job interview while pregnant

Job Interview while Pregnant – How to Say You’re Pregnant

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Job interview while pregnant can be a reality in many cases. If you are ready for your interview, you will reduce your risk that you will lose the job because of the employer’s job availability concerns. This article will give an overview of Job interview while pregnant.

Job interview while pregnant

An employer has no legal obligation to disclose your pregnancy during an interview.

Federal law prevents employers from asking about your family plan or you are currently pregnant.

If your pregnancy appears and you would like to disclose information to a prospective employer, you will wait until the second interview or after you receive an offer.


Mention that you are pregnant and your child is fit when an opportunity arises at the end of the interview after you have gone beyond your own abilities and abilities.

For example, you can say, “As you noted, I am pregnant and due to give in about three months.”


Summarize your child care plan and expected vacation length. If you are able to get the information, use the term the company has for its family discount policy.

Do not go beyond your personal life in detail. Make sure you have a plan in place for returning to the job.


If you feel relieved because you are returning because you are very close to your due date, offer to work as a consultant. Ask for the option to settle down when you return.


Emphasize that you are happy working in a family-friendly place and looking for a long-term commitment when referring your pregnancy to the employer.

Be honest when it comes to exposing your pregnancy. If you give the employer a specific date that is six months away while your date is really only three months away, misconduct can put your job at the firm.


If you are already interviewing for a new job while on the job, check out potential employers’ family and maternity leave policies.

Your current employer’s maternity leave coverage can provide more benefits than other company policies.

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