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33 Steps on How to Make Content SEO Friendly

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)
How to make content SEO friendly? Search Engine Optimization, SEO is probably the most important term the website owners are concerns about. It is associated with the ranking, visibility, and authority of the page or the site as a whole. There are answers on how to make content SEO friendly. Let’s carry on.

It is a basic and must have technical process managed by the owner of each site.  You should also know the fundamental components of every content must-have. With proper attention, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

You have written many useful things on your site. It is your objective to let the people know about it. Your blog will be able to attract a good volume of traffic on a regular basis. You must wish people will get it in the search engine for their usefulness.

Google algorithms

SEO is a way that Google uses to rank any website on the internet. Google ranking tool is a fantastic process to enable users with the most relevant information. algorithm updates and search index changes are a continuous process to improve search options.

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO to maximize organic traffic. There are answers on how to make content SEO friendly.

Why do we need SEO?

More than two billion websites are there on the net. So it is a significant job to standardize your blog content on top of SEO. Use SEO tools and SEO checkers. Apply tricks to write for SEO in 2019. SEMrush, Ahrefs, google, spyFu (GoogSpy), SERP checker are some popular search analytics doing research for the audience.

You must be unique. It’s true you can top among them with the perfect and unique SEO strategies and tactics. Website rank checkers can be very crucial for rank tracking for your websites. Still, I say, try to do SEO meta keywords research by own, without any professional tools, at least initially.

As a business person, you need some conversation about the product or services you have incorporated into your site on a regular basis. Gradually demonstrate E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) and improve the internal linking of your site.

But how the Google algorithms will be able to rank top your site as you expect? There are millions of similar sites on the internet. Therefore, why google will understand and value your effort?

However, there are a good number of ways to abide by the SEO policies. By following the prescribed steps, you can improve your site’s rank. But I must tell you there is not a single way to meet the SEO requirement. Moreover, it is a continuously changing process made by google programmers.

It’s true, SEO will not give any money directly, but it will unleash your way to gain popularity, bring traffics to your site and make money for you. SEO directly does not give you any money but it greatly helps you to attract and retain traffic to your site regularly.

How much time needed for SEO

Success in SEO doesn’t come overnight. Some tactics can bring you an optimum result, that’s it. Still, there are huge opportunities on the internet for you. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

Yes, I consider you among the luckiest that you have decided to know further that implies you are smarter and want to jump in after doing research. This blog will you a Kick-start and jumping up.

How to make content SEO friendly

To gain the popularity of your site, it is inevitable to develop your brand identity & authority. It is a continuous process. it will take time, you just need to stick to the process. Apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020.

Where to start

Everyone desires a higher rank and to be seen on the first page of search engines, like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. To do so, knowing about the basics of SEO will help you greatly in the long run.

It is not either an easy process or difficult. Immediately after initiating the blogging or website, you should continue going through the ranking process. It is a kind of sapling that gradually grows up over time.

1. Search engine on the internet

Understand how people search for their requirements in search engines. Think about what you would search for on the internet?

What is the way of your search? What keywords do you type in the search bar? Any recipe, or direction, or product features. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO to maximize organic traffic and get an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

The same process applies in the case of searching content on the web. How do people get their desired solution in the shortest possible way?

Accordingly, if you can simplify the way of getting your clients/ readers’ requirements in a unique state through your blog or website, it will go higher in rank.

2. Blog content for SEO

You need to learn the long-tail keywords search process as well as SEO terminologies. Implement the process continuously, and see a fantastic outcome. It is a part of good content writing.

There are several ways to write unique, epic content. It is one of the most effective ways to gain a good rank in SEO. Content is the king. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

The title and description of the content make better SEO optimization. So I suggest going for it. We should go for good content that people will love to read. Focus on a unique topic.

3. Content writing techniques

Number: people love to get their information in a numeric style. The lesser the number the better probability for popularity. People think you give them value in the shortest possible way.

Answer: People find their answers on the web. The more specific and simplified the presentation is, the more possibilities to rank higher.

Tips: some people search for various tips to meet up their queries on their required topic.

4. Website design

It is important to be ranked up. A website with an impressive outlook is preferred by all. You have to present your site in a dynamic way. To have an idea, please visit several blog sites of your kind and get an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

A beautiful site creates a great psychological impact on a viewer’s mind. There are thousands of free templates on the internet. You can customize even a free good looking site.

A good design touches their emotions. Make your website dynamic. A long, organized landing page is good. Pages should be eye catchy and full with rich content.

5. Keyword search process

Keywords research is crucial for bloggers. Not doing proper keywords and research might cause a negative impact on ranking. Apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020.

The title should be unique and based on research on the searching tendencies of viewer’s. Knowing and doing keyword research can reflect your desire successfully.

6. Narrow down your search

Do research on what type of work or clauses people search for. For example, ‘how deep is the Amazon forest’ is more specific than ‘how deep is the forest’ and get an answer on how to make content SEO friendly. I hope you get the point.

7. Keyword competition

1-word phrase gets 10% of searches
2-3 words phrase gets 20% of searches
4 words phrase gets 70% of searches in the search engines.

So, the 4 and more words phrase has lower competition in SEO success and a high rate of traffic conversion. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

Hundred total average searches a month in any long-tail keywords is considered as low competition. The lesser the competition the higher probability to get a higher rank.

8. Quality content

Generally speaking, the bigger content with many words is prone to be ranked higher. However, you need to avoid exaggeration in the general description.

Stay focused on your article. Have your patience for success. As long you will regularly be investing useful time, it worth it.

The number of contents should be enough to retain your traffic in the blog. Let them hover in many similar useful posts.

9. Length of blog post

The best contents are the experience you share. People love to hear other’s stories. 1500 to 2000 words article will be very good. Yet 400 to 700 words on any hot topic should also be okay.

A short paragraph with useful information is handy. Each paragraph should be on a specific point.

10. Visual aids

In fact, how good you are at engaging your readers, matters greatly. Adding relevant videos and pictures will be much worthwhile. Keep going to improve your content over time.

11. Change approach when needed

There is no limitation of quality. There is no limit to improvement. You will also have to convert your blogs according to the change of appetite of your niches and get an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

The main message on the website should be transparent. Narrow down your thoughts, instead of making them generalized.

12. How long you should continue

Winning SEO is an ongoing thing. There will be ups and downs. You cannot stop, keep going. At least two years of continuous effort is averagely okay to get satisfactory returns.

Now, there are more than a hundred factors that search engines consider to rank higher or lower. Good content is the major one among others that undergo the SEO tactics.

You will have to start somewhere and over time things will be getting better, no doubt. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

13. Site authority

Authority and popularity of the site get higher SEO. Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that assumes how well a website will rank on SEO. It is a kind of relevance for a niche industry.

Keep going and try to establish them. Creating value will be able to establish your brand. And the brand gets authority as well as popularity with ease.

Authority will be achieved over time when you will be writing a series of good content on a topic. It is called a deeper dive. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

14. Infuse your passion in the blog

It is one of the most important conditions for any blog. People will love your post when they find you have infused your passion for it. Readers will find your blog useful for them. Show your love for them and get an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

The blog should not be for you, it’s for the readers. Personalize your readers. Give them a feeling that you have emotional bonding for them. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

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15. Size of contents

Usually, longer blog posts draw more attention to SEO. However, it doesn’t mean you have the right to exaggerate your blog with unnecessary information.

Still, there should have a good number of big posts on your blog. Big mean 4000+, at least some. It is called a pillar post. Give the readers as much information as you can provide. A reader should feel this post is written only for her!

When Google finds it’s getting popular, and organic traffics is coming to the site and passing a long time, it will rank up higher.

16. Less bounce rate

Readers will occasionally bounce after visiting your site. The bounce rate is a web traffic analysis process. How much time a person on average stays on a site is a bounce rate.

It is the percentage of traffic to visit the site, not stays too long, and leave frequently. The lesser bounce rate is good for ranking. Apply tricks to writing for SEO in 2021.

17. Variation in topic

Be aware of spammy blogging. What is meant by this? If you continuously write a blog on best of this, or, best of that, or, the top ten of this or, the top ten of that… It looks like you have been patronized, right?

Get rid of your comfort zone and write out of box epic contents. Keep variation in your blog. Keep maintaining a sequence in articles. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

Stick to one industry for your key topics of the blog. Readers should be believing in your blog that will meet their expectations and need more than enough.

18. Title tag

It is very crucial that some people cannot prioritize. The title of the post is very important. People mostly search for an article by its title. It should be catchy. Write in such a way that causes curiosity in the reader’s mind which is an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

Also, maintain the limit of letters. Research says, Google typically considers it’s limit to optimal title length.

The First 50–60 characters of a title tag are usually considered. If the size is longer, Google curtails part of it.. If you keep your titles under 60 characters, you can expect about 90% of your titles to appear completely.

19. Meta tag

It is the short relevant description of the blog typed under the title and slug (the website URL). Meta description tags usually should be around 150-160 characters in length. The whole tag to be fit on Search Engine Results Pages when it is displayed.

People can read it at a quick glance. Ideally, every page on a site should have a unique meta description. It is not wise to write one meta description and pastes it on every page.

Because duplicate meta descriptions just don’t bring any kind of rational outcome. Make sure to use variables that make it unique. Apply tricks to writing for SEO in 2020.

20. How to add meta description

At the foremost, we need to edit a post or page where we want to add keywords and meta descriptions. Then we need to scroll down a little to the ‘Yoast SEO’ meta box below the post editor.

We will see our site’s title and automatically generated a description as a snippet. Ideally, every page of our site should have a unique meta description.

Meta descriptions do not affect SEO. But, since meta descriptions show in the search engine results, they can affect CTRs (click-through rates), which are linked to SEO & rankings.

21. Tag and title length

As a general rule, you should aim for the following character limits within each of your meta tags:

Page title – 70 characters.
Meta description – 50-300 characters.
Meta keywords – No more than 10 keyword phrases.

22. Phrasal keywords

People don’t just type one keyword in search engines, they use phrases. Your focus keyword can be a phrase. WordPress SEO by Yoast allows you to choose a focus keyword for your individual posts which is an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

We all know tags from blog culture, and meta tags are more or less the same thing. Little content descriptors that help tell search engines what a web page is about.

23. Choose the right keywords

Blogging is like entrepreneurship. It’s not less important than creating your business from scratch.

At this point, you should think like your target. Apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020.

Identify your target readers and put yourself into the shoes of a customer so that you can create your initial list of keywords.

24. Multi-Lingual

Google suggests going multi-lingual for better ranking. Try it.

25. Do research

Conduct thorough research on the market competition. Understand the long tail keyword. People usually search for several keywords at a time.
there are some keyword research tools.

How to come up with long-tail keywords ideas? There are several ways and tools. Write down questions as many as you can on YouTube key topics.

You must keep the keywords in exact order, no change is recommended to make. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

26. Keyword research tools

If you wish to write readable and Website positioning-friendly weblog posts, you may not do without Website positioning evaluation instruments which is an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

A good keyword research tool might help you discover one of the best performing key phrases on your content material, create and submit a sitemap, examine your cell optimization, analyze your hyperlink profile, detect and disavow dangerous hyperlinks, and so on.

Study your writing earlier than pushing it to the net. Guarantee that it is freed from grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Test the readability of your textual content with Grammarly.

To determine the most well-liked content material on your web site, you should utilize an instrument like Finteza. It gives detailed estimations, comparable to bounce charges, web page depth, visits, conversions, and the actions of leads. Utilizing this information you may optimize your hyperlinks and content material accordingly.

Here are some keyword tools to help kick-start your SEO with zero investment:

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Google Search Console
  • AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  • Answer the Public
  • Google Correlate
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Word tracker Scout
  • Google AdWords
  • Google keywords planner
  • Semrush

Use them and analyze the outcome.

27. Title Tags

We should write unique titles for every page. Every page on your website is unique, so your title tags should reflect it.

We should put attention to length which is an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

Use your target keyword with a limit, Don’t overdo. Don’t stuff your blog with too many keywords.

Write a description of what’s on the page. Make a short case on what’s on the page.

28. WordPress

WordPress website gives very easy to follow directions to proper SEO. You just need to install Yoast (an SEO plugin for WordPress) and follow their guidelines to boost your possibilities to rank up in the search engine results page for your initial keyword(s).

Meta description tag is only a single piece of SEO, and Search Engine Optimization itself is only a piece of entire digital marketing tactics.

29. Use natural synonyms

Above everything, using synonyms for words are great, because people search for unique things. We encourage using natural language influenced by keyword research (rather than just pure keywords) is highly encouraged.

30. Earn back-links

A backlink is incoming or outgoing resources for a website, it is the links that a website gets from other sites.

Google considers the issue while raking. 7-25 backlinks are okay for you initially. With some techniques, you may trick to write for SEO in 2021 which is an answer on how to make content SEO friendly.

It is a gradual process. Overdoing can mark you as spam. Have your patience. Keep going. Adding internal and external links are good. There should have a backlinks winning strategy.

how to write a seo friendly article

31. Tools for getting backlinks

  • Broken Link Builder
  • Link bird
  • Pitchbox
  • Whitespark
  • Monitor Backlinks
  • Linkstant
  • Linkody

32. Backlinks earning strategy

  • Use the broken-link building method, there are several trusted link building tools in the market.
  • Earn backlinks through infographics
  • Write guest blogs to other sites
  • Follow what your competitors are doing
  • Build internal links
  • Make networking with other bloggers
  • Share your content on different sites
  • Write testimonials for another site
  • Put comment to other blogs with your weblink

33. Blog calendar

You should make your schedule to develop your blog. It is a gradual, systematic, and continuous process. Here is an idea-

Month 01

Setup and complete some pages need with information before you launch your site There is nothing like finished. Keep up developing continuously, even after a year or two.

Create quality contents as much as you can

Improve contents and finish which is an answer on how to make content SEO friendly

Add backlinks to your website with interesting and informative posting so that readers can’t bounce back

Month 02-03

Continue to month one
Promote in social media
Create backlinks, 15-25 is okay and the more, the better

Month 04-05

You might have started to observe some progress in traffic sparkling
Follow the schedule of posting and sharing
Keep creating 40-60 backlinks
Social media involvement

A good social media toolkit can be worthy to build your community very easily.

Month 06

  • Keep creating 100+ backlinks
  • Go for long-tail keywords ranking
  • You may expect 500+ organic traffic each day now
  • Slow down link building
  • Keep going with good contents development
  • Develop email list (some says it should be started from the first month)
  • Go for affiliate marketing
  • Develop your own product

01-02 year

  • Build 250-300 organic and natural backlink
  • Build trust in Google
  • Target higher rank
  • Build more long keywords SEO
  • Seek passive income
  • Keep going for affiliate marketing
  • Search Ads by CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Keep building your own product

03 years and onward

  • Keep going
  • You should have some earning easily
  • Think about creating more blogs on another niche

Common mistakes we do

The SEO process is systematic which is an answer on how to make content SEO friendly. Not doing it in the right manner might cause damage to your blog. Some mistakes are-

  • We chase for a backlink on many relevant areas, that ultimately treat us spam.
  • Don’t have enough good content,
  • Never ask for feedback
  • We have a higher bounce rate (40% and more is alarming)
  • Don’t go for exact long-tail keywords
  • We can’t develop content and site on a regular basis
  • We lose patience

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Take away

Website SEO is a long term process. It is not so easy, nor too difficult. Keep your efforts up. Be consistent and focused. Gain website authority. It takes time. With some techniques, you can apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020 to maximize organic traffic.

Also, keep going with that changing algorithm of Google. Keep reading more articles. Keep doing research. By this, you may apply tricks to write for SEO in 2020. You know the hidden facts to be a successful blogger very soon.

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how to write seo friendly article
how to write seo friendly content
how to write seo friendly blog posts
how to make content seo friendly
how to write a seo friendly article
how to write seo friendly website content
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