Happiest Jobs with the Most Rewarding Careers

happiest Jobs with the most rewarding careers
(Last Updated On: July 19, 2019)

What are the happiest Jobs with the most rewarding careers? What do you think is the most important thing about a job? Salary? Job Satisfaction? Happiness? Different people opine differently. Yet, there is a common perception, we all have heard that “money can’t buy peace and happiness”. There should be no debate on this.

A serious element of happy life is a career that fulfills your dreams and goals-and yes, makes you happy too. Most happy careers create jobs that are related to everyone who will sing your heart every morning to work, but those tasks will be different for different people.

Happiness indicators

Based on the research, the source prepared a list of America’s happiest jobs. It has tested 57,000 employees across 450 plus job titles and rated eight parts of how they felt about their work on the following dynamic indicators:

  • Independence
  • Relationship with colleagues
  • Work-life balance
  • Work environment
  • Daily work
  • Growth opportunities
  • Work assets
  • Compensation
  • Company culture
  • Job Security

According to that source, overall, among the most happier places in the country, employees rate their boss and colleagues as the best part of their job. They give higher marks for work independence, which are generally the flexibility of the employees, how many, when, and where their work is done where concrete material like human resources and compensation are not on top.

In other words, relationship is the matter. Some people count this is one of the standards for best jobs. And the money is much less in the list. In fact, only one job in the list is more than $ 80,000 and only $ 70,000- $ 80,000 will give two payments. It is found that happiest job doesn’t give the maximum salary. It is an indication that, money can’t buy happiness.

That number 1 is a job teaching / research assistant that has the most happiness score of 4.125 with an average salary of only $ 33,600. Although these employees are not paid much, they like everything from the people they work with in their organizational culture and the freedom of work.

Top happiest jobs

Employees think of happiest Jobs with the most rewarding careers for the different reasons. Here are the top 20 jobs with their scores on happiness ranking and salaries. Have a look in the jobs that make people happy-

Jobs Happiness Score Average Salary
1 Research / teaching assistant 4.13 $ 33.600
2 QA Analyst 4.06 $ 58,000
3 Realtor 4.03 $ 53.800
4 Loan Officer 3.95 $ 54.200
5 Sales Representative 3.93 $ 62.400
6 Controller 3.93 $ 64.100
7 HR Manager 3.92 $ 64.800
8 Software Engineer / Developer 3.91 $ 75,800
9 Intern 3.91 $ 36.500
10 The leader of the party 3.91 $ 67,000
11 Construction Manager 3.89 $ 72,400
12 Convenience Manager 3.89 $ 59.200
13 Marketing consultants 3.86 $ 74.300
14 Contractor 3.85 $ 63.200
15 Designer 3.85 $ 65.900
16 Money Manager 3.85 $ 64.100
17 Network Engineer 3.85 $ 85,500
18 Property Manager 3.84 $ 46.800
19 IT Consultant 3.83 $ 77.500
20 General Manager (Retail) 3.83 $ 65,400

What factor make employees happy

Different people count different standards as happiest jobs. A career that can make you happy can make another person sad. Its all about perspective. For example, work as a kindergarten teacher and your day with 7 year old people may have a dream job for you. But to another person, that work may be nightmare of epic proportions.

To find the happiest career you are looking for and to avoid unhappy carrier which saddens every day, consider five things that will help you get started on the right track of the best decision.


Most people want to make more money, but the amount of money needed to be comfortable is yours and it depends on your living expenses and your expectations. Gaining much money is the most meaningful careers to many people. If you are grown up with six-figure earning parents, then you will have more difficulty finding happiness with a income of 40,000 dollars more than a person who is a parent

You can think that you have to choose a career where you can earn a lot of money in your happy career, but you must know that the trade is closed for high-paid jobs. Yes, you can earn as much money as a great law firm partner, but will that job make you happy? Will you be happy to earn a decent salary to run your own shop? A universal answer is not available for that question, but you need to think about it to create the happiest career for you.

Internal happiness

Employees think of happiest Jobs with the most rewarding careers for the internal happiness. If you want your career that contributes to your happiness, if you hope to solve all other problems in your career and bring you pure joy, you have to take a step. Wrong career can make you sad, but a tolerant job can lead to happiness even if you balance the rest of your life.

A great career will not fix a malicious marriage, but a good career can make your marriage easier to focus on. If you still have other problems that you need to solve for a perfect career for your personality, you will not be able to bring happiness. Get out of debt, get counseling and stay away from toxic people. Fixing this topic will make every act happy.

Comfort Zone

If the rows are not happier than the nicely presented options, then you will probably enjoy a carrier that involves order-based accounting or chemistry. If you live for beauty, the design is probably a good choice. If you love talking to people, a job that wants to prevent you from housework, then typing madly for a little bit of communication outside the computer is not the happiest carrier for you. Employees think of happiest Jobs with the most rewarding careers for the conform zone they provide.

Eventually, there are various tasks available to follow you in the career line that can meet the different requirements for the convenience. If you love science and medicine and you love people, perhaps a general medical job will be your happiest career.

If you love science and medicine but you are not pregnant with other people, but you can still be a doctor – but maybe someone who does the research skills and does not have to talk to the real patients.

Work life balance

Employees think of happiest Jobs with the most rewarding careers for the balance in life and work. Some rewarding jobs are ever green to many with career satisfaction. Some people love to travel They love new sight, new words, new smell. They love adventure to get around different people and new cities or a new country. Such a person would love to work in a lot that involves a lot of international travel. Another person wants to come home 5 pm And can not get a rest in the hotel.

Some people want flexibility. They want to stop the time for volunteers in their child’s school classroom. They want to take spa during the day. Maybe they want to work from 6 AM-3PM. Instead of 9am -6pm There is no mistake in either of these, but if you have a strong choice, you may find it more difficult to find a job that will make you happy.


Look around Talk to the public. When business networking is encouraged, consultants are talking about talking to people to identify your potentially happy career and to find out what tasks are available. Yes, your network helps in finding specific jobs and finding others’ jobs, but you use your network to find out what’s available.

Do not spend the day in your high school or college. When you tell people what your talents and needs are, and ask them if they are familiar with the same type of competition, you can open the door. And then, you can talk to them about them.

Take away

Employees think of happiest Jobs with the most rewarding careers for different reasons. Some rewarding jobs are ever green to many with career satisfaction. Ask your mind what is your happiness in job. Is it money? Do you love to know about the highest paying jobs in 2019 and how to negotiate better salary?

Or, anything else?

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