Starting Ecommerce Business from Scratch Ideas

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2019)

How to Start an eCommerce Business has been the concern of many. Leapfrog growth of e-commerce industries have created lot of interest and curiosity to many people, especially to the consumers and, most importantly, to the business persons, startups, and people having entrepreneurial mindset. This article is intended to describe about a step by step procedure on starting ecommerce business from scratch ideas to the end.

Why ecommerce

We live in the era of change. Alike everything, transformation has been the common pattern in the business industries. With the change of need, taste and costs, customers has-been looking for new ways to shop their necessary commodities and services. ecommerce has brought a revolution in business sectors. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas to the end requires a step by step procedures.

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People are intending to be their own decision makers, they look for liberty and independence, and be responsible for their own futures. The blessings of Internet has turned this dream true to many. E-commerce has been one of the amazing ways to enter and avail this opportunity.

Global ecommerce

To fulfill the vision to be be global, many startup and businesses are converting to online business sooner or later. Yet, is not that much easy to grasp A to Z how to initiate an ecommerce business which will be the best way to be sustainable, with creating brand identity and secured revenue generation channel. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas until finish need a step by step procedure.

With the higher rate of competition, it may not be easy to survive for everyone. But the good thing is, with time, you will be successful one day, if you stick to your long term focus. However, some change of plan may be good to keep pace with the trend.

Where to start

There is no specific rule to start. Adaptability to change, culturing innovation and creating an effective action plan are crucial to utilize your resources as you develop your own ecommerce business plan.

It is not a child’s play to start an ecommerce venture from scratch. It is not that much easy. The good thing is starting a successful business is not that much difficult as well. You are not the only one, or, the first one to confront this situation. So, research what others have done, or did during your stage. It will be a great start.

Here is a checklist that should be very useful to start a fresh e commerce venture by your own. It might also be helpful to have a look for the established businesses because this blog points out some new perspectives on ecommerce industry.


  • Blue ocean products
  • Products innovation
  • Focus on sales
  • Amazing website
  • Best content marketing
  • Holistic marketing drive
  • Beautiful web design
  • High resolution products images
  • Excellent customer care
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Great supply chain management
  • Plan B

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To be successful, you have to render best possible customer support, that is the trigger to keep long term customers. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas to the end can fulfill the business requirement.

It is also very crucial to develop an catchy and transparent website that will hook people to purchase from your shop.

Success rule of ecommerce

Success of any ecommrce business is actually a combination of the listed stuffs those act combinedly to turn a business great. Excellence in any single thing may not work effectively. A good combination of these factors synergizes any ecommerce in the long run.

It is very common that a novice businessperson go off track and bypass the most crucial issues. These type of entrepreneurs invest more time without any combination, that ultimately capsizes their business even before they pass their honeymoon time in business. It is an important suggestion for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas which goes till end smoothly. The secret of success lies in sale, sale and sale, set this as the top priority in the business plan.

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Your endeavors should be to continuously draw more and more traffic to your platform through ecommerce marketing. It is the best way to will bring sales of your products. And when your sales will rise up, you will automatically get more traffic.

Moreover, when you have more sale, you will be in a situation to ensure the best possible customer service. It is a vice versa process with immense opportunities.

Retain your customers with good products and best customer services. When you are able to inspire customers to come back, it will be multiplying your growth at a considerable time. It is a useful tip for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas that goes to the end successfully.

The most important part of business surviving is to sale your products and or services. When startup can’t make sure its sales, it extinct before it has even started in a true sense.

A perfect business plan

Initiating an Ecommerce venture need much carefulness. It is good that you have big ideas, long term goal and farsighted vision, yet the best thing is to begin with the most practical steps of your ecommerce business plan at the outset.

In fact, an awesome ecommerce business plan deserves some sort of investment in the right area. The tactics you will integrate to your investment plan should ultimately convert to lead and sales, which is the backbone of the business. It is a useful point for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas that goes to the end successfully.

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Simple online platform

Keep all your ambitions aside and focus on the beginning first. The first necessary thing is to develop a very simple online platform where the products will be sold. A fundamental store template on the quality medium will be good enough. You may check out Shopify as reference.

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”
Reid Hoffman

Decide your product

The main challenge for most of the people with ecommerce business mind, is to come on a settlement that what they would sale. People don’t know what to sale. It is a crucial point for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas that goes to the end successfully. To be honest, this is the core reason most people give a pause before they have started their Million Dollar project!

Pick a right niche

The first approach you have to opt is to pick up such a niche, or product, or service, which are trendy, have demand, and most importantly, are not overwhelmed in the market. You should not dare to compete Amazon or any other giant players at the very beginning. Remember, they didn’t come to their present so easily. For your information, Amazon, itsy, Disney, Apple, Google, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Mattel & Nike- all of these famous businesses started in the Garage!

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Working with popular and available products will not give you anything but disappointment, failure and an uncertain future. It is a vital point for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas that goes to the end successfully. So, start little, but differently. Success of starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas depends on this. See your business ideas is as unique as a blue ocean strategy.

Competitors’ analysis

Your Competitors are your mentor. Pay attention to them for your learning and experience. It will have a great value on your efforts in the long run. You should pay heed on:

  1. What is their competitive advantages
  2. How many products do they offer their audience
  3. Where is their strengths and weaknesses
  4. How do they plan to accept changes
  5. What is their business models
  6. How they handle stress
  7. What social media channels do they utilize
  8. How they minimize risk factors
  9. Who is their target market
  10. How do they push their sales (for example, paid social, discount, PPC, SEO, email, telephone, etc)
  11. What is their supply chain
  12. How engaged and loyal are their customers
  13. What is their products innovations
  14. How they handle their Human resource
  15. What are their assets and liabilities

Learn from competitors

Studying competitors’ online ventures, particularly small businesses. A scratch level business will give you a thorough understanding on the fundamental requirements of an Ecommerce business.

As soon as you have selected your niche, and products, just peep in the activities what the competitors are doing. Observe the obstacles they faced, and how they overcome them. Follow their marketing strategies as well as areas of investments, like, campaign, ad, etc. Go through the digitization process they undergo. When you will be able to realize the level of work and amount of money you exactly need to start and continue, your efforts will be meaningful.

Narrow down products

Narrow down your products plan, go with more particular items which you have researched may have great attraction to a particular group of customers. You may initiate by chalking out a list of prospective products you might like to sell in your store.

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To conduct your research, you may survey among your well wishers, friends, coworkers, neighbors, family and obviously upon you. Moreover, dive in social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, to know the trend. Read some related blogs from google. Google trends is a good way to know the trend for the people.

Research can lead you to identify better products to sell and give you a great understanding of how to start a successful small online business.

Conduct research on how others are conducting their marketing according to the latest trends. Then, use this knowledge and learning, apply fresh strategies to your own ecommerce venture. Keep the marketing plan in writing. A marketing schedule is a good idea.

Product sourcing

The next way is to source your products. Your supply chain should be managed well. Many a businesses fail at this point. That means, sourcing should be smart while starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas. Due to a perfect SCM, you can’t supply well your products. Issues like, costing, time, channel, are factors.

Dropshipping could be useful option for your ecommerce business plan execution.


Dropshipping is getting popularity in recent time among the businesspersons because this supply chain management process where a retailer doesn’t keep products in his store, rather he refers the customer orders to a manufacturer, other retailer, supplier or wholesaler to collect the product straitaway.

By this way, the retailer need not to carry the liability or risk to store products. Also the retailer need not to invest in production, or think much regarding SCM. It is a useful advice for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas that brings success.

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To make a successful dropshipping business, you just need to pick up your preferable niche, check out the competition, make sure a good relationship with a supplier, develop an attractive ecommerce website, create a customer acquisition process and plan, and a continuous learning process through optimization.

Product launching

Crucial factor is to launch your products as soon as possible, also to start planning of the channels to make sales through crush marketing campaigns. It is a continuous process. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas depends on good products launching. When you will be in this practice, you will feel need to harness other related issues, those you are to execute.

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Be flexible with the change

Your business might be required a gradual or drastic change at anything. It is certain in every business. Era of audiotape has gone, Compact Disk is about to extinct, we are not certain that is coming after cloud.

Be ready for the situation. You need to have a plan B, in case you seem to encounter failure. Analyze reason and take measures. Use your sense, assumption and intuition to transform imminent changes. Innovation is a good way to improvise yourself with required changes.

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Develop your store

The next thing for you is to develop your store. Carefully setup ecommerce CMS tools, for example, Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company, which can help setting up your store easy. Here, you will get a lot of easy and beautiful templates to start with. Anyone can easily integrate these to ecommerce platform that doesn’t require development support. Choose a beautiful and light theme that fits your target customers and prices.

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Name your company

Now it is your time to name your ecommerce business. You should have pondering over it for a while. Keep a memorable name that will guarantee that people will remember your business name. Keep it sweet, sharp, unique, easy and meaningful.


Think about a meaningful logo. It should be colorful, and creative. Again, simplicity is the best way to get a hold of your organization. It is a considerable point for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas that goes to the end successfully. Your logo should about your brand.

Test order before you launch website

As soon as you have completed your website to launch, don’t forget to make a test order yourself do that you can do a double check the process. The process should always be smooth for the customer. It should load easily in the PC and mobile version. Put adequate information with clear and simple direction against your products, price, payment and delivery process. Success of starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas relies on your perfection on this.


The next phase is the most crucial part of your venture. Since you have launched your site, pay attention to your marketing. A marketing strategy is the heart of any Ecommerce. It is the best possible way to get prospective buyers for the business.

Therefore, ecommerce marketing drive is really crucial to standing out from competitors. Marketing is the best way out to generating more and more sales. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas and grow it up depends on the marketing strategy.

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The best possible way for ecommerce marketing is to get the appropriate channel for your products. Your precise marketing strategy will be proved precious. Focus where your gain more sales everyday. This is your Cash cow. Keep the heads up to the regular streamline of business at any cost.

Use your social media for immediate effect on sale. Direct advertising through Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Adwords should enable you more sales right now. By this, you also learn marketing campaign on social media, as well as to optimization process.

Reinvest revenue

A good way to grow faster is to reinvesting your profit into your products innovation, customers satisfaction and ads. You are not in a situation to pocket all your earnings right now. With each purchase, customers wish to create relationship with your.

Their expectations soar up. It is a must follow point for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas and grow it consierably. Keep a intense eye on the relationship between profits earned and money spent on ecommerce marketing. Calculate your advertising ROI regularly. To be perfect, do it on a daily basis.

In case you don’t have a big budget to invest right now, it is better to exclude long-term vision like, bulk SMS, SEO or email marketing at this phase.

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Selling drop Shipping products

Some products have popularity and average per day sale. Pick them items and that have higher markups to cover your marketing expenses on a regular basis. It can be a handy step for starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas for a visible success. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas will found some benefit by this way.

Why to start ecommerce business

Why to start ecommerce business


Pricing of your products should be competitive for the customers. They should feel you give them some value addition. Set price in a way that cover your costs of marketing and survivals. It should not be very high compared to competitors. When you invest 10$ for a product, it should be sold out at least 12$ to cover your marketing and minimum survival.

Don’t forget to reuse your profit on advertising again.

Business expansion

When you set price well and you have a good number of customers on a regular basis, you can think of expanding your ventures gradually. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas and grow it up greatly depends on its expansion. You can only optimize a store when you have various customers with different need, taste and economic ability to test different features.

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Website optimization

It is the time to optimize your store design, cart more drop shipping products from different suppliers, invest in creating a great brand, beat your competitors, and look for ways to generate more revenue. Starting an ecommerce business idea from scratch to boom largely depends on the website outlook.

Make sure of Self-service content, smooth landing page, FAQs page, live chat support, reward for product reviews, discount offer, celebration gift and building trust with customers. These steps will enable you to get many repeat customers.

Statistics shows that, 69% of a website traffics skip that site without a successful purchase. Think, how great it would be in case most of them would buy your product! A reason behind this reluctance is not getting a conformable and optimized site.

A good website hosting and design template are good things to pay attention. Navigation bar, landing pages, contact are essential. Create great product pages. Place related products on the right categories with proper specifications.

Optimize store search bar and put it on the visible place. And last but not the least, your site must be visible on the mobile devices.

Assess impact

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You also need to evaluate impact on the marketing efforts you have undergone. It is important because by evaluation, you can reset what you did good, and where you need improvement. As a part of marketing and performance testing, reassess your advertising campaigns, not your product pages.

Properly optimize your customer’s choice. Give them limited-time offers. You can offer special discounts. Launch a summer sale email campaign. Apply different tactics and research the best options for your ventures. Starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas depends on continuous innovation from you part.

Product innovation

Don’t make a mess by doing big changes over all small details of your products. It’s not only time killing, but also married your previous efforts. Just pay attention to campaign, advertising and marketing, and the target market. Dedicate your stamina, energies and inspiration only to ecommerce marketing strategies at this stage.

Excellent customer service

Excellence in customer service is one of the crucial change makers by gaining long term success. Statistics says, around 45% of consumers in United States reject an online transaction when their queries or concerns are not served at the soonest possible time.

Retain customer

The statistics reveals, 44% of online customers inform their network about a bad experience that they encounter online. You should take this issue seriously. When you have established an ecommerce business, optimize your website very well.

Most of the customers will never return to you in case they are not satisfied upon. Set an impressive first impression to them. Improve your website speed at any cost.


You will be required an inventory to keep a list of best sold items which are hot in marketplace. Moreover, today’s popular items might be faded away tomorrow. You need a good preparation to tackle this situation. Innovate new products continuously, to keep your traffics rolling in the website. Relying on few items is risky for business growth. Keep on experimenting new items, trendy goods to keep curious your customer bank.

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Take away

Business is always uncertain. None can give guarantee that all theories will be equally thrived in a business. You may require improvisation every now and then. Face challenges as it appears. Develop your great ecommerce business plan, focus on sales. We have discussed about secret of successfully starting an ecommerce business from scratch ideas. There is nothing like perfect product or web design.Keep continuous effort.

Don’t worry about them at the outset. Just start. Keep learning by doing. Follow the simplest way, keep your sale. Reinvest your profit in marketing, before you pay attention and put investment in other areas. And before everything, the most important advice is, start!

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