Impact of Automation on Employment

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

There is severe impact of automation on employment in the coming days. Do Technology and Automation Slowly Work? How slow is the motion of automation? Mark Cuban recently talked about the importance of preparing mass automation in the labor market. For the past few months this has slowed down, but people still have the same reaction. It will not affect me. It does not happen for ages. Always create new jobs. However, there is additional evidence that it can be faster and faster than before.

Some say this is not a problem and that there will be new jobs. Despite the few technical hurdles, social problems are undermining automation, making it easier for people to jump into the employment problem. History shows that new technology is evolving faster than technology adopts them.

Are We Sleeping Into a Possible Economic Crisis?

Will Robots Take My Job? There is severe impact of automation on employment in the coming days. Well, depending on the person you are talking to, the answers will expand. I could not recommend such an economic disaster so cruel, but I certainly think it is worth noting and discussing it because of a number of jobs at large risk pose.

Some say that this is not a problem and a new job will be created, I mean we came through the industrial revolution so we are okay, right? The reason here is that technological advances and job automation are happening at a pace which can gradually adjust the labor market and economy. It is a bit true and valid, but it is not really true to compare the current situation with the industrial revolution.

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The environment is completely different. We’ve never been able to save the data volume before. With more data, the ability to automatically execute tasks and find the skills becomes easier. We are no longer limited by computers. Instead, the potential obstacles encountered by companies now may be the time taken to integrate UpFront Capital or even the system. It’s not cheap or easy, but it’s definitely getting cheaper and easier year by year, as there will be severe impact of automation on employment in the coming days.

Is the computer really smart?

Haha AI and machine learning is a growing and emerging market right now, mainly because we are surrounded by information. The data is strong and it drives the most thing we use today.

One of the first implementations of AI / machine learning was the computer training to play chess based on the steps of the best players in the world. It worked out all possible steps based on historical information. It was a so-called brute-force system, it would investigate all possible steps that can be made and decide based on the larger data set. These computers may be able to beat the world’s best players too, as there will be severe impact of automation on employment in the coming days.

Now, though, thanks to the progress of computational power and neuroscience, the computer can now model how the brain leads to the creation of brain networks. So instead of using brute force, the computer basically analyzes all the moves at once and then analyzes each step whilst choosing the game to take control of the board and play. It is more efficient and understands the position of other pieces in the game context. It can learn and adapt depending on the situation and the environment. MITS machine has taught itself in 72 hours to play at “giraffe” international master level.

I could have been here for a little bit of the subject, but the thing I am making is that computers are now powerful enough for the human brain and nervous systems can be created. This requires huge amounts of data, which we can now collect, generate and save, so it is almost perfect recipe for AI / machine learning and automation. Do not worry, they will not kill all of us suddenly, we’re all right.

What work will be affected?

A series of rules are followed by a routine and there is a set of rules that any job loss is weak. When I am a routine, then in the sense of routine it follows a set of orders. Generally speaking, the tasks that fit this description will be mostly office workers, bankers / insurance, receptionists, factory workers, most middle-class workers. The thing is great that computers are required to rule or have a set routine.

However, the flexibility required, care, nursing, think something creative, is still difficult to make a computer. Since excessive uncertainty involves data entry, phone answering, document verification and packing boxes that they are doing all the pretty routine things that follow a formula, which is what the computer loves, as there will be severe impact of automation on employment in the coming days.


Well, look at it costs completely cheaper and more efficient. An employee spends £ x each year, they get an X-closing rate every year and they can be unfit if they get sick, you can not mention the health and safety measures you want to follow. Without any big up-ups, the computer is not sick. You do not have to give them a break or vacation. You can not pay them and they will not leave any light in the dark room. You simply pay for maintaining that your server is a lot cheaper than hosting and full workshops.

You end up removing human errors from the equation. Think about it, if you make money on the phone, it is very safe, telephone operators may wrongly take your details, they can enter the wrong amount or steal your information. If you have written details of payment details, there is no confusion, unless you upload your details, you will be paid and your details will be safe. It is a simple and self-motivating and easy-to-use and all-party facilities, customer information is safe and companies can focus on the big picture projects.

Have an example?

I recently took part in the WS Summit in London, where Paul Speaker, Okada City, online groker, told how he uses automation, great information and cloud computing. Discuss details about how to fully automate the new warehouse. The warehouse is managed by a bunch of robots who navigate across a pocket. When an order arrives and robots then find the most effective way to sort and fill each order basket. From there the basket package and delivery is removed. A case study in many cases how the automation factory replaced a whole set of workers.

Another example, recently WWWU announced that more than 750 programs will be implemented. This was the reason for a new online system to replace the part of what most office-makers did. In contrast to the phone, 99% Jobseeker allowance applications have been used on this system. Here, I’m guessing quite straightforward web applications, now the office staff uses the phone to replace the phone and leave part of the workforce without leaving the job.

The most obvious example of title capture is the carless car. This taxi driver, truck driver, can replace most transport drivers. Although I think there is a little time, the biggest problem here is not a robot, but robots can explain the activities of the people on the street. Training a machine as ‘street etiquette’ is very difficult, because it is very human. If all cars are immediately replaced with their driverless opponent, I think we will be okay, because everyone will be able to communicate with each other, this issue will be raised during the prediction of uncertain or unpredictable human behavior. This is something that is incredibly difficult to replicate, so now I think we have to deal with our drunken elevator room.

Impact of automation on employment

Impact of automation on employment (source)

What is the solution?

I have no idea. This is a big problem and I think we’ll probably be more prepared for the possibilities. An open discussion about this should be done so that people should be aware of it. While opposing the day, it is not going to work, we need solutions that are unemployed and will not leave the people without income, as there will be severe impact of automation on employment in the coming days.

I mean there are loads of different ways, universal income is one of them, but each potential solution comes with other problems. I do not support universal income in any way, the model still has errors, but it takes more time and effort to prepare for events in the market.

Technology is not going, it’s got bigger, better and more advanced years in a year, all ready for the event.

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