Highest paying jobs 2019: how to negotiate better salary

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

Workforce invest their labor in industries, mostly because of purposefulness of the job they are associated to. The other reason is for a pay that meet their living expenses and future security. Who don’t love to have one of the highest paying jobs? Higher pay is a great motivation to work group. Therefore, jobs that paying higher have intense competition. Explore the highest paying jobs in the US, in 2019 and beyond according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Learn about how to negotiate better pay that leads to highest paying jobs in the organization in 2019 and in the next 10 years. Rightly addressed salary negotiation email as well as interview and telephone conversation have value

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Alongside specific expertise, experience, and skills, some tricks and techniques are required to grab a lucrative job with higher pay. Also, you must know facts about the future jobs. Open your eyes to learn about highest paying jobs in 2019, as well as in the next 10 years. This research will enable you to predict the future so that you may take right decision about your career. 

Knowing which job pays much compared to others, is very effective to choose the right career. Think, if you know which job pays how much and will pay in future, you can decide your career path wisely. So, learning before about the highest paying jobs as well as the lowest paying job is justifies.

As per the research, most people are disengaged with the job they are in, is because of the top 3 reason: they don’t find meaning of their job, the job doesn’t pay them as per expectation, and they don’t have passion for that job.

Highest paying jobs

Highest paying jobs are great motivation for the workforce. Everyone expects a good job, that is one of the highest paying jobs. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 occupations with the highest median annual paying jobs are as follows:

$208,000 per year

$208,000 per year

$208,000 per year

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons
$208,000 per year

$208,000 per year

Physicians and surgeons, all other
$208,000 per year

Obstetricians and gynecologists
$208,000 per year

Family and general practitioners
$198,740 per year

Internists, general
$192,930 per year

Dentists, all other specialists
$190,840 per year

$185,150 per year

Chief executives
$183,270 per year

Pediatricians, general
$172,650 per year

Nurse anesthetists
$165,120 per year

Dentists, general
$151,440 per year

Computer and information systems managers
$139,220 per year

Architectural and engineering managers
$137,720 per year

Airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers
$137,330 per year

Judges, magistrate judges, and magistrates
$133,840 per year

Petroleum engineers
$132,280 per year

Here is a clear indication on the highest paying jobs in 2019. See which job suits you most. Make your research about the highest paying jobs in the next 10 years, also know about the lowest paying jobs, so that  you may decide what to do and what not to do.

Why asking about salary earlier

  1. It will help you to decide career path much before and take preparation accordingly. That is why you should be asking about salary earlier.
  2. Having information about pay earlier joining an organization will assist you to assume your future in next 10-15 or 20 years in the organization.
  3. You will get a motivation to equip yourself with skills, development and improvisation needed for the job.
  4. Knowing about the salary structure in your passion job will give you much drive to switch your current profession as soon as possible.
  5. It will give you prior information to negotiate about salary with your employer. This is a reason you should be asking about salary earlier.
  6. Information on pay will give you a prediction on future growth or decline of a specific job industry.
  7. Information about salary and other benefits is a symbol of transparency and clarity between employer and employee. Therefore, you should be asking about your salary earlier you join that organization.

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Smart salary FAQ

Q: Is it OK to ask what a job pays?
A: Yes. It will be a time waster for both parties in case the salary and the hire doesn’t meet expectation. It’s good to fix the salary during the interview, or at least you have the right to get a hint about the initial pay during interview. Be polite in asking.

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Q: What is the best time to ask about the pay?
A: Second interview is the best time to ask about pay. If there is the employer doesn’t directly involved in the first interview, the HR and other interviewers will not going to tell you about salary.

Q: What if the interviewers ask “what’s the lowest salary you would accept?”
A: Most probably this is not the dream job you are dreaming. People work for a decent pay. This question is a sheer implication that that the company may not going to pay you higher.

Q: Is it OK to ask for salary range before interview?
A: Yes in case you are already in a good job as you seem to be. Below the existing salary will be a time waster for both parties. Best way to get a call in any future scope in that company is to politely ask about the pay and keep the relationship good, in case you are going to refuse the interview.

Q: How do you ask about salary in an interview?
A: There are some steps to ask about salary in an interview:

  • Conduct research
  • Be polite
  • Know your value creation
  • Know your salary expectation
  • Define your reason
  • Know the right person to ask
  • Be prepared for rejection
  • Ask boldly with strong body language

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Q: What are your salary requirements best answer?
A: You may describe about your expectations with ranges (max-min) straightaway, or, you can ask for a review or negotiation as per job responsibilities and the packages

Q: How big of a salary range should I give?
A: Say, your current salary is $60,000, you may mention your range is $65,000 to $75,000.

Q: What is the average salary by age in the US?

A: People are interested to know about average salary by age. When you have right statistics on the average salary by age, you can justify your status. With the age, salary ranges vary. Calculating an average salary by age is more useful because you come to know about a large group of people. Following is a list on average salary by age in the US.

The average salary by age in the US is-

Age Group Average Salary
16-19  $21,840
20-24 $27,456
25-34 $39,416
35-44 $49,400
45-54 $50,024
55-64 $49,608
65+ $46,176

Take away

Jobs are their if you can keep your senses alert, and take preparation to grab them. Highest paying jobs in the US are calculated upon some set parameters, among them, talent acquisition, work life balance, employee retention, salary, long term growth, skills based competition, and stress level are significant. Areas like healthcare, software, data analytics, law, information technology, engineering, consulting, and finance offer highest paying jobs in the recent years.

Among some other highest paying jobs, human resources manager, environmental scientist or geoscientist, aircraft pilot, marketing and sales manager, software developer, electrical and electronics engineer, flight engineer, computer hardware engineer, and information security analyst are also significant.

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The statistics indicates, the healthcare jobs are placed on the top of the highest paying jobs list. It shows a good indication that the future job trends show a significant growth in healthcare sector. Career growth in the healthcare sectors is anticipated to rise up to 18% during 2016 to 2026. It is projected to increase more than 2.4 million fresh jobs for the skilled workforce. Increasing number of workforce, aging population, higher demand for healthcare services and change in healthcare sector are some of the reasons behind this.

Whatever area would flourish, demand for the talents, experience and skills will be never ending. The way we encounter the change, and the approach we adopt will be the key factor to handle the change successfully to enable you for the highest paying jobs.

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