Park Ranger Job Description

State or Federal Park Ranger Job Description

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

From the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Everglades in Florida, a Park Ranger faces the most beautiful scenery in the country every day to meet the job description.

Whether they work in national or state parks, rangers, or park naturalists, focus on protecting those parks and the people who visit them.

According to the US Department of Labor data, park naturalists, including a park ranger, made an annual income of $ 5,700 annually based on the job description.

Between 20 and 2021, the work in this field will increase from 3 percent to 9 percent for State or Federal park ranger job descriptions.

Public safety

Park Rangers’ biggest responsibilities are public safety and enforcement of park rules. Rangers are parking in vehicles, horseback, boat or footpaths, and are trained on defensive tactics and firearm use.

When they see or receive allegations of illegal activity, they provide citations or make arrests. They make sure that visitors are allowed to hunt, hunt and use the park.

When hikers are lost or missing, the Rangers conduct search and rescue.

They provide medical assistance in case of an emergency through the park ranger job description.

Rangers resist and fight fires and trap wildlife traps that could be a threat to visitors.

Public outreach

Working with the public is a part of the job. Rangers coordinate programming and write printed material that promotes their park.

They provide natural, historical, historical, and scientific information for visitors and lead them on interestingly guided tours.

Also, they can showcase folk arts and crafts.

The Rangers prepare and present lectures and interpretive discussions.

Rangers handle feedback when visitors have questions or complaints.

The range also has the responsibility of writing brochures and newspaper articles and overseeing the building of visitor-centered exhibits.


The maintenance of the parks is needed, and the maintenance of the facilities, from the historic building to the recreation area, is a ranger’s job.

Rangers take regular care, including picking up litter, cleaning restrooms, and re-logging supplies like firewood amid park ranger job description.

If park boundary markers or trail signs are lost, rangers replace them. Rangers may need to clean up fuel or car-liquid spills and remove the carcasses of animals killed by traffic.

Park Ranger Job Description


Rangers’ administrative responsibilities include delegating visitors to campground sites and staffing workplace projects.

Also, they manage seasonal and lower-level staff, providing training and performance evaluations. Rangers also write files and maintain reports on park operations and enforcement activities.

Helps in managing some visitor centers and other facilities, and they consult with staff to schedule schedules and topics for the park’s programs.


Most rangers start out as cadets under experienced rangers, where they learn the basics of law enforcement, public relations, and visitor service.

Cadets who complete advanced training for law enforcement, public safety, interpretation, and resource management at Park Ranger.

The Rangers may then be able to become supervisory rangers, who oversee the staff and activities.

Rangers can specialize in such areas as river rafting, navigational enforcement, environmental education, or camping.


Employers prefer park rangers with a bachelor’s degree in biology, ecology, forestry, natural resources management, park management, or wildlife management.

Agencies look for candidates with at least six months of experience in natural resources or outdoor environments. Requires a criminal background check and drug screening.

Also, candidates usually have to pass a treatment test, a psychological evaluation, and a physical aggression test.

Key features include writing and speaking skills, an interest in helping people, and a critical-thinking ability to solve problems and handle emergencies.

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