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National Average Income for a Garbageman

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

National Average Income for a Garbageman is convincing. Garbage collectors, formally referred to as collectors of refuse and recycling materials, pick up the garbage and take it to a dump or transfer station. Some garbage collects household garbage from the side of the road, while others collect garbage from large dumpsters serving business or apartment complexes. This article will discuss the national average income of a garbageman.

What is the national average income garbageman?

There are no formal educational requirements for this job. They earn as follows:

National Pay Scale

As of May 27, an estimated 123,160 garbage was employed in the United States. During that year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States reported that trash collectors make $ 5.5 an hour on average, and on average, $ 34,420. Middle-income earners in the U.S. collected 50 percent of the garbage, earning between $ 11.45 and $ 20.52 per hour and annual income between $ 23,820 and $ 42,680.

national average income garbageman

Provide by region

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of 20, garbage in the west and northeast has some of the highest reported earnings for their profession. The average annual salary for New York Garbage is $ 49,440, followed by Nevada with $ 46,720, Washington, $ 44,960, Illinois $ 44,690, and California $ 42,180. The lowest salaries in this profession were concentrated in the southern and southern central states, while West Virginia reported the nation’s lowest average salary as $ 22,790 per year.

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