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19 Interesting Facts About the Italian Language

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Good morning in Italian Language is called “Buongiorno”, like other Roman languages, Italian is from Latin, with over 85 million people speaking in the Italian language.

In addition to being the national language of Italy, the Italian language is the official language of San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Vatican City.

It is also one of the most frequently spoken languages ​​in Argentina and the United States of America.

It is the fifth most studied language in the United States of America. There are many other interesting facts we bet you didn’t know. See this:

1. Twenty-One characters in the alphabet

Italian Alphabet There are only 21 characters in the Italian alphabet. J, k, w, x, and y characters are missing from it, they are not part of Italian.

But if you see a letter somewhere in an Italian text, they must be borrowed from another language, perhaps English or Spanish.

2. Five vowels in a word!

Soqquadro, in English meaning Mes meaning Italian, is the only word that doubles. Using double q is specifically allowed for this word! Also, the word Aiuole (plural of aiuola) is the shortest word to contain all the five vowels.

3. Power connection!

The standard unit of measurement of power (voltage to be precise), the volt is actually from Italy. Alessandro Volta invented electricity and the SI unit was chosen as the Volt to honor him.

4. Tongue Twister!

According to the Italians, the longest Italian word is 26 letters in the precipitevolissimevolmente and means to you as fast as possible.

However, the longest term according to research is esofagodermatodigiunoplastica, which refers to surgery after the removal of the stomach and esophagus.

And the toughest tongue twister in Italian is ‘Trentatré trentini entrarono a Trento tutti e trentatré trotterellando’, which translates as Thirty-three people from Trento entered the city, all thirty-three waddling’.

5. False friend!

There are words that are similar to some words in other languages ​​but have completely different meanings, we call them false friends. For example, una camera in Italian means room and not a camera. The word for the camera in Italian is macchina fotografica.

6. The alphabet accommodates solely 21 letters.

Like different Romance languages (and English), Italian makes use of Roman characters. Nevertheless, it accommodates 5 fewer letters than English: it lacks the letters j, ok, w, x, and y.

If you happen to see these letters in an Italian textual content, it means the phrase has been borrowed from one other language.

7. The phrase “volt” comes from an Italian inventor.

Everybody is aware of that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, however, his invention can be ineffective if it weren’t for Alessandro Volta, who found electrical energy. “Volt”, the usual measuring unit of electrical energy (in each English and Italian), comes from his identity.

8. Italian isn’t simply spoken in Italy.

Although the vast majority of Italian audio systems reside in Italy, Italian additionally holds official or co-official language standing in San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Vatican Metropolis.

Italian can be the second-most spoken language in Argentina and has large inhabitants of the native audio system in the US.

9. The longest phrase accommodates 29 letters.

The longest phrase in Italian is the 29-letter esofagodermatodigiunoplastica, which refers to a reconstructive surgical procedure associated with the elimination of the abdomen.

A greater-known monstrous phrase is precipitevolissimevolmente, which suggests “very quick”, although it has “solely” 26 letters.

10. The earliest Italian-language textual content is over 1000 years outdated.

The Placiti Cassinesi are 4 juridical paperwork written someday between the years 960 and 963, and are thought of to be the primarily written paperwork within the Italian language.

They cope with a land dispute between three Benedictine monasteries and a neighboring landowner.

11. Within the 14th century, the author Dante Alighieri single-handedly supplied guidelines for written Italian.

Dante Alighieri is most well-known for his Divine Comedy (colloquially known as “Dante’s Inferno”), wherein he takes the reader by means of inferno, purgatory, and paradise.

His intensive writings have been used as the idea for written Italian, and thus many types and grammar guidelines of the Italian language derive from his works.

12. Italian dialects may be dramatically completely different from one another.

The usual dialect of Italian relies on the Tuscan dialect. Nevertheless, there are a number of regional dialects in Italian, and a few of them are so completely different from one another that they’re not mutually intelligible.

In reality, some linguists have proposed that the Sicilian dialect needs to be categorized as its personal language.

13. Italian is the official language of classical music.

If you happen to ever seen a classical music rating, you’ve most likely come throughout phrases like crescendo (get louder), staccato (indifferent), and forte (loud), all of which come from Italian.

It’s because musical notation was invented in Italy in the course of the Renaissance, and thus grew to become the usual language utilized in classical music.

14. Italian didn’t change into a single, official language till 1861.

Although varied dialects of Italian have been round for hundreds of years, it wasn’t till Italy unified that a typical model of the language emerged. In 1861, solely about 2.5% of Italy’s inhabitants may converse what’s now referred to as customary Italian.

15. Father of the Italian language!

Although the Italian language was used and spoken, it was not standardized until Dante Aligieri. Dante Aligieri is often referred to as the father of the Italian language.

He was working on The Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia) which he completed in 1320, a year before his death.

Most writers and poets used Latin for their work, but Dante chose to write his masterpiece in Italian (then known as the Tuscan dialect) that set its standard in high culture.

16. Only 2.5% of Italians knew Italian when it became their national language!

Well-known writers and linguists such as Dante and Petrarch were mainly responsible for becoming the Tuscan dialect or the national language of Italy.

Finally, when Italy finally became a united nation, it accepted Italian as the mother tongue. However, at that time, less than 2.5% of Italians were able to communicate in their native tongue.

17. The first known written Italian lesson!

italian language

The first known written text in the Italian language is considered to be the Placiti Cassinesi, which was a legal document of a land dispute between the Southern Italian Monasteries.

18. A musical instrument!

The music lovers must be familiar with words like forte, crescendo, alto, soprano, and tempo. These Italian words have become a standard of classical music around the world.

19. The fourth most studied language in the United States of America!

Italian is the fourth most learned foreign language in the United States after Spanish, French, and German.

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