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What is the Average Garbage Man Wage?

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

A garbage man does great work for society and in return is rewarded with a handsome wage. Garbage men serve both residential and commercial from the roadside and dumpsters. Increasingly, garbage men are responsible not only for collecting refuse but also for collecting and picking recycling materials.

This is usually an entry-level job that requires little formal education.

National Wage Statistics: Garbage man wage

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 20, the average hourly garbage man wage in the United States was $ 1 $ .5 dollars, representing an estimated annual salary of $ 34,420.

Eighty-eight percent of all garbage men reported earnings per hour as $ 98.92 to $ 26.69. Half the garbage men earn between $ 11.45 to $ 20.52 per hour. The hourly wage average was $ 15.52.

Pay is the geographical variant

BLS statistics show that garbage males in the metropolitan area tend to have higher wages than those who work in the nonmetropolitan area, mostly due to local housing costs.

Garbage men in Peabody, Massachusetts, reported on average $ 30.95 per hour, the highest hourly income in any metropolitan area.

The maximum hourly garbage man wage in a nonmetropolitan area. $ 21.97, was recorded in northeastern Pennsylvania.

New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts reported the highest average garbage man wage. Outside of these states, the highest average wages were concentrated in the far west and northwest.

Wage variations in the employment sector

The BLS statistics also show significant pay differences for men working in various employment sectors.

People employed by the state government receive an average wage of $ 19.27 per hour on average, while garbage men employed by the local government average $ 1.1.1 per hour.

Garbage men employed by private waste collection companies report an average of $ 1.0.0 per hour, with a tendency to earn less than the public sector.

On average, waste men treat and dispose of waste is $ 17.83 per hour.

Work outlook

As of 20, an estimated 5,3 garbage collectors were employed in the United States.

The BLS estimates job growth at 20 percent between 20 and 2021, which is 6 percent higher than the average for all occupations.

Population growth, income, and recycling are expected to increase the need for garbage collectors.

The positive job growth rate should mean good prospects for employment for aspiring candidates.

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garbage man wage

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