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27 Tips on How to Write A Good Blog Post Everyday

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

How to write a good blog post?

What to write?

Who will read my blogs?

What is the best blog content guideline?

Perhaps, these are the most frequently asked questions peep in mind of an imminent successful blogger at the very beginning!  Because some of us don’t like to face competition. Nothing else. In this article, I am going to talk about how to write a good blog post.

So, this is the right place to get your answer- why. Grasp this well to have a thorough conception of it.

Go for other blogs for an unbiased decision. There are many more on google.

Whatever you do, I should say from my observation, you wouldn’t believe how quickly a person can uprightly transform their lives with a better status, fame, creativity, money, happiness. This article will give an overview of how to write a good blog post.

Why do you write?

To be frank, I cannot tell that it’s going to happen overnight. But, it’s completely possible and attainable to achieve your ideal lifestyle with the right tools and guidance.

It is possible by following an ultimate guideline to write content that people will love to read.

It may all take place to you much faster than you may have anticipated possible. Therefore, you have to be tricky. Because you know life is simple when you are tricky.

Creating meaningful content for the right segment of the ideal readers is the major objective of a blog.

What is meaningful content?

How to choose the right segment?

What is an ideal reader?

This blog intends to give the reader a thorough and basic understanding of blogging.

successful blogging tips

How to write a good blog post: steps-

1. Find out the objective of the best blog content guideline

Your blogging objective needs to be pre-planned. Because it will drive you in your direction. None but you could know your reason. People write blogs for different reasons, for example-

Showing creativity, enriching portfolio, earning money, documenting resources, and many more.

Think about yourself. Note down.

Narrow down your reason.

2. Find your niche

Niche means targeted readers who will find your writing useful. So, they are your resources as they are your motivation, your reader group.

However, you needn’t have a niche, you may think of writing for all. But it’s cumbersome at the beginning to cover and satisfy them all.

Related: Having a niche helps a lot for your success in many ways. 

Narrow down your niches.

3. Get your passion

Listen to your heart. What are you passionate about?



Being a parent?


Have you found your passion?  If yes, whatever it is, write on it. If you don’t find it yet, you must first find your passion. It will not be a good idea to blog about something where you don’t have a unique perspective.

4. Determine your ideal readers

Good to know that you have your niche now! Also, you have your passion. Connect them with the type of readers, whom you are targeting.

Always try to add value to your writing.

You may write about your travel, your baby, how you save money, or anything. The type of readers will be changed accordingly.

Select gender, age, the demography of your readers. Because it will assist you to narrow down the category to write on your passionate area. A blog content generator can help to support you in a blank head state.

5. Read read and read

Before start writing, read more blogs from google. Because it will give you many ideas and you could be able to generate your own style very easily. As long as you are able to sharpen your blog content ideas and writing, you will be a great content writer.

6. Domain and Hosting

Take a popular domain and make it sure in a reliable hosting platform. As you are thinking to go a long way, better to consider this issue seriously from the beginning.

I personally prefer the .com domain, other popular domains will also do. It is told, free domain and hosting have a lesser impact on SEO unless there are really some unique contents. It should be your priority blog content strategy in the long run.

There is some good, reliable, cheap, domain, and hosting service providers with a good return on investment in the long run after learning how to write a good academic blog post.

7. Design

There are plenty of designs on the net. Use a simple theme. Because a good theme gives you the look and feels you want for your blog. You will find many free; as well as beautiful themes at a cheap price that will pay you back a lot in the long run.

A good outlook will allow you to make blog content examples that look exactly how you want it to look. I like WordPress.

8. Customize a blog that reflects your pattern

You need to spend a lot of time tweaking the theme to get the look and feel we wanted. So, visit other content marketing blogs and websites to have an idea. Finally, you can do better than those.

9. Select the best plugins for your blog

“Google Analytics for WordPress” and “Yoast SEO” are suggested. Still, you can search for others.

10. Incorporate value into your writing

You have to write great content that adds value to the lives of your readers. It means you have been a part of their life, you are taking care of them and they can rely on you. blog titles generator, blog titles ideas

Long-term buy-in can be acquired. By this, you will get desired readers to your site and will also retain them through a relationship and fellow feeling.

Keep in mind that you are inviting your readers to invest their time to read your blogs. In return, you must pay back value to them.

11. Be candid

Readers will keep up the faith in you when they find their problem is solved, their life has been better. And your blog has made their life happier.

There is plenty of other blog writing on the same. Yet, what makes you different? It’s you! Your ingenuity, your perspective. You can produce the best content marketing blog.

Readers will love to see your creativity, you are caring. Moreover, they will value that you add to them through sharing your story to take them the right decision. They expect you will accompany their journey. It should be the blog post ideas for beginners by learning how to structure a good blog post.

12. Be Interesting

Your presentation and approach will make your writing interesting, awesome, or epic. Make fun after learning how to write good blog titles.

How to be interesting? Read many other blogs, observe their style, language, and then generate your unique one. It is a matter of continuous effort.

The easier way to write in your own area. It means where you have interest and expertise by learning how to write a perfect blog post in one hour.

13. Tell Your Story

Be yourself in writing. It is called ownership. This means you will write in such an interesting way that you used to expect from other bloggers for you. Because, every person is different, unique, and your story must be unique. Its originality of learning how to write a good first blog post.

Superfluous parts of the story need to avoid. An article tells a great storyteller flushes out 99% of what really happened and keeps the interesting 1% for the reader. Curtail long, boring details.

14. Honesty

Your truthfulness is your honesty.

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” – Gandhi

Your blog should be real. Because the readers will grasp the blog only when it is felt real. Therefore, bloggers should be the blog they want to write for the world for them. Here is your success on how to write a good travel blog post.

15. Transparency trait

Keep only the relevant issues in your content. Because you are honest doesn’t mean you will share all stories in the blog which are nevertheless associated with your topic. See other blog writing examples.

To be transparent is different from, to be honest. Therefore, always be honest, it means whatever you tell is true.

Be transparent when it adds value to what you’re blogging.

16. Focus your vision

Once you will have the vision in your mind, you will work hard to make that vision a reality. It’s hard to create a great-looking site if you don’t know what you want it to look like.

17. Invest time

Spend much time creating a great blog and set blog writing examples.

You have passion, you have an objective. When you have prioritized your action, an obvious success is ahead with your blog basics.

18. Architect your voice

With the elapse of time, prolific writers discover their voice, tone, and writing style on how to write a good blog entry.

Your voice makes your blog feel more alive, more real, more ardent, and more appealing by learning how to write the best blog.

19. We, instead of You

Use statements of we/our rather than you/your, especially when talking about negative behaviors or tendencies we have. Readers may not like to be offended by any negativity by learning how to write a good article for a blog.

20. Schedule & duration to post

It’s important to write consistently, not necessarily to maintain any specific time and day. When you will follow this best blog content guideline, you will be successful by learning how to write a great blog article.

21. Social Media Affinity

Focus on the writing first. If we have not many posts in the blog, it’s unnecessary to go for social media or SEO contests. After developing at least 20 postings (it can be more or less, considering the quality of the content), and a similar number of topics kept in hand, social media campaigns should be started to also learn how to write a great LinkedIn post.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest,  Instagram, etc are some popular sites to help connect with readers and other bloggers. However, it’s better not to get too much sucked up in it. Quality blogs will pull your traffic by learning how to write a good post.

22. We should avoid negative criticism and stupidity

Everyone on the internet is not with a similar IQ, intention, or, interest. So, on our way to blogging, it is obvious that we will get a lot of negative comments and stupid questions from ignorant people who actually are not real readers.

People with a negative mentality may be named in the blogging language as seagulls, that fly in, shit on your site, and fly away.

Try to fix it a couple of times. And, delete their comment to move on. Because, if you pay them here, it will only decrease your motivation on how to write a good blog title.

23. Continuous Research

Spend your time researching what you’re writing about. Because you need to be in the trend, understand which topic is getting higher attention of the reader.

From other blogs, you will find so many helpful, relevant posts, statistics, ideas, and links that can be incorporated into your blog for the reader’s benefit. It is one of the effective content marketing examples on how to write a good blog article.

Getting ideas from others is not bad at all. For example, we all read books and pass exams by writing content from others, isn’t it?

24. Simple language with a decent outlook

Remove anything that doesn’t add value to your post. Moreover, advertisements should be placed in such a way that doesn’t cause annoyance to the reader’s perspective. It is much more important than blog post ideas.

25. Insert Relevant Picture

Put any of your good pictures in your profile. Moreover, using related pictures in the blog will be handy to learn how to write an effective blog post.

The picture improves SEO rank. most importantly, don’t forget to caption it with an alt tag. Make sure pictures used in your blog don’t pull you into copyright infringement. There are many sites on the net that allow copyright-free photos to learn how to write a great blog post.

26. Write

It is a good way to ‘force’ yourself to write whatever comes into your head. Because, maybe it pure stream-of-consciousness nonsense, but, research says, more complex and concentrated thoughts can be shaped further to learn how to write a good blog.

And be sure, after a while your momentum will come back. And you will be writing for better blog ideas that make money by learning how to write the best blog.


Some bloggers suggest accepting comments in my blog without any moderation or approval barrier. Because these brick walls might cause disengagement and reluctance for the readers to be candid and open by learning how to write the best blog post.

Engaging is much better than marketing. Reply to comments positively. It will create a relationship with readers and will keep your authority relating to the post. It is another tip for the best blog content guidelines on how to write an effective blog.

However, in the beginning, it is better to moderate to protect spams. However, you can change this option when confident by learning how to create a good blog post.

how to write a good blog how to write a good blog post how to write a great blog post what makes a good blog post how to write a great blog how to write a good blog article writing a good blog post best blog post titles how to make a good blog post how to make a great blog how to write good blog content how to write a great blog article how to create a good blog post writing a great blog post writing good blog content

Take away

Forget about the competition. Keep going. Success lies upon your satisfaction. There are plenty of benefits to blogging. Keep learning blog post ideas and content marketing definitions. Practice makes a man perfect to learn how to make a good blog post.

You don’t know what idea, what content will click one day by learning how to write a great blog. That is to say, one click will change your life. Chase that life-changing click-through awesome blog posts.

Here lies my success to share the best blog content guideline so that you can learn how to make a good blog title.

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