Public Relations Officer Duties and Responsibilities

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

Like all other professions a public relations officer has some particular duties and responsibilities. Understanding public relations duties and responsibilities is important to pick the right candidate. Public relations account executives are responsible for promoting all aspects of planning publicity and PR activities.

Work is short

We are looking for a Public Relations Officer to manage and monitor public relations activities and to ensure effective communication with stakeholders, the media and the public.

As a PR Officer, you should have an organized and cool talented professional who is capable of handling any crisis. We hope you have a creative mind and excellent communication skills. If you are also confident in your public speaking and project management abilities, we would love to meet you.

Your goal is to cultivate a positive organization image. a public relations officer has some particular duties and responsibilities.


Develop PR promotions and media relations strategies
Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. marketing) and maintain open communication with senior management
Edit and update promotional materials and publications (brochures, videos, social media posts, etc.)
Prepare and distribute press releases
Organize PR events (e.g. openings, press conferences) and serve as a spokesperson for the organization
Find opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and ads
Media and other party address searches
Track media coverage and follow industry trends
Prepare and submit PR reports
Manage Public Relations Issues


Proven experience as a public relations officer or similar PR role
Experience managing media relationships (online, broadcast and print)
Background for researching, writing and editing publications
Proficient in MS Office and Social Media
Familiarity with project management software and video / photo editing is a plus
Ability to communicate (verbal and written)
Great organizational skills
Ability to work well under pressure
Creativity and problem solving tendencies
BSc / BA in Public Relations, Journalism, Communication or related field

Other tasks include

Plan promotion strategies and campaign plans
Writing and producing presentations and press releases
Relating to interrogations of the public, the media and related companies
Organizing and participating in promotional events such as press conferences, openings, exhibitions, tours and visits
Speaking publicly at interviews, press conferences and presentations

Promote public relations strategies and promotions
Preparing press releases, keynotes and promotional material
Build positive relationships with stakeholders, the media and the public

Provide clients with new promotion opportunities and information on the progress of current PR promotions
Media Coverage Analysis
Commission or conduct relevant market research
Communicate with clients, management and journalists about budgets, timescales and objectives

PR officers may need to perform other, more general, marketing responsibilities, depending on the employer. These may include working on websites and social media and writing and / or producing presentations, reports, articles, leaflets, journals and brochures for distribution both externally and internally.

General employers of public relations officers

Advertising or marketing company
Business services
Private household
Government agencies

Vacancies are advertised by Career Services, specialist recruitment agencies and national newspapers and trade publications including Press Gazette and PR Week. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) publishes a list of volunteer recruitment and salaried graduate training projects.

Many graduates enter the profession at a junior level or move to PR following a marketing, journalism or advertising career. Networking and estimating applications can also be a useful strategy for finding opportunities, for which a portfolio of written work can be useful for highlighting relevant skills.

Qualifications and training required

There are routes to PR for both university graduates and school dropouts.

Degree in any subject is acceptable, though some employers may prefer English, Management, Business or Media Studies, Marketing or Behavioral Sciences. A PR postgraduate qualification can also be helpful.

Work experience gained in the business of public relations, marketing, fundraising, event promotion or journalism can also be useful in your applications.

Key skills for public relations officers

Great communication skills both orally and in writing
Excellent interpersonal skills
Good IT skills
Presentation techniques
Ability to prioritize and plan effectively
Awareness about various media agendas

PRO duties

PRO duties

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