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10 Tips & 20 Persuasive Sales Email Examples for Lead Gen

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2023)

Persuasive sales email has a great return with a successful example. When you write a persuasive sales email for the client, it set the example of a successful sales, or lead. For the first time, we’ll be leaning towards 5 of the sequences we’ve used ourselves over the years to help our test users become happy paying customers. This article will discuss persuasive sales email examples.

10 Tips to Write Persuasive Sales Emails

1. Captivating the Reader’s Attention: The Power of a Clear and Compelling Subject Line

In the vast digital expanse of email communication, the subject line stands as the ultimate gateway to your message. Its impact can be transformative, either enticing the reader with irresistible allure or relegating your email to the forgotten realm of unread messages.

Embrace the art of subject line crafting, for within its concise confines lies the key to captivating your audience. Seek clarity and specificity, shunning the cloak of ambiguity. Let your subject line wield the power to beckon recipients toward the heart of your content, compelling them to journey further into your narrative.

2. Embracing Brevity: The Art of Keeping Emails Short and Impactful

Within the kingdom of email communication, brevity reigns as the sovereign ruler. To captivate your audience and ensnare their unwavering engagement, embrace the elegance of concise prose.

Beware the labyrinthine meandering of long, cumbersome sentences, for they risk exhausting readers and diluting the potency of your message. Instead, opt for clarity and precision, delivering your content with the force of a focused arrow finding its mark. Each sentence should stand as a purposeful beacon, illuminating your narrative with laser-like clarity. Embrace succinctness to elevate the brilliance of your message and ensure its resonance in the reader’s mind.

3. The Art of Conversational Charm: Forging Bonds with a Friendly Tone

Within the digital realm of emails, each missive represents more than just a letter on a screen; it becomes a conversation between sender and recipient. In this domain, embrace the magic of a friendly, personable tone that weaves bonds of connection. Dispel the shadows of formality and distance, inviting dialogue with the warmth of a kindred spirit.

Beware the snares of pushiness and aggression, for they can shatter the bridge of trust and discourage further engagement. Instead, infuse your words with a gentle allure, beckoning a positive response from the reader, eager to converse with a congenial soul.

4. The Alchemy of Personalization: Addressing Recipients by Name

In the realm of emails, personalization emerges as the mystical elixir, bestowing relevance and attentiveness to your every word. Address recipients by name, for within those simple syllables lies the power to create an immediate bond.

Akin to a whispered secret, the recipient’s name conveys recognition and value, weaving a tapestry of trust. Venture further along the path of personalization, customizing content to cater to individual preferences and past interactions. Such a thoughtful gesture ignites the spark of trust, kindling the flames of engagement, and propelling fruitful communication.

5. Unveiling the Value and Promise: A Clear Depiction of Your Offering

Within the enchanting world of email persuasion, the art of presenting your product or service blossoms like a mesmerizing flower. Paint a vivid portrait of your offering, radiating its value and benefits with resplendent hues. Unveil how your creation addresses the recipient’s deepest needs, tenderly alleviating their pain points or elevating their very existence.

Illuminate the unique selling points that set your creation on a pedestal, far above the realm of competitors. Let your email sing a serenade of clarity, so the siren call of your proposition resonates with undeniable allure, captivating the hearts of recipients.

6. Provide Concrete Evidence and Compelling Examples to Bolster Your Claims

In the realm of persuasive communication, mere assertions can be like castles in the air, lacking a solid foundation of evidence. To truly sway potential customers or clients, back your claims with tangible, verifiable proof.

Harness the power of testimonials from satisfied clients, present case studies showcasing real-world applications, and employ data-driven insights that leave no room for doubt. By substantiating your claims, you instill confidence and trust in your brand, elevating it from mere rhetoric to a convincing reality.

7. Craft an Irresistible Call to Action, Guiding Readers Toward the Next Step

Within the vast landscape of email communication, a compelling call to action acts as a beacon, directing readers on the path you desire them to take. Craft your CTA with precision and clarity, leaving no room for ambiguity or hesitation.

Whether it’s an invitation to make a purchase, a request to sign up for a newsletter, or an encouragement to explore more, make the call to action unmistakable. A definitive and courteous approach empowers recipients to act upon your message, fueling meaningful engagement.

8. Embrace the Power of Visuals and Skillful Formatting to Enhance Readability

In the art of email composition, the visual aspect holds considerable sway over the reader’s experience. Introduce strategic formatting elements that make your email a breeze to read and absorb.

Utilize bullet points, subheadings, and judicious use of bold text to organize your content effectively, facilitating seamless scanning. Moreover, strategically incorporate visuals, such as images or infographics, to augment your message and add visual appeal. A well-structured email ensures that your key points shine like stars in the night sky, drawing readers’ attention with ease.

9. Embrace a Data-Driven Approach: Test, Analyze, and Optimize

The quest for email perfection necessitates a vigilant and data-driven mindset. Engage in systematic A/B testing to discern the most potent strategies for your email campaigns. Monitor crucial metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to glean valuable insights.

Armed with the knowledge of what works best, embark on the journey of optimization, refining your approach based on empirical evidence. A strategic, data-driven approach unlocks the full potential of your emails, harnessing the alchemy of data to forge success.

10. Cultivate Ongoing Conversations, Balancing Persistence with Sensitivity

The end of an email is not the termination of a conversation, but an invitation to continue the discourse. Nurture your connections with follow-up messages, building upon prior interactions with a personalized touch.

However, while persistence is a virtue, it must always be accompanied by sensitivity. Avoid venturing into the realm of pushiness or intrusiveness, respecting the boundaries of your audience. By striking the delicate balance between persistence and tact, you sow the seeds of enduring relationships and harvest the fruits of meaningful engagement.

20 Persuasive sales email examples and Templates

We’ll start with our current sequence, which is transmitted to prospects when we sign up for a demo of our software (see for yourself by signing up here;)), this is a simple 3-email sequence, but it outgrows all our previous hierarchy. 57% of the chances involved success.

Sequence # 1. 89% open rate, 57% open rate

#1 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Demo Request for Your Response.

Hello {first name},
Thank you for your interest in replying. I’d be happy to jump on a call to give you an in-depth review of our platform. Let me know how the time works, and I’ll send you a calendar invitation. Meanwhile, can you answer these questions to help me better understand your situation so that I can present the call accordingly:

1) How are you currently promoting your email and what are the challenges you want to address?
2) How are you currently receiving your potential emails?
3) Are you looking for a single account or multiple users?
4) How many contacts are you looking for each month?

[Your Name]

The best

First of all, we use a simple opener, quickly confirming the reason for the email. The content and the starting line of the email tell them directly why you are emailing them and reassure them that this is not a cold email or, worse, not spam.

We follow it up with a simple request. Instead of offering self-service, we’re asking them to help.

#2 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Answer Trial – Important Note Before You Begin

Hello {first name},

Thank you for signing up!

My name is Michel and I reply to you. I thought I’d leave a quick note to introduce myself. I encourage you to get started. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to automate and scale your emails (and follow-ups), but keep it private, right?

If so, I’d like to share a set of best practices that are based on our customers’ experience, as well as our own that can increase your open/reply rate by up to 30%.

If you have 15 minutes to make a quick call, I look forward to understanding your needs and how we can help you grow your business.

Much success

Alternatively, you can use email first to establish a strong customer relationship. Our representatives introduce them and offer to act as guides, assisting in best practices that can increase their open rates and grow their business.

#3 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Demo Request for Your Response…

{First part of the name},
As requested, are you still interested in automating your email outreach by replying? Answering allows you to spend more time doing customer-facing tasks and letting the answer create the lead you want.

The best

All our follow-ups are sent as a response to the previous email, so they can easily view the original email without searching. Our priority is to get their attention to that first email. We do this here with a simple two-part reminder. First, we remind them that they were interested in our service and ask if it is still so. Second, we remind them why we are interested in them in the first place and what important benefits they create.

#4 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: RE: Demo request for your answer

{First part of the name},

I understand that things can get busy so our customers wanted to discuss how to earn the answer and close their business by closing more businesses. Ask me how

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The best

Empathy is important. It’s important to show that our customers are busy people, and we understand that. We finish the sequence with a final reminder of the benefits (making their day free) and a clear CTA (‘how to ask me’).

Email with benefits

Our second order is designed to demonstrate the benefits of using our service over four emails.

Sequence # 2. 78% open rate, 20% + response rate

#5 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Trial the Answer – Important Note Before You Begin

Hi {firstname},

Thanks for signing up. I thought I’d leave a quick note to make sure you have a good idea of ​​what the answer is and how it can make your life easier. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to automate your emails (and follow-ups), but keep it private, right?

If so, I just wanted to let you know that we have created a set of best practices based on our customers’ experience as well as our own experience, there are proven examples of how to increase your Open / Reply rate by up to 30% by applying it.

If you are curious as to how reply can get you more booking meetings, I’d be happy to talk.


The subject line uses immediacy to persuade the recipient to open. A conversation opens in the first paragraph, while the second paragraph explains the benefits, simply and clearly: increasing their open/reply rate by up to 30%. It also has assurances for real, based on proven examples.

#6 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Answer – What can we do for you?

Hi {firstname},

I can see that you had the opportunity to start a response trial.

If you have any questions, I’d like to share our best practices with you here:
– Finding contacts
– Campaign setup
– Email template
– Consolidation

PS. Did you know that there is a new marketplace for answers that allows you to achieve more top rankings based on your targeted search criteria?

Instead of going for a hard sell, the subject line of the second email is the offer of support. This time though, we highlight some areas we can help with. If any of our chances are there is a problem with any of this, answering the email is a brainer. Lastly, we are looking for our P.S. (One of the most-read parts of any email) To highlight another benefit, we know that one will appeal to our general customer.

#7 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Reply – Optimizing your email campaigns

Hey {first name},

In response, we noticed that our customers are sitting in a personalized demo based on their intentions they get about 30% better results because they know how highly personalized emails that maximize response rates can optimize their promotions using all features.

Are you interested in this national walk?

The third email reiterates the advantages highlighted in the first email. This time we have reached it from another angle. We’ve seen other customers achieve 30% better results and we want to help our new customers achieve that. In fact, we are telling them that if others already benefit, why should they be excluded?

#8 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: writ: reply – improve the open/reply rate

Hi {firstname},

Great, so you’re on the move now and start getting answers from your prospects (well at least I hope so). However, if you do not get the results you want, it is usually one of the following reasons:

1) Your email database is not the maximum, i.e. wrong email
2) Your Content For Your Customer “What Is It For Me?” Not answering the basic question?
3) You have not tested your message to check which message opens up the most and responds to your content and subject line.

Not to worry, these are the ones that can be resolved as soon as we address them early on. Let me know if you want to chat.

Lastly, we tried another approach for the last email. We start by making a list of some of the common problems our customers are facing, then reassure them that they can help solve them as soon as they work things We not only know the problems they are facing, but there are solutions.

When a prospect signs up for our webinars, this is just the first step. These sign-ups need to be carefully nurtured, to take them from a casual visitor to a happy customer. Since many people who sign up for a webinar still can’t attend, it’s important not to rely solely on the power of your webinar to motivate your customers.

[Your Name]

Sequence # 3. Open rate 91%, reply 21%

#9 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Signup your webinar – How to book more meetings

Hello {first name},

Thank you for signing up for Webinar, held last week. We appreciate your interest and will be happy to take a deep review of our platform with you and discuss how it can help you book more sales meetings, automate your processes and close more businesses.

If you would like to get a call coming up to discuss how the answer can help you grow your business, please let me know.

Looking for your answer!

[Your Name]

The subject line explains why they’re receiving this email, so they know it’s not spam (as in Sequence # 1). We are thankful for their sign-up and let them know that we have written the benefit of their call booking (as in Sequence # 2). We use both general benefits (business growth) and fixed benefits (more sales meeting bookings and automated process bookings).

#10 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Your Webinar Signup – How to book more meetings

Hi {firstname},

As requested, are you interested in learning how the answer can help you get your email out to the outside? Answering allows you to spend more time doing things face-to-face with customers and let the answer create the lead you are looking for.

The best

The second email in this order is to remind them why they signed up for the webinar; Spend more time on customer-related work and less on finding leads.

#11 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Your Webinar Signup – How to book more meetings

Hi {firstname},

I understand that things can get busy, so I wanted to discuss how our customers are making their day free by earning answers and closing more businesses. Please respond with a letter from the options below:

A: I am interested in discussing more the answer to automating my email outreach
B: I’m eager to reply, but now is not the time to discuss it. Let it move after 2 weeks.
C: I’m not interested in replying at this point.

Looking for your answer!

[Your Name]

Our final effort is about making it as easy as possible to respond. In the answer, it is just a letter. We have included an “out”, so if they are not interested at the moment they can simply select the last option. It is better for us to get no response at all than they are currently not interested.

If you are looking for an alternative, here’s a different genre we used for webinar registration. Although its open rate was not high, the sequence had a better rate of response and succeeded in starting a conversation with our prospects.

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Sequence # 4. 78% open rate, 29% answer rate

12# Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Registration of your webinar [Option A] / Last chance [Option B]

Hello {first name},

Thank you for registering to participate in our recent webinar on “How to create more 3x more opportunities”.
If you are still evaluating ways to improve your sales skills, I would love to chat about your current workflow and how can help you book more meetings. By replying, you can set your sales promotion to auto-pilot so that your sales professionals can focus their efforts on earning activities.

Do you have any availability this Tuesday or Thursday?

I look forward to assisting at any opportunity.

Best regards,

The email serves as a natural follow-up to a webinar, expanding what was covered and showing them what they should do next to benefit the most from what they have learned.

#13 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Registration of Your Webinar [Option A] / Re: Last Chance [Option B]

Hello {first name},

I just wanted to turn around in my previous email. Interested in tips on how to optimize our platform to scale and automate your personalized 1: 1 communication?

If your schedule allows, I’d love to chat this week.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

The follow-up is a simple reminder of the original email and offers free advice.

#14 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Book 3x More Meeting [Option A] / Free 14 Day Trial – Sale Auto-Pilot [Option B]

Hello {first name},

I’ve reached out a few times but haven’t heard back. I know things get busy, but I’m hoping to help you automate your sales promotion effort to focus your energy on your income source creation activities.

If you are interested in checking the answers you need, click on the link below to download your free 14-day trial,

I look forward to assisting at any opportunity.

Best regards,

In addition to reiterating how they will benefit, we will also give them an option if we do not yet have a response at this time; Rather than getting a call, they can sign up for the demo and try our service to them.

Can I pay attention to you?

Our original sequence (prior to acceptance of order # 1) was designed to capture the attention of the recipient in a combination of benefits and questions:

Sequence # 5. 1 %% open rate, 1% replay rate

#15 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Verify Account Account – Enter Verified Emails / Direct # ‘s]

Hi {firstname},

Thank you for your interest in replying

I am available to look at your requirements and show you how to get the best lift up to maximize your results. Furthermore, I can show you how I can access verified email/contact # s based on your targeted search criteria.

Which day works best for you? I will send a meeting invitation accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your Name]

Here we have highlighted the benefits of responding at a general level (maximizing results) as well as being specific (accessing verified contact data). Instead of asking a question with a yes / no answer, we end the day by asking what works best for a meeting.

#16 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Set up a responsive account

Hi {firstname},

I hope everything is ok By now you’ve probably uploaded a list and started creating templates to start emailing potential customers.

Did you know that you can test A / B using the answer? If you want to know how I’d be happy to jump on a call with you.

I want to make sure that I can answer all your questions during this exam period.

Let me know which day and time work best for you, and I will send an invite to a meeting accordingly.


The first paragraph reminds them of what they can do with our service and if they haven’t already started, this can be a good time. We ask direct questions about whether they knew of a particularly helpful feature in response. If they have not yet used the software,

This can give them a helpful pull toward getting started.

#17 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Accountable

Hi {firstname},

Interested in learning how you can preview and customize a promotion-level email before figuring out the next step?

If so, I’d be happy to jump on a call with you to show you how. In addition, we can review a pricing plan that works for you and can schedule a response demo if needed.



We open the third email with an immediate question, again highlighting a specific feature to catch their attention.

#18 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Accountable accounts expire in 2 days

Hi {firstname},

I have emailed you a few times to chat more about replies and I understand that things get busy.

However, your trial is coming to an end soon so now would be a good time to answer any questions you have with your answers and discuss the best pricing plan for you.

Which day works for you? I will send an invite to a meeting as that.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The contents of this email are a reminder that time is running out and the email itself expands why they need to act now. Using an urgent attitude is a great way to catch someone’s attention and motivate them to take action.

#19 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Let’s try again

Hi {firstname},

You signed up for a response test a few weeks ago.

With Answers, it’s easy to set up your promotions and follow up with Rockstar. Unfortunately, it looks like you haven’t had a chance to test our system completely.

I understand that it can be very difficult to find the time, so I would like to welcome you to another test. I can always reactivate your test account for another two weeks or two for testing.

The trial is over and they haven’t signed up yet after four emails. Game over, right? Wrong. We use the opportunity to invite them back for another bar, so if they drop out of the demo for the first time, they have another chance.

#20 Persuasive sales email example

Subject: Re: Answering Email Engine

Hi {firstname},

In response, we have attracted customers using our own software to follow the lead of Outbound.

In six months we have received thousands of internal trials and hundreds of customers because we have done a simple job. We automatically test the outbound process until we get the results of our promotion.

If you are still sending emails manually, come back to reply and try us again

If the prospect does not accept our proposal to extend their test and still does not reply, we will send a final email. We try a different approach to tell them an overview of the general work we do to grow our business; Everyone is looking for one simple thing that will make all the difference. We finish by inviting them to come back so we can help them do the same and get the results they deserve.

Take away

To create the majority of your hard-won inbound leads, having a proper email order is essential to nurturing them. As you can see, over the years we have tried different approaches with different results. However, as a rule, we find that simple emails with a focus on convenience work best.  Please use our templates as a way to adjust them to fit your appropriate product or service. Let us know how you proceed!

Of course, if you are looking for a platform to automate your sales sequence, the answer is designed for you. Whether it’s internal borders or outbound cool emails, Reply features are jam-packed to make the whole process as easy as possible. Learn more and sign up for your free exam today. At the very least, it will give you the opportunity to effectively view our latest internal sequences

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