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How Much is the Average Theologist Salary?

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Theologians study, write and teach religion and religious topics. A theologist is a scholar who is usually employed on salary by colleges and universities, and generally have a Ph.D. or, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, another 239,430 theological and philosophy teachers in the United States, earning an average of $ 72,200 per year. This article will discuss how much is the average Theologist salary.

How Much is the Average Theologist Salary?

A theologist salary is determined by several parameters, which are as follows:

Payment by organization

Professors of philosophy and religion determine the salaries of various institutions for which they work. Most work at four-year colleges earns an average of $ 73,130 per year.

Recruiters in junior colleges earn on average, $ 20, $ 20 less per year.

Some theologians directly employed by religious companies reported the lowest average salary at $ 52,370 per year.

Payment by state

The pay rates of professors of philosophy and religion vary by region, the lowest pay is in the Northeast and Midwest and South East.

As of the age of 27, those who have worked in Massachusetts have made the highest income (on average $ 1,225 per year). , Followed by New Jersey ($ 91,410), Rhode Island ($ 90,860), New Hampshire ($ 85,940) and New York ($ 83,660).

The lowest paying states were Idaho ($ 56,950), May. CCP ($ 57240) and Tennessee (57320).

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Theologist Salary

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