personal strengths skills hobbies in resume for workplace
Employers look for several things for an interview call. Personal strengths, skills and hobbies are some stuffs needed in resume for the workplace

Personal Strengths, Skills & Hobbies in Resume for Workplace

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

Employers look for the best candidate during their selection process. On the other hand, the applicants also dream to hunt the best job for career. So the question arises, where is the common point that outbreaks with perfect match? Mentioning about your personal strength in the resume makes a distinction. Personal strengths, skills and hobbies are some must needed stuffs in resume to get an interview call and to gain success for the workplace.

Personal strengths definition

Personal strengths cover a vast area in definition. These are actually the needs, ornaments and prestige a person may have. Personal strengths encompass traits, situations, actions, tasks or characteristics a person may have or can perform a task as and when required. These include attitudes, knowledge, talents, proficiencies, willingness, skills, and mentality of a human’s life.

Personal strengths, abilities and skills are very important to perform actions, complete task, evaluate thyself, relate with others, and accomplish short term goal, or long term vision. It has no boundaries to limit with few examples. In fact, personal strengths, skills and hobbies are some of must needed ingredients in resume to get an interview call and to gain success for the workplace.

Which personal strengths are valuable?

What are the Personal strengths you have might be proved worthy for the job seeker as well as the hiring manager? Obviously not all of your personal strengths in resume will be countable to the HR.

He is the winner who not only have mane personal strengths, rather who has the understanding and abilities to use right personal strengths at the right place, and time with right people.

Pick the most relevant strengths match the most for a particular job you are going to apply every time.

Why your personal strengths in resume has values?

An interview is the gateway for the candidate to give the employer a trust and confidence that it is the applicant who is the best fit for the job they have offered. Employers should believe that you have the appropriate strengths and skills to excel in the job. That is why, highlighting your proper strengths in the most decisively in the cover letter and the resume.

We are going to describe some tips for incorporating your strengths which will be most congenital for your cover letter, resume and job applications for the job post you are going to apply. Moreover, the list of strengths we have advised you to compile in your way, may also be found handy while you face job interviews. It is a supporting tips to multiply your opportunities of interview triumph.

How to present personal strengths in resume?

Actually, personal strengths, skills and hobbies are some must needed contents in resume to get an interview call and to gain success for the workplace. As s human being, and also as a job seeker, you should have some exclusive strengths that. others may not have. The 2 points are crucial to bring into consideration while you put your strengths in the resume. One, what strengths you actually have that you are able to mention with example or proof. Two, whether those specific strengths will pay value to the employers if mentioned in the resume.

Look, all of the strengths you have may not the equal importance for an employer in a particular job. Don’t stuff all your strengths in the resume unless these are not related to the specific job. Mind this tips carefully. We will be going to discuss how to pick the right strength for your resume for a particular job. Stay tuned.

Jot down all

There should be a complete list of your strengths. All. A lot of time may be required to prepare the complete list. Take your time. Keep a notebook or online draft to enlist the strengths you have. Put down whenever you can recall any.

Gradually it will be a robust resource for you. Try to put down the example and case studies against each entry. You can make the list category wise. Jotting down all strengths in alphabetical order or skilled wise. We will show example below.

Tailor an Inventory of your Strengths

Next, make an inventory covering all of your strengths. It is not a work of one day. Take your time. Develop gradually, but perfectly. You may need to update the inventory on a regular basis.Area of your strengths can be vast as we said. Strengths can be skills, personal traits, sphere of knowledge, previous experiences, or any case study. A good way to mastermind a all time list of 10 or 20 strengths that allows you to achieve your targets at a professional height.

Undergo a neutral self-assessment and jot down all the strengths you have found. It is the best way to gather all the strengths you have throughout your life. You can categorize all those skills known as ‘Competencies’, or ‘transferable skills’

Job description implies personal strengths

The best way to know what strengths will be worthy to the employer, for a specific job, is to look into the job description the employer put on the job circular. It is actually the easiest way to match your strengths with the offered job.

Most of the employers disclose the detail job description in the job circulars- what and what a candidate is highly expected to perform during the tenure. Go through the Job Description well and relate the strengths that fits with you. It is a part of personal strengths, skills and hobbies that are must needed stuffs in resume to get an interview call and to gain success for the workplace.

The matched strengths may be one, tow, three, or more. Next, find your any of past reference or experience on those particular strength, that will authenticate your strengths with the requirement. This is the best verification you can do at this point.

Mention with example or case study

It is important to keep your inventory full with strengths, skills and abilities that you have. You can pick the related personal strengths in Key Skills or Key Strengths section of your resume.

How to know which personal strengths will be worthy in resume?
Don’t stuff all of the personal strengths in resume. It is good when you have many personal strengths, no doubt. But, it is a blunder when you put all of your strengths in the resume. It will nothing but confuse the hiring managers on your actual strengths they are looking for the particular position.

Where you are different than others?

Everyone applies for the job. There will be many of your competitors, who have better experience, degree or anything. They might have many achievements or ornaments to mention in their resume. Many candidates might be far qualified than you.

Among them, you can beat all of your competitors band be the best. Your personal strengths and the style you present them on the resume very professionally has great importance.

Exclusively break down the qualifications for the job you are interested in. Attentively pinpoint the job advertisement. Also, visit descriptions of similar jobs offered in any other company. These will facilitate you to tailor a list of the influential qualities, hard skills, soft skills, experiences, interests, attitudes and range of knowledge that the hiring managers value at their best.

List of Skills and strengths

Here is a list of common as well rare personal strengths that are usually preferred by the employers. For your convenience, we have categorized them under some appropriate key personal strengths.


  • Lead from front
  • Doer
  • Take responsibility
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Honesty
  • Delegate properly
  • Professional ethics
  • Give credit
  • Judgment

Learning agility

  • Quick learner
  • Willingness to learn
  • Learn from experience
  • Apply learning
  • Confidence to learn

Communication Skills

  • Nonverbal communication
  • Listening
  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Friendliness
  • Clarify
  • Respect others
  • Empathy
  • Confidence
  • Open-minded

Emotional intelligence

  • Listen to each other
  • Understand situation
  • Accept change
  • Control upsetting mind
  • Freedom of creativity
  • Openness of mind
  • Flexible at work and opinion

Goal oriented

  • Focused
  • Visionary
  • Practical
  • results achiever
  • Set target
  • Time management
  • Keep schedule
  • Take note
  • Set priority
  • Ignore distraction

Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments
  • Persist in the face of unexpected difficulties.
  • Keep calm in crisis
  • Think quickly to respond to sudden changes in circumstances.
  • Plan ahead, but having alternative options in case things go wrong.

Positive Attitude

  • Tolerance
  • Accept change
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • Flexibility
  • Changing perspective
  • Smile
  • Sacrifice
  • Defeated to win
  • See big picture


  • Stress management
  • Work in diversity
  • Flexibility in work
  • Work with tough boss
  • Adjust with situation
  • Anger management
  • Working is a team
  • Working under stress
  • Deal with negative people
  • Decicisive


  • Keep commitment
  • Solution oriented
  • Positive
  • Consider outcome of every action
  • Courageous
  • Honest
  • Fair
  • Accountable
  • Compassionate

Critical thinking

  • Thinking out of box
  • Innovation
  • Decision making skills
  • Analytical abilities
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Think alternative plan

Coaching people

  • Teaching
  • Team building
  • Leadership skills
  • Counseling
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mentoring
  • Listening more
  • Consolation
  • Give motivation
  • Candid

Creating Ideas

  • Thinking out of the box
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Know the trend
  • Do holistic research
  • Ambitious
  • Learning from everything
  • Think positive
  • Keep senses alert
  • Be knowledgeable

Delegate task

  • Understand task
  • Develop good team
  • Communicate
  • Give authority
  • Set standards
  • Provide support
  • Take commitment
  • Share expectations

Financial management

  • Know economic trend
  • Analyze market, history
  • Maximize business growth
  • Critical financial decisions
  • Business forecast
  • Budgeting
  • Cost control
  • Resources valuation management


  • Higher IQ
  • Questioning for solution
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Instant response
  • Set bigger vision
  • Emphasize on end result
  • Managing team
  • Wise decision
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Talk less listen more
  • Accept opinions

Meeting deadlines

  • Time management
  • Set priority
  • Maintain tasklist
  • Delegate jobs properly
  • Develop team
  • Keep track
  • Take leadership
  • Communicate & clarify role
  • Support the team in need
Character Strengths career cliff
A glimpse of Character Strengths

Motivating others

  • Self motivated
  • Give reward
  • Celebrate success
  • Make them leaders
  • Give credit
  • Participate in tasks
  • Be positive
  • Counsel, coach and train
  • Give Independence
  • Grow responsibility

Attention to details

  • Plan well
  • Predictable
  • Design
  • Refinement
  • Checklist
  • Know background
  • Listening
  • Alert senses
  • Risk assessment
  • Rethink
  • Diligence
  • Communication

Self Motivation

  • Positive
  • See big picture
  • Think big
  • See end result
  • Track progress
  • Don’t think too much
  • Avoid negative people
  • Keep good relationship
  • Learn
  • See good in bad
  • Help others

Personal Management

  • Time management
  • Honesty
  • Self motivation
  • Professional ethics
  • Self confidence
  • Aptitude
  • Self development
  • Stress management

Organizational skills

  • Task delegation
  • Goal setting and meeting goals
  • Creating and keeping deadlines
  • Team management
  • Project management
  • Crucial Decision making
  • Making schedules
  • Maintaining appointments
  • Prioritizing tasks

Technical skills

  • Computer Skills
  • Information technology
  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Business analyst
  • Accounting
  • Software
  • Web design

Strong Work Ethic

  • Honesty in work and intention
  • Dedication
  • Emphasis on quality
  • Loyalty to work
  • Determination
  • Switch off phone in meeting
  • Discipline
  • Respectful to opposite gender
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Comply with all official policies
  • Cooperation
  • Keep official confidentiality
  • Character
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respectful to others
  • Productivity
  • Comply office attendance policy
  • Dependability
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality


  • Sharp IQ
  • Plan
  • Keep schedule
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Not to be distracted
  • Pay attention
  • Education & training
  • Growing productivity
  • Keeping in writing
  • Enable notification

Interpersonal Skills

  • Greetings
  • Responsibility
  • Network building
  • Active listening
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Relationship
  • Dependability
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Attitudes
  • Smile
  • Behavior
  • Patients
  • Flexibility

Team Work

  • Collaboration & sharing
  • Exchange
  • Listening
  • Social gathering
  • Communication
  • Sacrifice & compromise
  • Give others credit
  • Conflict management
  • Take feedback
  • Celebrate success
  • Take leadership
  • Delegation
  • Encourage


  • Proactive
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Creativity
  • Try new
  • Thinking out of box
  • Leadership
  • Hunger for conclusion
  • Problem solving
  • Quick learner
  • Productive


  • Negotiation skills
  • Rapport building
  • Deal in difficulty
  • Listening
  • Compromise
  • Effective communication
  • Smiling
  • Decision making
  • Reduce misunderstanding
  • Accommodate
  • Assertiveness
  • Verbal communication
  • Problem solving

Sales skills

  • Persuading people
  • Communication
  • Rapport building
  • Time management
  • Presentation
  • Smiling
  • Dress code
  • Questioning
  • Strategic Prospecting Skills
  • Language
  • Product knowledge
  • Listening

People oriented

  • Networking
  • Empathy
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Tolerance
  • Customer service skills
  • Responsibility
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Teamwork
  • Cooperative

Below is a list that covers some of more personal strengths that usually overlap with the strengths mentioned above

• Devoted
• Determined
• Enthusiastic
• Experienced
• Hard-working
• Involved
• Mature
• Open-minded
• Practical
• Punctual
• Realistic
• Reliable
• Responsive
• Seasoned
• Self-directed
• Self-disciplined
• Independent
• Systematic
• Willingness
• Articulate
• Calm
• Charismatic
• Clear-headed
• Considerate
• Curious
• Efficient
• Forthright
• Helpful
• Imaginative
• Independent
• Insightful
• Intuitive
• Kind
• Methodical
• Meticulous
• Neat
• Objective
• Painstaking
• Passionate
• Perceptive
• Persuasive
• Prudent
• Resourceful

  • Sociable
  • Adaptability
  • Endurance
  • Steadfastness
  • Dependability
  • Effectiveness
  • Sense of efficiency

Pay attention to prioritize the most admissible qualifications you may place on the resume. Double check the personal strengths with best fit evidence and examples. Put reference while adding your personal strengths with the most appropriate evidence about the value you incorporated, the outcome you generated and feats you gained to validate your statements.

What a cover letter should cover

It is very important to add core strengths in the Cover Letter while you apply for a particular job. It is a part of personal strengths, skills or hobbies in resume to get an interview call and to gain success for the workplace.

A cover letter is the gateway to initially connect yourself with the employer. A cover letter gives your introduction to the employers. They come to know about your strengths through different sources of evidence about your value proposition. Technically implant Plan to 5-7 basic strengths from your inventory in the cover letter.

First impression is the best. Generate a mind blowing introductory statement in the beginning paragraph which refer to 5 to 6 of your core personal strengths to authenticate how and why you will be able to excel in the role they have offered. Say, an applicant who is going to seek for a banking profession can mention “Strong persuasive skills, personal skills, social skills and presentation as well as the competencies to close win win deals assisted me to transcend in earlier banking position.”

Now, in the next section, it is your time to specifically validate your earlier statement with some sort of examples and proofs. Here, you will have greater opportunities to get an interview call, when you will properly justify your testimonial and be the pioneer in the competitions.

Subsequently, a the banking job seeker may also write, “During my tenure in Royal Bank, I generated a unique communication band follow-up technique that supported me to enhance bank sales in my region up to 9% in a fiscal year.” Next, add related declaration for other 4-6 supplementary strengths to wrap up the cover letter.

It is a also a fundamental requirement to incorporate a stunning summary statement on the CV. Separately emphasize on all the required strengths you have referred in cover letter. To do, develop a unique summary statement on top of the CV with narrowing down with some more relevant strengths can be associated in the job.

Body part of the resume is the place to incorporate micro level proof that describes what are the ways you have administered to capitalize your personal strengths in different jobs. It will be worthy to the hiring manager.

If the job, for example, would desire you to add value to the teaching, the resume description might be like this:
“Researched developments of the students that resulted individual students inventory with special need, that was counseled to individual level to mitigate lacking and enhance productivity, creativity and proficiency until significant change in exam results.”

Take away

Enlisting strengths may not be perfect and effective all the time, due to changes in attitudes, skills and characteristics.

You also need to keep a well preparation to discuss about your strengths during the job interviews. Let the employers know about the points you could not elaborate in the resume. Interviews are a great opportunity to dive deeper.

Employers may ask questions in line of the pattern you strengths you mentioned in the resume. Be authentic, and bold, also to the point. Don’t stretch unnecessarily lest you unintentionally disqualify yourself from the job hunting process in the midway. Here lies the success to reveal your personal strengths, skills and hobbies in resume to get an interview call now, and to gain success for the workplace in future.

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