time management tips for dissertation writing

Time Management Tips for Dissertation Writing

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2021)

Time management is an important thing that needs tips for successful dissertation writing. For those who don’t know, a dissertation study is a research project that is completed at the end of your undergraduate or postgraduate course on your choice.

Proper use of time management tips for dissertation writing can be very handy and distinguishable from one to another. This article will be sharing some time management tips for on-time dissertation writing.

Time management tips for dissertation writing

Writing your dissertation may be a stressful and time-consuming experience – but only if you don’t manage your time effectively!

When you first start thinking about your dissertation, you may feel like you have all the time in the world, so it is easy to plan and be content and then, before you know it, the deadline is just around the corner.

If you struggle to keep up with the deadline, try following our six tips to get you back on track.

Create a timeline for your research

Whether it’s on a calendar, a piece of paper or just on your phone, having a timeline is a great way to keep track of your progress.

To create your timeline, divide your dissertation into several sections and set an approximate time you want to complete each section. It’s important to be realistic about these times – if it’s not you either don’t follow them, or you just get irritated.

Setting realistic goals can help you feel motivated and less stressed, as it divides achievable bite-sized chunks instead of completely overwhelming the research.

time management tips for dissertation writing

Schedule your regular week in writing for your dissertation

Contrary to popular belief, you do not actually have to write the report until you are done on a regular basis. Set up a structured time to do your dissertation – Similarly, you can set aside time for the gym. It is important to spend your research time, but it is important to remember that it is about the quality of your production work, not how many hours you have spent on it.

Some people find it useful to treat nine to five jobs a day and work only during periods that have a workday structure. Other people prefer more irregular work patterns, for example, if they work better at night or in the morning – then decide what’s best for you and stick with it!

Do your research

Start by making a list of the sources you want to use in your dissertation article. Use suggestions from your supervisor and see what books are on this topic at your university library. Use online resources too: Google Scholar is a good place to search.

The next step is to start reading your sources by making sure notes and record titles and page numbers. When you go back and mention these sources it will make it a lot easier in the future.

Prioritize your tasks

What is the priority of research writing! Decide what are the most important tasks and put them on top of you (look at your timeline to see which parts need to be done first).

Write down a list of shorter, less time-consuming jobs, so you can get back to them if you need a break from working. That way, at least when you procrastinate, you’ll still be productive.

It is best to have a notebook in hand for writing down any interesting ideas you have while you are writing so that you can return to them later.

Keep your supervisor in the loop

When writing a dissertation you will be assigned a supervisor who will guide you through your project. Supervisors are usually interested in helping you with any issues you may have, so make sure you have any questions about your research.

It is best to keep your supervisor up to date with what you are doing. Reporting to them about your progress will motivate you to continue, and they will be able to provide helpful feedback.

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Just start writing

The bottom of your perfect subject is when you start writing. Some people like to finish all their studies before they start writing, while others prefer to start writing and continue their research if necessary.

Be aware that when you start writing it may become obvious that you need to do more research, so leave enough time for it in your schedule.

You can start writing and realize straight away that this is far from your best work. Even so, keep going! It’s not very good now but it still progresses. You can go back and edit it later.

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