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How to Become A Motivational Speaker and Get Paid? 13 Tips

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How to become a motivational speaker and get paid? What if you could earn money just by talking? That would be the ideal profession for a chatty person. But one must use common sense; it is not the sole situation. Let’s discuss the newest fashion trend. The entrepreneurial trend is now diverging towards diverse unconventional aspects like solving societal problems and even motivating people to do what they love to do.This article will give you an overview of how to become a motivational speaker and get paid. Keep reading.

Entrepreneurship is no longer just about physically starting a business, setting up a large office, hiring staff, and then deriving profit. This “new wave” has led to the emergence of motivational speaking, which is now regarded by both modern youth and even celebrities as a genuine employment option. Experts analyze the pattern and the main causes of why the new wave is catching on quickly, using motivational speaking as the criterion.

Advantages of Becoming a Motivational Speaker

1. Affect people’s lives in a positive way

Experts in entrepreneurship think that each entrepreneurial endeavor should have the ability to improve people’s lives by resolving pressing issues. This is where motivational speaking comes in handy; in addition to lifting your spirits, a motivational speaker should ideally share personal experiences so that the audience can connect, relate, and then view things from a different perspective, which automatically (naturally) leads to problem-solving and thereby simplifies a lot of troubling aspects.

2. Bring forth the actual spirit of entrepreneurship

Through motivational speaking, the entrepreneurship spirit—which aims to encourage people—is shown. A profession as a motivational speaker is a double bonus given that both the speaker and his or her audience are equipped to take chances and make bold decisions in order to improve the lives of others.

3. Current unorthodox methods

The entire point of motivational speaking is to persuade you to adopt unusual strategies. Therefore, a job here would expose you to unorthodoxly fresh trends, allowing you to see life and problems from a different perspective and perhaps even motivating others to follow in your footsteps.

For instance, the majority of motivational speakers are those who have bravely faced adversity via hard work and devotion. People are successfully introduced to these clever working methods to pique their interest in entrepreneurial projects and other endeavors.

4. Think quickly and effectively, then act

Speaking at motivating events might perhaps help the crucial entrepreneurial part of ideation. Speakers typically walk their audience through various ideation approaches as well as how to go past setbacks and false beginnings to pursue new endeavors.

This is crucial since today’s first-time business owners tend to brainstorm far less frequently and have ideas that are more focused on making money than on resolving pressing problems. In order to effectively communicate ideation to people who are considering becoming entrepreneurs, it must be done in a unique way using examples from the actual world.

5. Examine the worth of life

The best thing about being a motivational speaker in 2018 is that the significance of life and the reasons why it is worthwhile to live may be thoroughly discussed.

It is only important that the value of life is realized and elements like playfulness, cheerfulness, and joyous nature are infused so that suicidal tendencies among people are averted and lives are led with full honor and dignity in light of the alarming trend giving rise to suicidal tendencies due to mental depression from various quarters.

What It is Like to Be A Motivational Speaker

Let’s take a minute to peel back the layers and further demystify motivational speaking now that we’ve spent some time dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions related to it.

Before you decide to follow this road, you need to thoroughly comprehend and appreciate two essential concepts.

  • Motivational Speaking Is a Service to Others

You must first realize that giving motivational speeches is a service. I speak to and on behalf of those who are servants to me. It’s my responsibility to rekindle enthusiasm and motivate individuals to dedicate themselves to reaching excellence. I am relied upon by businesses, organizations, and leaders to foster commitment and a can-do mindset inside their sphere of influence. On stage, it’s not just my responsibility to amuse and engage audiences; I also have to inspire them to take action. My ability to perform onstage and my capacity to have a long-term influence on the organization determine whether I succeed or fail.

  • This is a business

Although it is a service, motivational speaking is also a business, especially if it is your employment. I am aware that I am a commodity and a brand. I (or my services) am purchased, sold, and bartered with other people. That calls for my services to be of the highest caliber and compliant with industry standards. This implies that everything, including my expertise, messaging, and written materials and ads must be professional, thoroughly researched, and in line with industry best practices.

The financial aspect of a firm is quite important. This business’s financial management might be quite difficult. Before you ever contemplate entering this field of work full-time, you must have a solid business plan in place that clearly outlines all of the costs associated with operating it (travel expenditures, supplies, advertising, employees, etc.). You’ll go out of business before you even get off the ground if you don’t have a solid business strategy and people around you who know how to run a firm.

How to Become a motivational speaker and get paid

You may start making plans for the future after you have a firm grasp of the craft and business of motivational speaking.  Here are some doable initial steps to properly ease you into the industry. Let’s find below how to become a motivational speaker and get paid:

1. Conduct research

Make sure you comprehend the goals, objectives, principles, standards of behavior, and operating principles of the businesses and organizations you are aiming for.

2. Live up to your words

Even if they are cheating on their significant other, if someone lectures you about infidelity, you won’t listen to them. Hypocrisy is not well received by people, especially when they are experiencing contradictory emotions.

The same holds true for inspirational speeches. It is crucial for public speakers to practice what they preach. So, if you advocate for your audience to constantly have a positive outlook, learn from mistakes, and attempt to be as upbeat as you can while acting in direct opposition to these suggestions, no one will be interested in what you have to say.

Being a hypocrite doesn’t make the advice invalid, but it makes it less likely that the recipient will take it to heart.

Additionally, it would be beneficial if you also have an inspiring narrative. What could you possibly teach someone about taking actions to enhance their life if you’re a naturally talented person who can conquer any problem, you were born into a rich family, or you had a hebetudinous existence?

3. Improve your communication abilities

To put it simply, communication is your main source of income, thus you want to strengthen this ability. Yes, everyone is capable of verbal and physical communication. However, certain occupations call for raconteurs—people who can entertain an audience with even the most uninteresting of tales. Who wants to hear someone coach participants in the most tedious and dull manner? Positive communication is also essential.

You should concentrate on implementing this advice:

  • Keep eye contact with each person in the front few rows of the crowd.
  • Stand with ample space between your feet and hips while facing your audience.
  • Don’t act as though you’ve been pounded into a location on the stage; instead, move around.
  • Include a few of your own distinctive styles in your speech.
  • You seem to take pleasure in speaking with the people.

Additionally, follow the five Ps:

  • pace
  • pause
  • pitch
  • projection
  • pronunciation

4. Join an Expert Speakers’ Panel

This is a fantastic method to perfect your skills, network, and associate with people who share your values.

5. Enroll in a course on public speaking

Enrolling in a public speaking course is a smart investment for this career route. It’s still a useful tool to have even if you feel comfortable speaking to a large audience since you can learn a lot about how to communicate successfully with both a small group and a large audience.

Here are four guidelines for public speaking that a trainer or coach will share:

Speech structure: There are various methods to arrange a speech, whether you’re presenting a historical topic or trying to convince the audience of your point of view. Some examples include using chronological order, objective evidence, or demonstration.

Body language: You eventually master the finer details, like not crossing your arms, employing bodily gestures, and speaking louder; there are so many small things that may express a variety of meanings.

How to: You will discover how to use the five Ws to structure your speech; nobody likes to be lectured, but they are interested in being sold anything (who, what, where, when, and why)

Storytelling: The most effective method of capturing an audience’s attention is through storytelling, which involves conversing with the audience while presenting a funny joke or an intriguing narrative.

Will you also receive training in confidence? Not to sound like Lao Tzu or another old Chinese sage, but you already possess the confidence you need; you simply need to use a mix of skills, from forethought to acumen, to access it.

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6. Practice regularly and then some

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. Take advantage of any chance that arises for you to speak. This is especially true when your career is just getting started. Speaking frequently and to various audiences will give you more knowledge and insight than any book or class can impart. Experience is the finest instructor when it comes to this line of work.

A motivational speaker must be careful to use strategies that produce engaging talks, much like a baseball pitcher striving to master the slider or a basketball player honing his free throw shot. You may enhance or modify your approach by practicing and perfecting your game.

Here are three recommendations for your routine:

  • Converse with a mirror and perform as though you were on stage.
  • Take a video of yourself, view it, then ask some people over to provide their feedback.

Keep in mind that sometimes you just get a hunch that something isn’t right. Try some things if so.

7. Create fresh concepts

Every topic under the sun has been debated countless times in a world where there is an incredible volume of material. This should act as a deterrent, right? No, not in the least.

There are two approaches to dealing with this issue that frequently affects content producers:

  • Try to think up original, personal thoughts.
  • Put a new twist on well-used ideas

Keep in mind that nobody else is like you. Therefore, by putting your brand behind a concept—new or old—you won’t be treading on ground that thousands of others have done throughout the years. You exhibit leadership qualities.

8. Study the Pros

Learning from the greatest is the best approach to becoming the best. How do they keep their audience interested? They move in what way? How are they positioned? What time do they stop? When and how frequently do they alter their voice level, tone, or rate of speech?

Research additional inspirational people. Learning from the greatest is never a bad idea. Don’t steal, as the phrase goes. But if you do, take advantage of the finest. If not to learn from their errors, you wouldn’t want to research someone who flopped on stage. Consequently, it would be wise to visit YouTube and view a number of TED Talks.

If you do come across someone intriguing, look up some of their other presentations. Then you’ll be able to notice exactly how the speaker is enticing you with their words, body language, and appeal. One of the finest types of encouragement is a role model.

You may read blogs written by seasoned motivational speakers as well as listen to a range of podcasts that tackle the topic.

9. Take a test online

Let’s face it: the internet can often be a vicious and harsh place. There are trolls, keyboard warriors, and generally terrible individuals in this online community. They will let you know if they despise you. They’ll send you death threats if they believe your stuff is terrible.

Where else would you rather test your abilities?

You may get comments from the general public by creating a YouTube account and submitting a video of a speech you gave, either one that was shot on location or one that was recorded straight from your webcam. This is the finest approach to obtaining the harsh truth if you desire it. Nobody cares about your sentiments online.

10. Create a blog

You need to sell yourself. As long as you are prepared to start this new job, you don’t necessarily need to launch an expensive digital marketing campaign to start spreading the word about yourself.

It begins with posting a blog, which needs to have the following information:

  • your background
  • previous work
  • testimonials, and
  • media exposure

Yes, it will take time to see a discernible increase in the number of people. However, you will see an increase in clicks over time. With enough exposure, you will eventually get a ton of traffic that you can use to your advantage and make money off of by marketing your podcast or selling books.

11. Hire a Mentor

One of the most beneficial connections you will ever have is mentorship. Find someone doing what you want to do and pick their brains about it. This involves, if feasible, working or interning for them as well as observing them. One of the finest ways to properly comprehend and gain insight into the world of motivational speaking is through this.

12. Produce and improve your content

Do you believe that motivational speakers improvise on the spot? Although there are certainly a few outliers, the majority of websites feature prewritten material. This guarantees that they remain on topic, know what to say, and are aware of their allotted speaking time.

Your speech should be organized with a start, middle, and end. Whether it be a startling statistic or an amusing yet illuminating narrative, it must be simple to understand and compelling in order to hold viewers’ attention.

You have to time yourself, that much is certain. For example, if you have 20 minutes permitted, give yourself 15 so that you don’t go over. Only famous people like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Will Smith can get away with doing this.

13. Make a free speech offer

After registering for classes, creating excellent material, and honing your art, it might be time to find out whether you have what it takes. Yet how? Speak out loud.

Indeed, a wide range of organizations is always searching for speakers to inform audiences of children, adults, or young professionals on the ups and downs of life, both professionally and personally. You won’t be able to demand a feed because you’re a beginner. However, there is a workaround for this: give your services for free.

This technique works well since you can get feedback right away by watching the audience and observing their feelings, such as boredom, laughing, curiosity, and so on.

Final thought

This long road begins with learning how to become a motivational speaker. You must take a lot of things into consideration. However, being physical and honest is what matters most.

Writing about what people should do is simple, and speaking positively on a podcast is also simple. Because people are visual beings, they need to see you in person to understand what you’re saying. Putting yourself in the spotlight could be risky, but if you have a story to tell that might inspire others, go for it.

Whether you want to or not, you can find yourself in the same situation one day. You might have produced a brilliant essay on how to make it in Silicon Valley. Alternatively, a reporter may have interviewed you and shared your account of assisting orphaned youngsters with a large audience. In either case, even if you never intended to, you may make a living simply by inspiring so many others.

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