Therapist Aides (average annual salary of $25,730)The candidate will be required to have all training to be ensured by the employer.

The source predicts By 2024, as many as 14.5% of all workforce will successfully be employed in the healthcare industry, which is a reflection of the great emergence of the health industry.

Take away

The coming days will be the era of biotech and health sciences. Giant leaps in human health is imminent. A significant volume of fresh job opportunities is going to be created. Are we prepared for that?

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