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18 Great Idea Generation Techniques for Leaders

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2021)

Concepts are issues that come and go and pretty continuously too, where idea generation techniques give birth to many great achievements who stick to until finish. Nevertheless, the actually nice concepts normally spring unexpectedly in moments of inspiration.

Idea generation techniques turn into simpler to provide you with nice concepts after we free ourselves from the mundane, on a regular basis, standard ideas that take up the thought house in our mind.

Stages for Idea Generation Techniques

A company must observe three primary phases specifically era, choice, and implementation for profitable ideation.

Stage #1: Era

For lots of corporations, making use of ideation to deal with a particular drawback or requirement is continuously a superb start line.

Nearly all the corporations can simply determine these sorts of wants – the principle resolution is whether or not they contribute to an ideation method.

After problem-solving, come two different key probabilities for using ideation: core competencies and client insights.

Core competencies, in reference to ideation, need to do with leveraging ideation to develop upon an organization’s talents.

In this sort of ideation, the group is in search of contemporary functions or new markets for present companies/merchandise.

Client insights, on the subject of ideation, need to do with using ideas of standard market analysis (for instance focus teams and surveys) and implementing them within the context of a joint idea-sharing milieu. Surveys are efficient although there are a number of drawbacks:

respondents wouldn’t be capable to view different replies (to vote up/down or remark) and the response charges are normally fairly low.

Even focus teams are efficient although they fail to succeed in the heights of online ideation owing to components similar to worth constraints that hinder them from accessing an even bigger participant pool.

Stage #2: Choice

Selecting one of the best concepts begins a lot earlier than the start of the ideation course. It’s important that you just repair the factors by which the concepts are to be assessed, who could be liable for evaluating the concepts, and the way the highest concepts could be given to the involved inside groups for additional evaluation or execution.

A correct choice course begins with the usage of tags or labels to rearrange concepts into significant clusters.

An instance could be labeled being organized alongside product traces (similar to telephone, laptop computer, pill) and tags being a stage decrease, concentrating on attributes (straightforward navigation, moveable, lengthy battery life, light-weight) and/or on options (show, working system, interface).

Labeling and tagging must be adopted by prioritization to make sure that probably the most important concepts attain the stage of utility/execution.

Stage #3: Implementation

The success of implementation relies on a company’s skill to decide on the highest concepts and take motion based mostly on them.

It additionally will depend on the group having applicable workflows in place in order that the suitable teams participate in the applicable time within the three steps of the ideation course.

The make-up of those workflows (that decide out specific roles and facets of accountability) may be very important for organizations if they’re to start out any ideation endeavor.

The folks within the roles referred to as out must be prepared to absorb new concepts that don’t come from inside the firm and probably will be incentivized or in any other case acknowledged for their readiness to implement the brand new method.

18 Great Idea Generation Techniques for Leaders


SCAMPER is a concept era method that makes use of motion verbs as stimuli. It’s a well-known type of guideline developed by Bob Eberle that assists the particular person in developing concepts both for modifications that may be made on a present product or for making a brand new product.

SCAMPER is an acronym with every letter standing for a motion verb which in flip stands for an immediate for artistic concepts.

S – Substitute
C – Combine
A – Adapt
M – Modify
P – Put to a different use
E – Eliminate
R – Reverse

2. Brainstorming

This course includes engendering an enormous variety of options for a particular drawback (concept) with the emphasis being on a variety of concepts, which is one of the Idea generation techniques. Learn about how to be creative again.

In the midst of brainstorming, there is no such thing as an evaluation of concepts. So, folks can converse out their concepts freely with our concern of criticism.

Even weird/unusual concepts are accepted with open palms. In truth, the crazier the thought, the higher. Taming down is simpler than pondering up.

Regularly, concepts are blended to create one good concept as indicated by the slogan “1+1=3.”

Brainstorming will be carried out individually and in teams. The everyday brainstorming group contains six to 10 folks.

3. Mindmapping

Mindmapping is a graphical method for imagining connections between varied items of data or concepts, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

Every reality or concept is written down after which linked by curves or traces to its minor or main (earlier or following) reality or concept, thus constructing an internet of relationships.

It was Tony Buzan, a UK researcher, who developed the method “thoughts mapping” mentioned in his ebook ‘Use your Head’ (1972).

Thoughts mapping is utilized in brainstorming, challenge planning, problem-solving, and note-taking.

As is the case with different mapping strategies, the intention behind mind mapping is to seize consideration and to achieve and body data to allow the sharing of ideas and concepts.

To get began with mind-mapping, the participant simply has to write down a key phrase or phrase in the course of the web page.

Then, he should write anything that involves his thoughts on the exact same web page. After that, he should attempt to make connections as talked about within the earlier paragraph.

4. Synectics

Synectics is an artistic concept era and problem-solving method that arouses thought processes that the topic is probably not conscious of, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

It’s a method of approaching problem-solving and creativity in a rational method. The credit score for developing with the method which had its starting within the Arthur D. Little Invention Design Unit goes to William J.J. Gordon and George M. Prince.

The Synectics examine endeavored to research the artistic course of whereas it’s in progress. Based on J.J Gordon, three key assumptions are related to Synectics analysis.

It’s doable to explain and educate the artistic course of
Invention processes in sciences and the humanities are analogous and triggered by the exact same “psychic” processes

Group and particular person creativity are analogous

5. Storyboarding

Storyboarding has to do with growing a visible story to elucidate or discover. Storyboards might help artistic folks symbolize the data they gained throughout the analysis.

Photos quotes from the person and different pertinent data are fastened on the corkboard, or any comparable floor, to face a situation, and to help with comprehending the relationships between varied concepts.

6. Function taking part in

Within the role-playing method, every participant can tackle a persona or position completely different from his personal, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

Because the method is enjoyable, it will possibly assist folks to cut back their inhibitions and are available out with surprising concepts.

7. Attribute itemizing

Attribute itemizing is an analytical method to acknowledge new types of a system or product by figuring out/recognizing areas of improvement, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

To determine the right way to improve a selected product, it’s damaged into components, bodily options of every part are famous, and all capabilities of every part are defined and studied to see whether or not any change or recombination would injury or enhance the product.

8. Visualization and visible prompts

Visualization is about pondering challenges visually in order to higher comprehend the difficulty, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

It’s a means of incubation and illumination of the place the participant takes a break from the issue at hand and concentrates on one thing wholly completely different whereas his thoughts subconsciously continue to work on the thought.

This grows right into a section of illumination the place the participant out of the blue will get a variety of options and he quickly writes them down, thereby creating contemporary parallel traces of thought.

Image prompts assist rather a lot in the case of enabling one’s mind to determine connections.

These prompts might help to floor feelings, emotions, and intuitions. This makes them notably helpful for brainstorming options to revolutionary challenges involving folks, and points with a deep psychological or emotional root trigger.

To get began with utilizing image prompts, the facilitator distributes a set of pre-selected pictures – every participant will get one.

He additionally asks the contributors to write down down no matter concepts that come to their thoughts once they have a look at the picture of their possession.

Based on Bryan Mattimore (present co-founder of The Development Engine Firm), the photographs must be visually fascinating, portraying a multiplicity of subject material, and should depict folks in a number of diverse sorts of relationships and interactions with different folks.

After this, contributors pair off and use further time, sharing and speaking concerning the concepts they’ve to provide you with and brainstorming extra options to the prevailing drawback/problem.

Lastly, the assorted pairs current their concepts to the remainder of the group.

Mattimore suggests tailoring the visuals to the character of the problem the contributors have to unravel.

So, if the problem pertains to the manufacturing business, you might contemplate having pictures of an industrial nature.

Nevertheless, it is best to positively embody some irrelevant or random pictures as nicely as a result of it might be these sorts of pictures that set off probably the most revolutionary options.

9. Morphological evaluation

The morphological evaluation has to do with recognizing the structural facets of an issue and learning the relationships amongst them. For instance:

Think about the issue is transporting an object from one place to a different by means of a powered car. The numerous dimensions ar:

the type of car (cart, sling, mattress, chair); the ability supply (internal-combustion engine, pressed air, electrical motor); and the medium (air, exhausting floor, rails, rollers, oil, water).

Thus, a cart-kind of car shifting over tough companies with an internal combustion engine to energy it’s the vehicle. The expectation is that it might be doable to find out some novel combos.

10. Pressured relationships

It’s a simple method involving becoming a member of completely different concepts to provide you with a contemporary concept, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

Although the answer is probably not strictly distinctive, it continuously ends in an assortment of combos which can be typically helpful.

Lots of merchandise we see at present are the output of pressured relationships (similar to a digital watch that additionally has a calculator, musical birthday playing cards, and Swiss military knife).

Most of those concepts are probably not revolutionary discoveries however they’re nonetheless advantageous merchandise and normally have a potential market in society.

Robert Olson offered an instance for pressured analogy in his ebook ‘The Artwork of Inventive Considering.’

He compares completely different facets of a company group construction to the construction of a matchbox, as an ideation technique.

11. Daydreaming

Although largely not met with approval, daydreaming is really one of the vital elementary methods to set off nice concepts, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

The phrase “daydream” itself involuntarily triggers an uninhibited and playful thought course of, incorporating the participant’s creativity and resourcefulness to mess around with the current drawback.

It permits an individual to determine an emotional reference to the issue, which is useful when it comes to developing with a beautiful concept.

The main focus of productive daydreaming is a selected purpose regardless of whether or not it appears to be an impractical job.

Loads of well-known inventors have engaged in daydreaming previously, thereby setting off concepts that contributed to life-altering innovations. The airplane is probably the most notable instance of this.

If the Wright brothers had not let their creativeness run wild desirous about the flight, we might most likely nonetheless be touring by ferry.

12. Reverse pondering

Because the time period ‘reverse pondering’ itself suggests, as an alternative to adopting the logical, regular method of a problem, you reverse it and take into consideration reverse concepts. For instance: ‘how can I double my fan base?’

can become ‘how do I make certain I’ve no followers in any respect?’ It’s possible you’ll discover that almost all of the contributors would discover it simpler to supply concepts for the ‘damaging problem’ just because it’s way more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, don’t spend an excessive amount of time on the reverse idea generation – about 10 to 15 incorrect concepts are ok, as an ideation technique.

After one session is over, you’ll be able to both proceed within the reverse concept ambiance with a brand new problem, or else do the reversal as soon as extra to make it stronger.

An instance for the latter is “I’m by no means going to replace any of my social networks” turning into “I’m going to at all times replace all of my social networks.”

13. Questioning assumptions

Nearly all of the industries have an orthodoxy – unstated however deeply-held beliefs that everybody stands by for getting issues carried out, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

Sadly, they fail to comprehend that by questioning assumptions at each step of service or product growth, they’ll really allow the start of contemporary prospects and concepts.

Right here’s how Mattimore suggests one goes about questioning assumptions: The contributors ought to begin by deciding on the framework for the artistic problem.

After this, they need to produce 20 to 30 assumptions (regardless of whether or not they’re true or false).

The following step is to pick a number of assumptions from the numerous generated, and make the most of them as concept triggers and thought starters to engender contemporary concepts.

14. Unintended genius

Unintended genius is a comparatively new method that makes use of writing to set off one of the best concepts, content material, and perception, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

15. Brainwriting

Brainwriting is simple. As a substitute for asking the contributors to shout out concepts, they’re advised to pen down their concepts pertaining to a particular drawback or query on sheets of paper, for a small variety of minutes.

After that, every participant can go their concepts over to another person. This other person reads the concepts on the paper and provides some new ones as an ideation technique.

Following one other couple of minutes, the person contributors are once more made to go their papers to another person and so the method continues.

After about 15 minutes, you or another person can gather the sheets from them and publish them for fast dialogue.

16. Wishing

This method will be begun by asking for the unattainable after which brainstorming concepts to make it or at the very least an approximation of it, in actuality.

Begin by making the needs tangible. There must be collaboration among the many members of the group to supply 20 to 30 needs pertaining to your corporation.

Everybody’s creativeness must be inspired to run wild – the odder the thought, the higher. There must be no restrictions on pondering.

The following step is concentrating on numerous these unattainable needs and using them as artistic stimuli to set off concepts that can be new however extra sensible.

Mattimore suggests getting the group to problem the issue from various views (think about how an individual from one other planet or from one other business or occupation would view it) or replicate it.

This kind of role-playing assists with shifting away from standard pondering patterns to see contemporary prospects.

17. Socializing

If workers solely dangle round with colleagues and pals, they may discover themselves in a pondering rut, which is one of the Idea generation techniques.

Allow them to make the most of all these LinkedIn connections to start some implausible conversations.

Refreshing views will help with bringing out new pondering and doubtless, one or two lightning bolts.

Socializing within the context of ideation will also be about speaking to others on matters that don’t have anything by any means to do with the current drawback.

18. Collaboration

Because of the time period signifies, collaboration is about two or extra folks becoming a member of palms in working for a typical purpose as ideation technique.

Designers continuously work in teams and have interaction in collaborative creation in the midst of the entire artistic course.

As is kind of clear from this weblog, the period of boring, standard concept era is long gone and it’s time to embrace enjoyable and revolutionary ideation strategies.

As talked about earlier, the extra artistic the pondering course of, the wackier and doubtless, the higher the concepts and options we will anticipate.

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