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Selection Interview – Questions | Process | Preparation

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2021)

Selection interview is usually conducted onsite at the hiring agency. The purpose of a selection interview is to determine if a candidate will be selected for the position he or she is interviewing for. An election interview is usually harder than a screening interview. At this point, a company is trying to decide whether you should move to the next step in the hiring process or if an offer is being extended, so there will be more scrutiny than a screening interview. The agency wants to know – do you deserve a job? Are you a good cultural fit? Can you make an impact right away, or do you need training? The questions will be more specific and your answers need to be more detailed.

What is a selection Interview?

This is a situation where a selector of a person arranges for personal observation to conduct himself – to assess the suitability of a candidate.

What are the objectives of the selection interview?

The purpose of the selection interview is to predict the candidate’s potential behavior in a particular work situation. The only way to do this with any precision is to obtain a sufficient sample of his behavior to serve as a basis for predicting what he will do in the future.

One of the major problems is that the behavior we observe within a short period of interviewing may be unreasonable. For example, a rather thoughtful person might be able to give the idea of ​​being dynamic enough if he only kept it for half an hour. It is therefore necessary to supplement the behavior which can be seen in direct face-to-face contact

The main purpose of the interview interview is to select as many clickers as possible from the life history of the candidates, so the behavior of twenty or thirty years should be targeted, most of which is bound to be highly characteristic of the person concerned.

Selection interviews can come in various forms:

Round-robin Interview

A round-robin interview is one of the most commonly used interviewing techniques by our client firms. You will be interviewed with multiple interviewers. The key to a round-robin interview is answering a good series. After discussing your answers, interviewers will usually meet and make any inconsistencies.

Panel Interview

A panel interview is an interview that consists of two or more interviews. Usually, interviewers will both ask questions. The purpose of a panel interview is to gain multiple perspectives of the potential candidate. The key to a panel interview is to keep all interviewees involved. Make eye contact with all interviewers even when answering a specific person’s question.

One-on-one interviews

One-on-one interviews are interviews with a single interviewee. The key to a one-on-one interview is to build a relationship with the interviewer. Smile Be friendly Try to match your interviewer’s energy level. Generally, you will have very little time to make an impact. Know the location and key features the company is seeking and emphasize on those issues.

Stress Interview

A stressful interview is designed to test your reactions in a stressful environment. The interviewer can try to intimidate you and the purpose is to eliminate candidates who do not behave adversely. The interviewer will make a deliberate attempt to see how to conduct himself using methods such as sarcasm, controversial style questions or long awkward silence. The key to a stress interview is recognizing the stress interview you are having. Do not take it personally. Stay calm, concentrate and don’t let yourself be in a rush. Ask for clarification if you need it. Learn how to push back. Ask an interviewer for a number of problems currently and offer suggestions.

selection interview goals

It is important to note, however, that an election interview has two helpful purposes. So we can say that the goal of the interview is threefold:

To evaluate the suitability of candidates for the position

The information given to the candidate

The applicant presents the company in a good light

The importance of interviewing elections

The interview is just one of the selection methods in existence.

For example, there are brainstorming tasks that give information about examining the mental agility and tendency of the examiner to tell us about particular trends in manual skills, ability to think locally, creative ability, etc.

These tasks can highlight a person’s strengths and weaknesses; Examining group situations, on the other hand, can give people an indication of their ability to work together.

However, despite the widespread and growing criticism of personal interviewing as a selection method, it is still the most common method. It is flexible, relatively inexpensive and acceptable to candidates and management. There are other benefits to interviewing an election. It has been discovered that certain areas of information can be more accurately evaluated through interviews than other methods, namely the possibility of candidates’ interpersonal behavior and the ability to align with the social aspects of the job situation and motivating candidates to work.

The job

The job is to pick someone who can achieve success in a particular job or range of work: the job is not to choose a ‘good person’, but to define it


All the methods involve predicting the future, no method can therefore be inadequate. Seekers consistently rely on intuition, and this often proves to be a success, but as this method does not fool you, you will certainly make the right decisions more often.

Ast behavior in the past

Ast past experience

Int your insights

Scientific analysis


Take a second opinion

Prob insist during a test period

Increase salaries and incentives after the period of probation

Talk to people in the industry

A Consider a practical evaluation

Consider first

Before you buy any type of material, you should consider its purpose and tolerance. Human resources are extremely expensive and therefore five strategic steps need to be followed

Consider the location

Consider the required experience and traditional qualifications

Consider the personal qualities necessary to carry out Carry’s work

Reduce initial eligibility to probably be no more than four or five

Select Discuss with other selectors

Set a clear picture of the location

Focus on big responsibilities

There are some special aspects that are unusual – such as health considerations

Consider the required experience and formal qualifications

Is this a position that really requires experience in similar cases?

Is the academic qualification relevant?

What is the minimum value?

Consider the necessary personal qualifications

For example:

Very high intelligence

Ability to communicate with anyone in any situation

Interestingly, less than 10% of the population is first and for some terms a distinct disadvantage; The second is not all that common, and in any case the two qualities are often mutually exclusive.

Keep in mind the long line of qualities that first come to mind are two major disadvantages; A few have everything in hand and if they do, they probably won’t apply for your job. Secondly, it is almost impossible for the interviewer to keep everything in his mind during the interview, and his quest becomes very different in its entirety.

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Reduce the required initial qualifications

You are about to look for key qualities required in the higher degree of the job you choose. When it comes to picking qualities, it is prudent to avoid those which are very engaging and especially high sensitive content. So instead of ‘leadership’, ‘ability to understand others’ or ‘ability to understand something faster’ can be replaced.

The importance of selecting these descriptive words depends only on the clarity they are understanding by the selector (s) It is best to choose your own words to describe your own qualities after some qualities without using the features usually provided in the textbook. Words with as much practical content as possible tend to be most useful. Searching for someone with an ‘inquiring mind’ may prove easier than seeing someone who is ‘good at researching’.

Types of interviews
Types of interviews

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