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12 Basic Requirements To Be A Motivational Speaker

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What are the major requirements to be a motivational speaker? Have you had prior success giving speeches, toasts at weddings, or other public presentations? Do you have a special enthusiasm for inspiring others and assisting them in reaching their objectives? And would you like to make a living out of motivational speaking while also changing people’s lives for the better and earning excellent money in the process? This article will give you some ideas on the requirements to be a motivational speaker. Keep reading.

Your story has motivated others. You’ve described your situation and how you overcome a horrifyingly awful occurrence or set of circumstances so that you could live to tell about it. Your two or three listeners are always in tears when you relate your story. They leave feeling inspired, driven, and encouraged. You experience power.

What speaking motivationally is not

Having a message that is acknowledged and heard is satisfying. Being informed that your words have significantly altered someone’s life or transformed the world is the most fulfilling feeling in the world. Although motivational speakers inspire nations, improve lives, and revolutionize businesses, this field is not as glamorous as it first appears.

Speaking with an upbeat message is not:

  • A Route to Fame

The top motivational speakers are, undoubtedly, well-known. Being good at something increases your exposure. Motivational speaking is not for you, though, if fame is what you’re after. The most famous motivational speakers don’t become famous after giving only one speech. It results from the several hours they invest in preparation for their appearances and the behind-the-scenes work they conduct with individuals and groups. More significant and beneficial than the few minutes or hours they spend on stage is what they do behind closed doors. The result of several weeks, months, and perhaps years’ worth of arduous effort and sacrifice is what you witness on stage.

The truth is that it may take you years or even decades to establish a solid reputation. Additionally, there is a strong chance that stardom will never arrive. The desire to help others reach their full potential must be sufficient.

  • Who You Are

If you want to spread a message, motivational speaking is not for you. You have the responsibility of creating a vibrant message that is specifically tailored for your audience as a motivational speaker. You must speak what the audience needs to hear; you cannot just say what you want to. Not about you, really.

  • A Lucrative Way to Make a Living

You will NOT get wealthy as a motivational speaker, I say again. Motivational speaking conjures up thoughts of a jet set lifestyle, filled with posh hotels, Champagne bottles, pricey suits, and networking with the rich and famous.

Motivational speaking is really frighteningly similar to participating in a professional sport. Many individuals participate in the same sport and have the same degree of talent and enthusiasm for it, but relatively few ever make it to the professional level.

The majority of motivational speakers have little interest in entering the field. When they first began out, all they had was a love for and competence in a certain field. They were able to explain how they achieved success and divulge the secrets of their specific profession. And from there, the doors simply opened. They began as unpaid guest speakers in their first “gigs.” Yes, they did their task for nothing.

The occupation of “Motivational Speaker” does not exist. At the very least, there shouldn’t be one, and you shouldn’t even want to be one. It is not a profession to speak. It’s a thing you do. It’s a means of expressing your enthusiasm for a subject in which you have knowledge.

Barack Obama, a former US president, is a good illustration of this. He is one of the most sought-after and well-paid motivational speakers right now. However, he wasn’t like that at first. His journey to where he is today was a long and winding one that included law, politics, and the presidency of the United States.

Requirements to be a motivational speaker

You don’t need to have graduated from a four-year college or university to work as a motivational speaker. Although you can enroll in motivational speaking classes, a formal education is not necessary to become a successful motivational speaker. Instead, these are the 12 requirements to be a motivational speaker you must meet:

1. Passion

The first requirement for being a motivational speaker is passion—the desire to motivate people to overcome their obstacles, concerns, and anxieties.

Even when things appear challenging from the outset, this is what will keep you going. When difficulties arise, if you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will soon give up.

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2. Confidence

According to research, those who are confident in themselves are more likely to recover quickly after a setback. They are able to achieve this because they have faith in their capacity for success.

Failures are viewed as teaching experiences, and they employ the lessons learned to come back stronger. People might be inspired by the confidence to take the risks required for progress and success.

Additionally, it might raise social standing and reduce competition. However, confidence may backfire when it crosses the line into overconfidence.

3. Marketing expertise

You must have good marketing abilities if you want to make a livelihood as a motivational speaker. You must be able to use whatever tools you have to subtly advertise yourself. You will make more money, develop more connections, and secure more speaking engagements if you actively market yourself.

4. A potential clientele

You need a target audience for your motivational speeches, as well as a unique message for that demographic. The regions or themes you are most interested in, the difficulties you face, your experience, and the precise objectives you hope to assist others in achieving will all have an impact on your choice of target audience.

Therefore, you must identify your target market from the outset. Target audiences can include anybody attempting to quit a habit, anyone living with a particular physical condition, anyone looking for work, anyone in college who needs career advice, anyone running a small business, and the list goes on and on.

5. Abilities in public speaking

It goes without saying that you must possess excellent public speaking abilities as the majority of your interactions with your target audience will include speaking. You must evaluate your public speaking abilities before beginning and work to strengthen them with the help of your mentor.

A motivational speaker’s success or failure can be entirely determined by their public speaking abilities. That is to say, your ability to talk in front of groups depends greatly on your motivational speaking career.

6. Knowledge

Although you don’t need to be a seasoned authority in your field to start out as a motivational speaker, you do need to have a solid understanding of it. For instance, you must be extremely knowledgeable about entrepreneurship and small company in order to target small business owners who are trying to expand their enterprises.

Without it, you won’t be able to comprehend what your target audience’s needs, desires, aspirations, problems, and objectives are. Additionally, you won’t be able to instruct them well. As a result, you must study books, utilize web resources, and speak with accomplished authorities in your field of interest.

7. Writing abilities

It’s rare to discover a popular motivational speaker who is also a talented writer. When it comes to reaching your target audience, writing may occasionally be more powerful than speaking. Consequently, you must learn the craft of writing.

Aside from the fact that writing occasionally improves communication, doing so broadens your audience and increases your earning potential.

8. A mentor or coach

As previously said, formal schooling is not necessary to become a motivational speaker. However, you need a mentor who can show you the ropes and guide you down the right route as you pursue your dream of being a motivational speaker.

While not themselves motivational speakers, some so-called gurus make money by instructing others on how to do the same. Your ideal mentor is an accomplished motivational speaker with years of experience and a long list of accomplishments.

9. Flexibility

Keeping up with current trends can help you comprehend how your target audience’s goals, concerns, anxieties, and obstacles evolve over time. You may then adjust your motivating guidance accordingly.

Strategies that were effective for individuals years ago may no longer be effective now. You risk motivating individuals to fail rather than achieve if you are not aware of this transformation.

10. Integrity

Integrity is a quality that successful motivational speakers possess. While they might not be flawless (no one is), you won’t often hear about them being associated with scandals or other dubious situations. Why?

The explanation is that they promote moral behavior and tactics while discouraging their intended audience from taking shortcuts.

Along with abstaining from any dubious or unethical behavior, you should be aware of the ethical means by which your target audience can accomplish their objectives as well as any unethical tactics they could be tempted to avoid.

11. Self-esteem

Positive connections with others are more likely to exist if you have a strong sense of self-worth. You can perform at your best at work or school because of your confidence.

When you have a healthy sense of self-worth, you are more receptive to criticism and growth possibilities, which makes it easier for you to be optimistic even when you fall short of expectations.

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12. Hard work and time management

When we devote ourselves to hard work, we gain valuable life skills such as perseverance, focus, responsibility, problem-solving, and self-control. In turn, these teachings help us in other areas (health, relationships, hobbies, etc.).

And if attaining it is hard, give up! But perseverance cultivates character. You develop self-control. You develop concentration. Working hard might feel fantastic.

Work ethic motivates people around you. It pays off to work hard. Working hard entails pushing yourself physically and intellectually, which over time may be good for your health.

Final thought

I feel the aforementioned advice is the ideal course of action for developing into a competent and engaging motivational speaker. Being a motivational speaker is extremely advantageous in the sense that it will elevate you, connect you to social nobility, make you well-liked, and bring in good money.

Despite all I’ve said to the contrary, it’s a wonderful job that’s always evolving and difficult. I wish you well and look forward to seeing you on the job market if this is the kind of profession you choose to pursue.

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