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What is an Intermittent Job?

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Intermittent Job means you have less time than full time and no regular work hours. Classification “interim employment” is often used to separate these national workers from those who regularly employ in public and public offices. This article will discuss what is intermittent Job.

Intermittent Job facts

The purpose of the employer

Employers use interim jobs to fill vacancies for seasonal and temporary needs.

Retailers often hire seasonal workers on busy vacations, rather than having to pay extra workers year-round.

Growers use unpaid staff to deal with the situation when spikes are demanded.

Government and public offices use interim employees to perform various office tasks and routine work during periods of high need for the project.

Employee rights

Federal, state, and local governments often have human resources laws related to designating employment as “interim.”

Generally, employees who work 20 hours a week and less than 500 hours a year are considered to be included, even though the time limits vary.

In addition to falling below this threshold, the employee must not have a regular working week.

If the employer requires the employee to keep regular time, this usually requires the employee to change to “part-time” status, which may require the employer to provide certain benefits or resources.

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