job bonus after termination

Collect Job Bonus Money After Termination

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Just because you are dismissed from your job does not mean that you are not entitled to your job bonus money after the termination. You can challenge if you think the termination is invalid. The reason for your termination is irrelevant, even if you are dismissed for theft. You can work on a job bonus after termination.

Job bonus after termination: Prove your innocence

The law requires employers to pay for your income from the companies that are separated from the company shortly. You need to prove your innocence to get a job bonus after termination. Each state has its own set of rules about how much time an employer can give to former employees. Contact your labor department to determine the laws of your state.


Make sure you actually get the bonus. For example, if this is a monthly incentive and you are finished five days before the end of the month, you will be ineligible. This applies if it is a quarterly incentive and you were terminated before the end of the quarter. To determine if you’ve earned a bonus, review the employee copy of your past employee performance reports. If you do not already have a copy of past reports, it can be difficult to get these from your former employer.


Refer to the terms of your employment agreement to determine if the bonus money has been wasted upon completion. If that effect has no words, it is safe to assume that you are worth the money.


Return the assets and equipment of all companies in your possession. These include uniforms, badges, cell phones, computers, and any other fixed company property. If you fail to return the items, your bonus money can be used to deduct the cost of the property. When returning the item, ask the employer to sign the itemized checklist confirming receipt of the property.

job bonus after termination


Contact your employer to determine when your bonus will be paid. If possible send an email or written communication to create a paper trail. Enter the date you received and the person who responded. Keep this information for your records.


Wait whether you have received your bonus on the promised date. If it doesn’t, re-write it to your employer. Ask again when you can expect to receive your money. Suggest that your next step is to take legal action against the company.


If the employer still fails to issue your bonus, file a claim in court with a small claim. It is more economical than hiring a lawyer. Present a copy of your evidence to the judge in the Small Claims Court, which includes your performance report, a copy of your employment contract, a property checklist of the signed company, and written communication with the employer. If the judge decides on your behalf, he or she will order the company to give you a bonus.

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