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12 Public Speaking Tips and Techniques Who Fears

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Public speaking is a great quality that requires some techniques. Not all people are good public speakers. Very few are born good speakers, but most people like us achieve public speaking qualities by applying techniques. Those who are interested to acquire public speaking traits practice the techniques by any means. The practice is one of the key public speaking techniques. In this article, we will discuss public speaking techniques and how you can achieve those public speaking techniques.

Overcome fear of speaking in front of others

One of the most prevalent human conditions is the dread of speaking in front of others. Most people experience fear or at the very least anxiety when given the opportunity to speak in front of an audience. Speaking abilities are often neglected because individuals think they are unimportant or that they will never have to speak in front of an audience. Everyone will be required to speak, present, or simply deliver a few words of encouragement, gratitude, etc. at some point in their lives. Speaking in front of both large and small audiences with assurance and charm is possible.

Even if they are completely knowledgeable about a subject, people frequently become flustered and anxious when faced with the prospect of having to communicate their ideas in front of an audience. Inaction will result in nothing changing. The greatest strategy to help you get over your fear of public speaking is to recognize the issue with communication and then choose solutions, such as training and courses in communication, which you will then put into practice.

Good communication skills, which are necessary for every relationship, job, and/or just being alive and participating in your local community, are not only employed in circumstances where you must address a big number of people, but they are also an indicator of good public speaking abilities. Public speaking and effective communication go hand in hand, so if you get better at public speaking, you’ll almost certainly get better at communicating with your friends and family as well.

Basic Public Speaking Tips and Techniques Who Fears

Do you have the bravery and fortitude to grow in your own personal development, and enhance your communication and public speaking abilities, even if you are just starting out, the resources and public speaker tools offer practical answers for speaking challenges encountered in everyday life. Keep an eye out for websites that offer free guidance, workshops, suggestions, and other opportunities to improve your public speaking abilities.

1. Keep the ball in line with the audience

Let me give you an example of how I open a lecture and you know I have done over 5000 talks and seminars. I am almost always open with the same words.

I say, “Congratulations on being here. This means that you are in the top 10% of the adults in our society today.

I say it in Russia, I say it in China, Finland, and Canada and I say it in Atlanta.

“You are the top 10% of the adults in our society today. Why so? Because you’re here. You can see that only the top 10% of people in society come to a seminar to learn how to be better in some way. The other 90% have a reason for not always being here. “

Then I would ask, “How many people do you know who could stay here but were excused?”

Everyone in the audience talks about and imagines not being here, who is usually not a very successful person.

Then I tell them,

“Being here means that they are in the top 10%. And by the way, how can you tell who a person really is? How can they believe in what they are, what their goals are, and their hopes, dreams, and values? What do they say? Can you say? Do they expect or desire? No, just what they do. The real thing is that you are here. Live at 10%.

Then I’ll say,

“Many of you are thinking that if he knew how much money I was making, he would not say that I am in the top 10%. Maybe not, but remember that no matter where you come from. What really matters is where you are going is determining where you are going, what you are doing right now. And just because you are here means you have a great future. Remember that the intention of the future determines the present action.

That’s how I started.

I would even say that I am going to share some ideas with them, which is that the top 10% of people in this field practice. I would tell them that these ideas can help them move faster than they can imagine. Then I started my talk.

2. Connect Emotionally

Sometimes when I talk to my audience I say, “Tell me, what percentage of people are sensitive to thought, and what percentage is logical or logical?”

And people would guess for a while and then they would say in the end, “Oh, that’s 10% logical and 80% or 90% sensitive.”

I tell them “No people’s thoughts are 100% sensitive.”

what is the meaning of this? This means that people think emotionally and are reasonably justified. The subconscious mind and our senses actually work thousands of times at the speed of reasoning.

For example, you can meet someone and like them instantly. You can find out later that there are many reasons to like this person right away. Your emotions immediately acted like a switchblade, but your logic followed, and you found the reasons.

3. Tell the audience how good they are

In the whole talk, I’ll just loop back.

“You know it’s in the top 10% …”

“Top 10% of people like myself do this …”

“Individuals who are eager to get to the top set a 10% goal or thus manage their time.”

So I am always linking back and telling them that they are in the top 10% and how good they are. Now there is a way to make it entertaining and enjoyable, as people will all laugh and be happy.

They think …

“Boy, this guy is really smart. I didn’t even realize he was in the top 10% without even telling me.”

4. Give the link behind your opening during your speech

Starting with a powerful opening line or a really good story that you can link back to your whole talk and attach it, very, very strong.

And I’ve done this for years.

More about the coming story

5. Related to the self-interest of the audience

Aside from the topics, how do you encourage people to be genuinely interested in your discussions, many of which should be there?

Many people have told me that they were forced to attend my seminar. They didn’t want to come, because they didn’t think they would learn anything.

So they weren’t there because I’m such a great person. They had to stay because they had to stay.

The question you need to ask is, what are some of the inspirations you should appeal to so that they can truly listen?

Honestly, I have found that one of the great inspirations is self-interest.

That’s why I’m asking how many people want to double their income. Say Something Right Off

Public Speaking Techniques

6. The Bat that Connects to the Audience

Let me give you an example of how I am open to talking, and you know given over 5,000 talks and seminars. I am almost always open with the same words.

I say, “Congratulations on being here. This means that you are one of the top 10% of adults in our society today. “

I say this in Russia, I say it in China, Finland, Canada, and I say it in Atlanta.

“You are among the top 10% of adults in our society today. Why is that? It’s reasonable here. You see, only the top 10% of people in any society ever come to a seminar like this to learn how to do it.

7. Entertain your audience with stories

Stories are the key to entertaining the audience. Stories are the most important part of a good presentation.

You can tell very short stories and they could be your story or someone else’s story.

If this is your personal story then it is even better.

But if it’s somebody else’s story, that’s fine.

Start by saying, “I heard a story the other day.”

And then you tell the story.

Or, “Tell me a story,” or “It’s something I’ve heard recently that I really felt.”

Whenever you start telling a story the entire audience is 100% focused.

When you are giving information and statistics and details and techniques, procedures, and techniques, they will pay a certain amount of attention.

8. When you tell a story, they listen intently

And if you can design your story around three stories, you will be surprised to hear the feedback.
Design your talk in about 3 stories

As you think about your talk, remember that “less is more”.

This should be the primary structure of your talk:

  • Your opening
  • Your 3 key points
  • Close to you

Your opening story, first the main point and then a story.

Transition, second key point, and a story.

Transformation, the third key point, and a story.

9. Summarize, and then a closer one.

The stories combine them all. And you can tell stories that are inspirational or sensitive; Which makes people feel very strongly. You can tell inspiring stories; That have to do with greater success and achievement as a result of perseverance.

10. Application for patriotism, loyalty, or personal gain

You can apply certain inspirations to catch the attention of your audience.

For example:

“Our country is going through a lot of complications today, and I’m going to give you five things to make America once again a land of liberation, a home of adventurers, and everything we need to do to fulfill our needs and opportunities for us, and our children. “

So, you need to ask yourself what motivates people in your audience.

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11. Tell the audience what they are gaining

The desire for great inspiration.

If you can let them know that they are going to achieve greater success or prestige from your talks, such as time, money or whatever, they will listen and ask how they can do it.

A great way you can open a word, however, is to say “If you want to double your income over the next 12 months, there are three things you need to do.”

Then you pause.

12. The power to break

When you pause, do you know what is?

People lean in and say to themselves, “I wonder what this is”. They wonder what three things are. So, make them curious, but not for long.

Public speaking is not as tough to master as you would think. Just give it a try whenever you are required to make a public speech, whether it be in front of an audience, at work, in class, or at a gathering of family or friends. The more you exercise and practice public speaking, the more effective a communicator you will become.


How can you build your public speaking confidence?

  • Determine the source of your fear and/or the abilities you need, then get training.
  • Stop fretting and unwind.
  • Know your material. Do not feel as though you must memorize every word.
  • Organize your presentation such that it comprises an introduction, a presentation of the important ideas (free tip: stick to three main themes), and a summary of what was stated.
  • Display enthusiasm when giving your speech.
  • Add some comedy as necessary
  • Practice by giving a brief presentation in front of a mirror before advancing to smaller groups and then bigger groups.
  • Seek out opportunities to give free public speeches on topics you are knowledgeable or passionate about.
  • Finally, have fun with what you’re doing. You will feel more at ease and confident in your presentation if you like speaking in front of an audience.

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