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19 Surprising Facts About Persian Language

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

There are several surprising facts about the Persian Language that we will see in this article.

Surprising Facts About the Persian Language

Christianity, known as Persian, has about 1 million speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan Persian, but it is a significant number of people from Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkmenistan, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, and many other countries. Talked about historically more widely from the Middle East to India Ncalagulite understands the language.

Persian Language

1. The oldest

Persian is one of the ancient languages ​​that is still often spoken and used in most cases.

It is for this reason that the Persian people read poetry at a difficulty less than an Englishman who read Shakespeare 1600-0000 years ago.

The language has been well preserved for the last thousand years, Rumi’s poems are still read and understood by the Iranians today!

2. Slightly similar to French

Iran and France have a long history of historical ties. Also, French is the second language of Iran for many years.

If you look closely, you will find some similarities between Persian and French.

For instance, Thank you in Persian can be expressed with the help of the word مرسی (Mersi) and Merci in French. There is nothing but the slightest difference between the two words.

3. Simply caught

Persian is not considered a very strong language. Grammar is fairly simple. No articles and no gender. However, since there is no gender in the language, it can be a bit confusing when separating people because there is no separate word for her and him.

But yes, the word order is truly casual for the spoken tongue. There is no need to use pronouns many times as the verb connection tells you the subject and object.

4. Persian language land

persian language

Land of the Persian Language As you know that the official language of Iran is Persian, you may not know that the language is named after Iran’s previous name Persia.

Iran was known as Persia until the 5th when the then government requested the name of Iran, not Persia because Iran is the name of the country in Persian.

5. Persian alphabet

The Persian alphabet is:

ا ب پ ت ث ج چ ح خ د ذ ر ز ژ س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ک گ ل م ن و ه ی

The Persian alphabet utilized in Iran and Afghanistan is similar to the Arabic one, however, the language is in a unique household than Arabic, so their vocabulary and grammar are very different.

Because the 1930s, within the nations which were within the Soviet Union, like Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Persian has been written in an alphabet that’s just like the Russian one. Up to now, all Persian audio systems used the one based mostly on Arabic.

6. Historical past

Persian is a really outdated language, and linguists have names for 3 completely different variations of Persian that have been utilized in three completely different instances.

Outdated Persian was spoken within the first Persian empire, below the Achaemenid kings, together with Cyrus and Darius the Great.

This primary empire began within the sixth century BC and continued till Alexander the Great conquered it.

A second Persian empire, the Sassanian kings, dominated from the 2nd century AD till the Muslim conquest of Iran by the Arabs within the seventh Century, and Center Persian, or Pahlavi, was spoken by them.

7. Persian language and “Farsi”

Most individuals relate the Persian language with “Farsi”, the official language of Iran. It’s certainly essentially the most spoken type of Persian, however, there are different varieties as properly.

In Afghanistan, their Persian language is known as “Dari”, it’s one in every one of its official languages and is the language used essentially the most for inter-ethnic communications.

In Tajikistan, the official language is “Tajik”, one other number of Persian languages. Though there are some variations of their grammar and vocabulary, the audio system of any of these forms of Persian language can perceive one another, and that is one thing I skilled talking in Persian with folks from any of these nations.

8. Persian-Dari Persian

Persian and Dari Persian. Persian is the name given by the Persian language of Iran. Dari is the name given to the Persian language in Afghanistan.

Farsi and Dari are mutually intelligible, despite differences in pronunciation and grammar. Therefore, Farsi can be understood by a Dari speaker and vice versa, whether spoken or written.

9. Contribution to other languages

Persian has given some phrases which might be used now in numerous languages. Amongst these phrases initially Persian, we’ve got:

-Paradise. It comes from the Persian phrase فردوس  (Ferdous) which means backyard. Different attainable phrase of origin is پردیس (Pardis). These phrases are likely from the Avestic phrasePairi-Daeza”

-Bazaar: From Persian بازار (Baazaar).

-Caravan: From the phrase  کاروان (Kaarvaan)

-Jasmine: From phrase یاسمین (Yaasamin). In center Persian “Yaasaman

-Nowruz:  From phrase نوروز (Nowruz) = نو (Nou) which means “New” + روز (Ruz) which means “Day”. Nowruz is the identity of the Persian New Yr’s day.

Now could be frequent to see in calendars in Europe and North America, the phrase “Nowruz” marking the start of the spring.   

10. Persian Poetry

Poetry plays a very important role for the Persians and the sayings of famous life and the verses of their great poets are recited in daily life.

For example, if you are debating a business deal, arguing with a family member, or trying to set an example for young people, the power of poetry can often alienate or completely resolve the situation! Some famous Persian poets include Rumi and Sadi.

11. Poetry is involved in UN halls

President Obama quoted a poem by a medieval poet on March 28, in a video-laden message that greeted the Iranian people and identified the Persian New Year and spring seaside.

The poem is even engraved in the halls of the United Nations.

Persian has many dialects. The Persian language is formally referred to as Farsi in Iran, Dari and Farsi in Afghanistan, and Tajiki in Tajikistan. The literary language of every one of those nations is somewhat completely different, however, folks from every nation can perceive one another once they have a dialog. It has taken on many French phrases in Iran and plenty of Russian phrases in Tajikstan.

12. Affinity with Arabic

Persian is written in a modified model of Arabic Script. However, in Tajikistan, it’s written utilizing its personal model of the Cyrillic alphabet.

However all through its historical past, Persian has been put in writing utilizing a number of script programs, being maybe the language that has used essentially the most.

Arabic and Cyrillic alphabets begin this listing. Outdated Persian was written utilizing the Cuneiform system. Center Persian was written utilizing mainly Pahlevi script.

Throughout that point, many literary and spiritual works associated with Zoroastrianism, have been written in a modified model of Avestan Script.

Texts that belong to Manichean custom have been written utilizing a script based mostly on Aramaic.

Latin alphabet may be very typically used within the media online and for SMS. There is additionally some paperwork within the Judeo Persian dialect written with Hebrew letters.   

13. explicit grammar

Persian has really explicit grammar. There aren’t any genders and no articles. Conjugate a verb is simple and there’s no want to make use of private pronouns.

Most of the plurals are common and less used than in different languages; they aren’t used after a quantity. There aren’t any instances in written Persian.

The phrase order is SOV (Topic – Object – Verb). A selected attribute of Persian and different Iranian languages is using “Ezafe”, an unstressed last vowel (or a “ye” syllable after a vowel) used to hyperlink 2 phrases, primarily used to hyperlink an Adjective with the noun or to explain possession. 

14.  Dialects

Persian is a language that has many various dialects. As we might anticipate, dialects change from one area to a different one.

However, one thing very explicit from Persian dialects, not frequent in different languages, is that even non secular minorities who dwell in Iran have developed their very own dialects.

The Zoroastrian dialect is known asDari”, and isn’t associated with the Afghan Dari.

The Jewish dialect of Persian known as Judeo Persian. There are pieces of evidence that Christians and Manichean Persians additionally had their very own dialects, not used any extra.

15. Used for non-secular texts

Persian was used for non-secular texts. The majority of spiritual literature in Persian is associated with Zoroastrianism and Islam.

There are additionally Persian Manuscripts with Jewish, Christian, and Manichean texts.

A necessary part of Baha’i sacred texts has been additionally composed initially in Persian. There are Buddhist texts in different Iranian languages, and it’s properly recorded the actions of Buddhist missioners in Iran and the position performed by Iranian Monks serving to this faith to unfold within the Western part of China.

It simply matters of time to find extra on this space. Immediately, anybody with entry to Google and data in languages like English, French or German, has entry to beneficial details about world religions.

However one thousand years in the past, with no Google and no phrase concerning these languages, Persian performed a necessary position in documenting the completely different non-secular teachings of the time.

16. Rich literary custom

Persian has a really wealthy literary custom, that features poetry, books, documentaries, and plenty of different inventive and written expressions.

However, the work that deserves credit score for its effect over, not solely Persian arts and Language however over the language itself is the “Shahnameh”, the nice epic of the Kings, written by the nice Persian poet Ferdowsi Tusi.

Shahnameh shouldn’t be solely the masterpiece of Persian literature however many individuals, together with nice students, imagine that this epic work has influenced the revival of the Persian language after the autumn of the Sassanian empire.

It is usually mentioned that because of this nice epic work, the Persian language has modified little or no within the final 1000 years, simply after it was written.

17. has no literary works awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature

Though the Persian language has an ideal listing of poets and writers, no less than, till the start of 2017, it’s maybe the most necessary language of the world that has no literary works awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature.  

18. Additional expressions via Calligraphy

Inventive expressions utilizing the Persian language will not be restricted to literature, however, there are additional expressions via Calligraphy.

The historical past of Calligraphy begins approx. Throughout the 7th Century after the adoption of Arabic script, however, there are specialists that state that this artwork in Persian began centuries earlier than.  

Persian artists have contributed to creating writing right into an extra fluent model the place magnificence and Concord performs a necessary position.

The model that’s used essentially the most in fashionable Persian Arab script is Nastaleeq. This model follows pure curves, not like the Arabic types that are usually Geometrical.

19. Romantic language

Persian is a really romantic language.  There are numerous completely different expressions in this language to precise Love, a few of them are very authentic. Listed here are some:

دلبرم   (Delbar-am)  = It means “The one who holds my coronary heart”. It could possibly additionally imply, “The one who stole my coronary heart”. It’s used to check with a Soul mate. 

همسرم  (Hamsar-am) = Actually it means “My equal head”, it’s principally used for the partner.  

جگرم   (Jigar-am) = it’s a phrase for endearment, which means “My sweetie”, however actually means: “My Liver”.

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