Skills Needed to be Successful in Life, Business and at Work

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Everyone wants to know how to be successful in life, business and at work. Being in success depends on many factors, attaining and applying skills, reading success in life essay are some examples. An statistics shows that 92% people don’t stick to the initial goal they plan. Execution is far more difficult than ideation. People are confused regarding setting goal, as well as executing it. It is because of so many distractions and options a person encounters in life. This article intends to describe essential skills needed to be successful in life business work.

This article is intended to give you a motivation to the set your career goal and stick to it for 5 years from now on. Good news is that, if you are already stuck with your goal for a while, this blog will also help you to harness your action plan and develop skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work. What should be the best fit career decision on how to be successful in life and career? Confused? Let’s start from the scratch level of being success.

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Set goal what you want to be successful in life

The first thing to do to be successful is to be required to come to a understanding on how to be successful in life is to set a career goal that you aim to be or achieve in the next 5 years and beyond. Setting a goal gives a person a long term video as well as a short term motivation to chase the goal.

The first step to know how to be successful in life and to set an appropriate goal, is to settle down with your passion. Relate your goal with the passion you possess in life, or some sort of skills or expertise you have. When you will set your goal as per your passion, the tasks in between will be found a fun. And when work will be fun, you will find them easy to accomplish as a part of skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work.

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There is a popular and effective goal setting formula. It is called SMART rule. It is an answer to be successful in life. This word is in fact an acronym for the 5 elements, such as: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based goals of a human life.

It’s a descriptive process used to set goal along with an actionable plan for obtainable results in future. Follow this process. Your goal should be Specific, that is, there should have the one goal and not many. Goal should be properly narrowed down that can easily be distinguished from others for being success.

The goal also should be Measurable, that is, it have to be measured by figure. Achievable means the goal should be set in such a practical way that is achievable. The goal should go with your objective or passion, that is relevant. And the last trait of a goal is to be time oriented, it should have a deadline of completion. These are useful things to do to be successful in life, work and business.

So, decide your goal precisely. Write it down, with a sub tasks breakdown. Then, start. Split your long term goal into achievable, practical, inter related short term goals.

Keep a backup plan as a part of developing skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work. We will discuss this more later on.

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Develop and maintain a target calendar checklist to be successful in work

Now, you have set your goal. It’s time to start implementation process. The first step to implementation of your set goal. You have already break down your long goal into some short term goals. These are your targets that you will gradually fulfill. To keep your focus on the track, develop a target calendar checklists do that you can place both your short and long term goals on the calendar.

The calendar can be manual or digital. Anyone you prefer will do, as our ultimate objective is to reach long term goal through a series of short term goals.

A Notebook, a dairy, a sheet of paper, or a wall calendar that you easily can have will be okay to keep your schedule. There are many free calendar templates on the internet. Download any of them. Then, start filling it up with your checklists. It is one of the important skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work. Put the achievable and authentic commitments that you really believe you can accomplish.

Moreover all your short goals should be heading to the big goal you have set in your life. Be committed to comply your set goals by planned timeline as narrated by success in life essay.

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Overcome fear and shyness to be successful in business

Fear and shyness are the two notorious criminals that block your way all the time. You can’t go up to your potentials. They resist your creativity. You can’t think out of box. Overcome them. Believe me, there are no benefits nurturing them. Rather, they turn giant as long as you feed them, and accommodate them in your mind and conscience.

Great people never loves at you. Whom you are afraid to be laughed at, or being criticized. Only people having mean mentality will mock at you. They didn’t know the way of how to be successful in life. Why do you allow average level people to rule over you?

There are many ways to overcome fear, some are as follows:

  1. Face the fear, instead of avoiding
  2. Grow self confidence
  3. Predict outcome of your fear
  4. Revive your motivational triggers
  5. There is no more sure way to fail than to never try
  6. Remember any past similar successful incident
  7. Change perspectives
  8. Imagine ultimate happiness
  9. Understand fear
  10. Prepare
  11. Have courage
  12. Realize that you are not alone

These are useful things to do to be successful in life, work and business.

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Overcome shyness

There are many tips to be successful in life, and ways to overcome shyness, for being success, some are as follows:

  1. Speak out
  2. Rehearse before the mirror
  3. Make video
  4. Follow a person you like
  5. Don’t try to be perky
  6. Practice
  7. Role play
  8. Practice new things as experiments
  9. Be flexible
  10. Engage yourself
  11. Don’t confront bullies and teases
  12. Develop selected relationships
  13. Ignite your strengths
  14. Stop worrying on what others think about you
  15. Be social

On way of your achieving goal, you might be confronting many shyness and fears. Overcome them. Overcoming shyness is one of the important skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work. Check out which of these techniques are effective for you.

Every success in life occurred being out of box

Setting of career goal is most important to be successful. If your ability is to walk 10 miles a day, you cannot set your goal to walk 20 miles in 2 days. It is not a convincing goal. However, if you set your goal to walk 30 miles on 2 days is a goal. When you achieve this milestone, you will be counted successful. See, how a success in life occurs being out of box?

Success in your comfort zone is not called a success. You can call it by other name. Success is more than that. A well deserved success comes out of a synergy. A synergy is to be 5 or 6 when you add 2+2. So,


Success in career is not a ‘by chance’ or fluke. It is not gambling. Success is a well deserved achievements, that comes out of a well planned action plan leading to a specific, meaningful targeted goal. Always think in that way. As it happens out of box, success gives tremendous pleasure.

Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?— and work on it to resolve for being success. Being out of box is one of skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work.

Life is a combination of sorrow and happiness. Success and failure comes by turn in life. But it is true, our activities and actions are greatly related to our fate. A person with leadership traits create his own fate by thoughtful action. It is not the astrology that fix your fate. Don’t blame your fate. Setting goal and course of action determine one’s career.

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Have you ever thought what’s the worst that could happen with you? What costs will it cost for you? Will you allow this as your fate? No. Analyze. In case, this situation is not naturally decided, you should challenge this. Overcome. Every bad situation has recovery options. Find it out and alter this situation, with your confidence.

Every problem has opportunities. Work to recover your bad situation. When you take precautions, your problem could be your opportunities. Imagine what would happen in case you don’t set this goal. Or, what bad things and obstacles can arise on way of achieving goal.

List down the cause and effects of the barriers come across the way of your goal.. Fix them. When the problems are calculated or estimated, you will be able to address them positively.

Follow your passion to dominate career

We discussed earlier, when you have decided your goal accordingly to your passion, you would find it a play and fun. When there is fun and play in your objective, you can pay your full attention and concentration to be successful in life, work and business. Consequently, you gain some much easily than any other.

Decide your career where you have passion. Chase your passion, and success will chase you. Passion for job and a sense of fulfillment travel hand-in-hand. Passion is a catalyst that drive a person to success where hard work turns a time pass, as stated by success in life essay.

When you have passion, you produce quality products in your business. You believe your products are good, that gives confidence to your clients to buy. Thus your business growth turns satisfactory. Its one of simplest tips to be successful in life.

Passionate employees are easier to get noticed by the employer. When you have passion to your job, you will be productive than any other. Your passion will grow your interest. You get involved, engaged as one of skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work.

Employee engagement leads a company towards growth, prosperity and success. Employees with passion are individually treated as valuable and worthy to any organization.

Be flexible and be open to new opportunities

We talked about your focus and determination. These are crucial for success in any level. However it doesn’t mean that you will not have proper forecasting to future. May be what you want now may change in 5 years. It is because of your unavoidable reasons, for change of any other external factors, or any other better opportunities.

Be flexible to that changes as stated by success in life essay. When you are flexible to change, you are durable for long. Let’s consider the lesson from nature as quoted in success in life essay as well. Flexible trees can bend in the storm, that protect them to be uprooted or break down, whereas, a rigid tree breaks down in storm.

Keep a backup plan in your career. It is the second plan closely related to your first plan. For example, in case you can’t continue your automobile business, can continue with a rechargeable battery business. It can be one of useful tips to be successful in life and business.

You don’t know what changes are waiting for you in the uncertain future. Adapt the change. When you have a backup plan, you don’t need to start anew for being success. And you don’t feel much disappointment for wasting your time, effort and resources.

Make a priority chart

Not all sub works in your goal is equally important right at this moment. Learn to prioritize your works, those are to be done now. Keep the less important works aside now, and keep them for a suitable time in future as per your calendar. By this, you can focus to all sub tasks and finish them one by one. Gantt chart can be helpful as stated by success in life essay.

Focusing on prioritized task will enable you to avoid any unnecessary stress. Make your task list and don’t be timid to cut some tasks. The other considerable matter is that, all important tasks are not urgent. Learn to distinguish what are urgent and important jobs that must be done immediately. Setting priority is one of skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work. Put the important non urgent job aside for any future suitable time, also to be found in success in life essay.

Putting away all distractions will allow you more time to focus on your urgent and important tasks. Also, learn to assess the value of your urgent work you are going to do. Assessing value means the impact that might be on for the job you are going to do (or, discard now).

Develop your skills needed to be successful

A well deserved success requires continuous improvement from your present status. You are getting experienced every day. Think about the present moment, when you are reading this blog, you should be more experienced than you were yesterday.

Keep developing your skills as a part of self development. There are many ways to develop your skills. The first decision you will be required to grow your interest. Consider skills those are in line to your goal. Skills development will enable you to harness your productivity. It will enable you with education, knowledge and strength and tips to be successful in life.

Training, practice, feedback and reflection of your learning are the process to have an effective skill development process. Develop required skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work. Some useful skills related to career development to be read as success in life essay,

  1. Analytical skill
  2. Communication skill
  3. Computer skill
  4. Research skill
  5. Problem solving skill
  6. Management skill
  7. Leadership skill
  8. Decision making skill
  9. Planning and organizing skill
  10. Interpersonal skill
  11. Soft skills
  12. Time management skill

Check out the tips as stated by success in life essay to be successful in life, also, which skills are related to your career goal and harness your skills.

Be aware what you are doing

Know what you are doing. It is your journey and you have to travel. There is no scopes for confusion and dilemma. If you don’t have cent percent clarity, how can you be bold! Your confidence will speak out, and when you know about depth of your actions, you will be confident to proceed. Having confidence is one of skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work.

Whenever you have no direction, or not enough understanding, give a pause. Ask your mentors or persons who have influence on your life. There are many articles on how to be more mentally aware. Ask your questions on the internet, you will get answers as follows, most of them collected from the internet source:

Increase your awareness

  1. Be inquisitive
  2. Be positive
  3. Accept reality as it comes
  4. Be observant of surroundings, senses and feelings
  5. Eat mindfully without any distractions
  6. Pause between activities, actions and thoughts
  7. Listen attentively and mindfully
  8. Nurture a mindfulness culture
  9. Involve in activities which boosts up mindfulness
  10. Practice re-evaluating yourself
  11. Relate your life stories
  12. Reevaluate your core belief
  13. Seek honest feedback on yourself from your network
  14. Shoulder your behavior, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings
  15. Take self care
  16. Don’t take anything personally
  17. Stop forecasting
  18. Accept and be aware of the present only, not the past
  19. Write diary and note expressively
  20. Encompass yourself with supportive people you are fond of
  21. Consider outcome of your every action
  22. Accept, both negative and positive feelings are usual part of life
  23. Practice to live with uncertainty
  24. Prioritize things which are important

Keep self control upon your action

You are the driver of your life. You drive your life. Be a good driver. Rash driving causes accidents, which is harmful for you and the persons come across you interactions. Your actions speak about you as described by success in life essay.. Take action carefully. Don’t let the action control your life.

Keeping control is very crucial in each of your decision. Try to be as perfect in your each action as possible. Self control in one of key tips to be successful in life and drivers of a rational driving. Control doesn’t come in a day. It is a long term culture that needs to cultivate over the time. Pacify your anger.

There are many ways to control yourself as a part of harnessing skills needed to be successful in life, business and at work. It doesn’t come in a day. To control is a culture that needs to be developed over time. Here are some practice tips:

  1. Meditate
  2. Foresee the big picture
  3. Have patience
  4. Visualize set goals only
  5. Capitalize imagination
  6. Relax
  7. One step at a time, don’t be distracted
  8. Don’t allow overconfidence
  9. Simplify your action plan
  10. Know your SWOT
  11. Ignore temptation
  12. Handle stress with care
  13. Control your will power
  14. Build good habits
  15. Keep documentation
  16. Develop skills
  17. Harness your emotional intelligence

Check out, which skills are appropriate for you and are needed to be successful in life, business and at work! Read success in life essay, blog or be in the continuous learning process.

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