Importance of business telephone etiquette rules

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

Now a days, we can’t think our time without a phone. From the offices to businesses, to customers to personal level of communication, a telephone has made its way importance. This article is intended to give the reader a glimpse of important telephone etiquette required to deal with a phone to bring out optimum result. Importance of business telephone etiquette rules cant be ignored. Answering telephone calls have some etiquette, rules & importance for business, office, customer services and receptionists.

Technology has continuously been developing the size, length, utility and purpose. The wired telephone of Graham Bell has about to go to the museum, but the transformed version of a mobile phone has not changed our ancient purpose of communication.

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Telephone or mobile has a great importance now a days for communication with its manifold benefits. However, a telephone deserves a bunch of etiquette that every user should follow sincerely. What are those?

Rule #1: Don’t call a phone more than one time

It is enough to call a person one time in an interval. The other person is expected to take the call if he is near by. Or, he intends to receive your call. Don’t redial repeatedly while your called are not attended. So, importance of business telephone etiquette rules cant be ignored.

Rule #2: Send SMS

You should realize the situation of your recipient. He might be not in a situation to pick the call. You can’t irritate her with your ring. Wait for the person to call you back later on. Or, call again after some time. You can utilize an SMS with a request to call you back at her convenient time.

Rule #3: Announce your name when answering

As soon as the other person pick up the call, announce your name loudly. In case of the mobile, your number may be saved to the person, or may be not. In case it is a business call, and you don’t call the other person that much frequently, must mention your name.

Rule #4: Don’t answer your phone when you are in a meeting

Unless it is not that much important, don’t pick up a phone call during a meeting you are in. If it is much needed to receive a phone, get out of the room with permission from your boss, peer, or participants. Due to lack of some tricks, many people cannot perform their best.

Rule #5: Let the other person know when you are on the recording

Take permission from the recipient when you are going to record the phone call. Record a call only when your other part permits to do so. Its very urgent to follow not to fall in any legal obligation. We can’t record a phone call without the permission. It is a breach of personal privacy and etiquette.

Rule #6: Be aware about your speaking volume

Don’t be too louder, nor be too lower. The best way is to keep an average and acceptable level of decibel sounds. A higher volume as well as a lower volume might be irritating for the receiver.

Rule #7: Don’t leave long voicemail

Voicemail is a good way to send your message to the recipient in case your call in not attended. However, put only the emergency message, which should not be too long.

Rule #8: Let the other person know when you are on the speaker

Take permission from the other person before you put the call on the speakers. Mention the names who and who are with you and will be listening the conversation. Your recipient should know who else are listening so that she can customize her talk.

Rule #9: Choose a normal ringtone

Your ringtone is your personality. Choose your ringtone carefully. Let the other people know what a person you are. First impression is the best impression.

In this regard, simplicity is the best option. Simple ringtone you use impels a person to have a respectful impression on you. Don’t irritate a person with any weird ringtone.

Rule #10: Don’t put phone on the table while meeting with others

Unless switching off, don’t put the phone on the table while you are in a meeting with someone. Even if it is in the vibration mode, it may cause irritation and distractions for the other person you are in the meeting with. It is not a professional etiquette. A great CEO, professionals and leaders follow this tip and also teach their team mates.

Rule #11: Take permission before hold the call

When you need to hold one’s call, ask permission from the receiver. Without any notification, a sudden hold of call may be embarrassing for the other person. The same rule applies in case of any call transfer, PR conference call to others. Answering telephone calls have some etiquette, rules & importance for business, office, customer services and receptionists that we should obey.

Rule #12: Respect quiet zone

You would find several places around you where you can’t receive a phone. This is because of the official or unofficial restrictions to noise. Apart from a meeting room, you can’t pick a call (or send call) in places like, hospital, cemetery, or exam Hall, among others.

Rule #13: No call while driving

Whatever the situation of urgency, you never ever receive or send any phone call while you are driving yourself. It is legally prohibited, as well as risky for you, the other persons or drivers around you. In case of urgency for a phone call, park the vehicle in a suitable place.

Rule #14: Don’t talk loudly in a public place

It is not decent to talk over mobile loudly in a public place like a market, rail station, bus, stadium, or cinema hall. You should be careful so that any other persons around you would not get bothered.

Rule #15: Don’t give others to talk over your mobile

It has been a serious issue now a days. Unless you are not 100% confident, you should not allow any other passer by or unknown person to use your phone for his call, upon his return to. It may be harmful for you and the society if the caller is not a right person.

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