How to impress employers pay higher cyber security salary

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

We live in the era of Big Data, block chain, crypto tech and artificial Intelligence. A continuous development in tech sector has brought new hope for the human kind. It has changed our lives, security system as well as the cybersecurity jobs associated with it. Burning need of cyber security experts in more numbers, a deserving candidate can impress employers pay higher cyber security salary now, as well as in future jobs.

We live in the era of information. It is very much available worldwide. Any information can be available online, anytime, anywhere. This philosophy of openness have broaden our understanding. It has broken concept of secrecy.

Knowledge and information have become transparent, free, accessible, participatory, democratic and unrestricted. People have understood benefits of collaboration and cooperation.

Vast cyber security job opportunities

Satellite, internet and scientific revolution bring 4.0 Industrial Revolution with immense possibilities. Terms like techpreneur and techdoctor become popular. E-commerce turns to be the monopoly in the business arena. It also risks the privacy for the buyers as well as the vulnerability for the marketeers.

The prediction implies, next 25 years will be the era of online. What is coming next? With e-commerce growing, Chinese giant Alibaba’s chief Jack Ma predicts the future will be like ‘made on the internet’ and not mentioned like ‘made in China’ or ‘made in America’. The era of Internet signifies convergence of information and computer.

Cyber security jobs

Research on cyber security has reveals that cyber security career has many opportunities in the near future. Cyber security jobs remote, business network security, as well as cyber security jobs in government are available in the following areas-

    • cyberterrorism Protection Officer
    • Cyber security researcher
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Lead Software Security Engineer
    • Security Software Developer
    • Security Architect
    • Business network security personnel
    • Penetration Tester
    • Data Security Personnel
    • Information Security Crime Investigator
    • Computer Forensics Expert

Higher cyber security salary, why?

People has become more dynamic. Speed of life has received momentum. The world has become tiny and has come on our palm. With a wink of eye, we can transfer trillions of orders, currency and information.

On the other hand, human being has lost their emotions. Technology has overwhelmed our lives so intensively that we have no time for our personal and social lives. We have been opened up.

Networking has become our craze and necessities with ease. We have turned obsessed. Extensive research on cyber security has breed many opportunities with higher cyber security salary.

Job seekers, how to equip

This openness of data and information have also forced the corporate world towards more vulnerability, hacking and data theft. This threat and insecurity have caused a swelling cyber security careers list, with diversified cyber security jobs entry level, experts, and analysts for the deserving candidate who will protect cyberterroris, business network security and  data security in business world.

Due to higher demand compared to insufficient supply of workforce with proper knowledge and training, cyber security salary has also been risen up. Therefore, cyber security career challengers will find their future very promising.

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To do so,  they will have to conduct research on cyber security, a good understanding on cyber security job description and having a professional cyber security degree from any of reputed university, institute and academy.

Information has been so open that anyone can get his desired resources from the internet. And to make them secured, trustworthy and available, experts need to equip them with proper cyber security information and data to handle them professionally. The best way to cope up with the future of computer security.

Openness solidifies cyber security jobs

Every process of development, every progress of civilization have their reverse mode. Also, it has a natural flow. Is the openness we are enjoying can protect our online privacy? How much have we protected our resources, information and privacy? The concern is when to get protection online. When I can ensure my IP address while searching the web

Transformation of information has placed copyright and privacy issues at stake due to cyber crime. Rise of blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and cyber security have been evolving to dominate over the openness and hacking. Web privacy turns vulnerable due to cybercrime, misuse of information, hacking, and using VPN, among others.

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Cyber security experts, future

At the same time, this booming of the technology has created new challenges for the human being. Artificial intelligence has brought new threat for the manually driven work forces. Tech jobs are turning popular, workforce now, has been facing a burning need to enhance their soft skills to keep pace with the future change scenario.

A good number of manual jobs are going to be abolished or transformed at a rocket speed. Therefore, analytical abilities mingled with critical thinking have been the need for future. Cyber crime impact on business as well as personal level will be great challenge for the professionals in cyber security career.

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Protection online: Cyber career objective

Mika Majapuro, Director of Product Management at IOT Security specialist F-Secure, referred 5 Simple Steps that can be effective to protect future consumers from IoT Security threats, by minimizing risks as much as possible:

  1. With no exceptions, users must always change default password on connected devices. Take extra caution while doing work online in collaboration. This is the way to prevent cyber security attacks.
  2. Go through the terms and conditions that will help you understand what personal data is being collected from you, so that you may predict what threats might cause.
  3. Rethink how much connected you really need to be. The more devices you have connected, the more loopholes there are for hackers to penetrate your vulnerability.
  4. Keep the software and apps updated on all your connected devices. Make sure your vendor is still in business to secure you. It is a good way to staying secure online.
  5. You yourself should understand all of your devices. Make sure by the vendor how to protect it and how often it will be updated. Don’t use compromised software. By enabling this, you can also protect yourself on social media.
  6. Industries that will adopt the change diplomatically, will be able to reign over all the predictable threats. Online privacy and copyright issues will be successfully taken care of by the Government, private organizations and Internet Society (ISOC), through the Path to our Digital Future.

Impress employers, how?

You are the best deserving candidate. The best way to impress your employers for your passion job, is to overwhelm them with your personality, professionalism, personal development, social skills and obviously the professional skills and expertise.

The first impression is the best impression, overwhelm your employers in the job interview. Here are 35 questions with answers for your next job interview.

Part A: About You

  1. Why are you looking for this challenging position?
  2. Please let us know about your first 90 days on the job you have envisioned.
  3. Give example you can work under pressure and meet deadline.
  4. What are your major weaknesses?
  5. Do you think you can overcome your challenges? How?
  6. Describe your greatest strengths and accomplishments?
  7. Why do you think of leaving your current job?
  8. Tell more about your leadership abilities.
  9. What is the best professional issue that you will disseminate other in this organization?
  10. What if you don’t get this job?

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Part B: Technical Questions

  1. How does a threat, a vulnerability, and a risk different from each other?
  2. Tell us about your home network.
  3. What port does ping work over?
  4. On way of identifying a compromised system, what sorts of anomalies would you look for?
  5. Tell me about a case study on popular cybercrime you think you could protect, and how?
  6. How do you go about securing a server?
  7. What is SSL?
  8. What are the top three matter of discussion of cyber security now a days?
  9. Why is DNS monitoring important?
  10. What are the differences between HTTPS, SSL, and TLS?
  11. How a user will get stronger authentication from you?
  12. What do you mean by RDP?
  13. How are encoding, encrypting, and hashing different from each other?
  14. What are the differences between cybersecurity in the cloud and on premises?
  15. What is the difference between UDP and TCP?
  16. How are symmetric and asymmetric encryption different from each other?
  17. Which would you do first compress and encrypt data during a transmission if you get the both together ?
  18. Tell me about your defensive measures against a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack.
  19. What do you understand by a traceroute?
  20. How do you explain PKI, and how does it strengthen your Cybersecurity defense system?

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Part C: Closing

  1. Tell us about your favorite tech blogs?
  2. Other than cybersecurity, what is your passion?
  3. Where do you dream to see yourself in three years?
  4. Let me know about your expected salary?
  5. Do you have any questions?

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Hire cyber experts, why?

A cybersecurity expert knows how to protect you from online predators in a professional way. The higher an employer will pay, the better chance to retain the expert. No employer will risks her business by employing an unprofessional digital security expert to be fall at stake. This is cyber security basics.

How to protect yourself from online manipulations. Here are some tips form the high paid cyber professionals-

    1. To limit the use of computer accessories and system.
    2. To use unique and strong passwords
    3. To make sure that all data is backed up well
    4. To keep the control access in a secured hand
    5. To make sure a firewall in your system
    6. To manage passwords for administrator
    7. To enhance security system of computer and devices
    8. To enable spam filters
    9. To professionally protect crucial information from vulnerability
    10. To grow awareness for all by educating to be safe online
    11. To install good quality security software.
    12. To upgrade programs and update systems continuously
    13. To keep eyes on the system for intrusion

By these professional steps, a cyber security expert will keep your tech and business information secure. You can make sure your privacy in web browser. Cyber security awareness for parents, kids and professionals are the demand of time.

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