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13 Traits of A Good Leadership – Influence as A Leader

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. In continuation of the previous years, I am sure this year will also bring you prosperity, success, and happiness. You will find the traits of a good leadership. These useful daily habits of successful people will be helpful for you.

Traits of a good leadership

Here we are going to discuss 11 traits of good leadership.

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1. Set your action plan

You love your life. You have your short-term goal. Also, you have kept doing long-term goals in your pipeline too. Life is a combination of both. You have total control over yourself, your thoughts, ideas, plans, actions, attitudes. There are some reasons why people do not perform at their best. These 11 habits described in this article will be able to help dominate your life by 2020 as a leader.

It sounds good. An organized person has every possible plan for success. It is also necessary to lead an action-oriented life. There should have some daily habits to improve life. Set and follow your good personal habits. Without action, life turns stagnant. Only planning in life will not be very productive.

2. Listen to your heart

Estimates say, 8% of people stick to their 100% plan until its completion. Most people bypass their plan to succeed only because they don’t (or can’t) continue till the end. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is very little. Listen to your heart, chase habits, healthy habits, that reveal your personality as one of the traits of a good leader.

Some people are successful only because they lead an action-oriented life. They are systematic and determinant. They are smart and tricky. Only hard labor will not end with success all the time. Some other useful factors synthesize the victory mark. These 11 habits will be able to help dominate your life by 2020.

3. Be Collaborative

The era of globalization has forced us to collaborate as one of the traits of good leadership. Technology and the internet have made our life easy. Collaboration and sharing have been the trend for dominators. Collaboration multiplies the rate of success. There is nothing to hide.

Think, as a marketeer, what is your goal? It is to reach the end-level customer. What is the easiest way? To share and collaborate on your agenda. The best channel to do so is to use your network. You rely on your vendors, your supply chain channel, your host, ISP, event manager, campaign marketing, etc. You share with them, you give them so that you get back your return of investment.

Interestingly, the other channels you depend upon to execute your objective are also depending upon your action. By helping you, they are also executing their agenda. You cannot proceed nowadays alone. You have to share and collaborate to reach your goal. How diplomatically and intelligently you can materialize the process, affects how much you will reach your destination.

4. Don’t Change Mindset

The stability of the mind is very important for success. Here lies the power of meditation. The serenity and tranquility of your mind determine how much return of time, money, or investment you can afford. Be consistent and stop changing your mind in any situation.

When you change your mind, you lose your concentration. You cannot focus. In fact, changing the mind breeds disorganization. You cannot reach your goal. Think what if you make a plan today and skip in the middle and adopt the other one, and the next one. Which one you will be finishing?

People will lose trust and confidence in you for your changing mentality and actions. It is not good for your reputation. Those who are not committed to the goal and fluctuate frequently lose greater opportunities. It is not in the line of good Leadership.

Still, if any change is really required, you have a plan B. You are flexible, not fluctuating. There are many ways to be flexible, not fluctuating.

5. Give others

To give is a Divine quality. Human beings are born to contribute. We live with others, for others. We are a social being as one of the traits of good leadership. Your mental strength and courage rely on how much you can perform for others, how much you can give. And trust me, giving is great peace of mind.

Giving in a true sense is pure satisfaction. It is a blessing. Everyone can’t give lavishly, equally as one of the traits of a good leader. Some people desire to give when they have or get more. In fact, this mentality never gives them the courage to give.

Giving without any condition is really a reflection of authenticity. Ability is not only the prerequisite to give. We need a solid mind and willpower to give. Ability comes as the consequence. You can be the richest person by only giving!

Let’s consider the lives of the greatest personalities who facilitated us with many gifts from them. Think about scientific inventions, great philosophies, and sciences.

Or, even let’s think about the person in your neighborhood or office. Who has the most giving intention? We owe to them. People remember them in the good book. Even after leaving organization, residence, or even after their demise.

What to give

In this social transition and economical change, people are in need of help. There are many ways of giving, and many things, to many people. You can give your donation, wealth, or any concrete stuff. Cooperation, help in need, smile, advice are among other forms. Interest, opinion, understanding, knowledge, humor, everything in us are good enough to give. Even if this blog gets your notification, and gives you any sort of benefit, it is a successful giving from me!

Giving tendencies are a state of mentality, it is a practice, giving is a culture. When you give something to a person really needs it, and see pure satisfaction and gratitude in his face, how do you feel about it? So, keep it up. Let’s many others give chances to show gratitude to you, isn’t it?

6. Win arguments by winning the heart

You cannot win every game. It is not logical, sometimes your counterpart should also win. Some people don’t think so. They are crazy to win every time by any means.

I know one of my colleagues who are so crazy for the win and so fearful to defeat that he dare for facing all situation, and win almost every time he comes across. Finally, he has created such a negative impression among all others that may never be reversed.

That’s it. Winning anyway is not your philosophy. You must follow the norm and ethics. Don’t cross your boundaries. Winning arguments with words can only make a person critical and quarrelsome. Learn to use your rationale and logic.

Debating and arguing are not the same. Sometimes, you can win by losing. Your philosophies and critical thinking should be reflected by what you say. Let your opponent (or counterpart) talk. Listen, then tell with your logic on focused points only.

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7. Focus on achievable goals

Most people cannot achieve all that they plan. The reason behind that is to become off track. They change their mind as one of the traits of good leadership. By losing focus, people go far away from their target. Think about your professional life. Perhaps you missed a previous assignment due to your involvement in anything else

All goals in life are not achievable. We plan many things every day. Some we can achieve, dome can’t. Don’t waste your time with goals that are not realistic, or cost much time compared to its outcome. Let’s assess it prudently. It will save your time and efforts. Moreover, you will be able to go us to other important and achievable goals.

Life is full of distractions. It is very common that one target may be drowned in the other one. However, this is part of life. When you can prioritize your goal, set an action plan, and obviously follow your plan, there is no chance to bypass your goal.

New tasks will come every day. It is usual in life. But, one should not be oblivious to the prior target. Let’s accommodate all your jobs. A good manager can adjust all. You can try relating both tasks together.

8. Accountability

It is a trait that makes us accountable for any responsibility, action, and/or word to anyone. Accountability makes us responsible. Accountability is a great quality that makes us reliable. It ensures credibility and acceptability regardless of personal, social, or professional life. By losing accountability, we may lose your respect too.

You need not be the boss to be accountable. It can be ensured for every position. Just to be self-accountable. It means to be honest and to take liability for your action and speech. Accountability is a great step toward leadership.

Truths about accountability is:

  • Accountability starts with you
  • Accountability applies to one and all
  • You are Accountable
  • Accountability is not a one-time thing
  • Accountability is the difference between success and failure
  • You have to hold people Accountable
  • Accountability cannot be delegated

9. Smile

It is commonly told that, if you cannot smile, you should not open your business. It is true for almost all professions. A smiling doctor can fix her patient more quickly. People who have a good smile or can smile get extra mileage over others. Smiling is a great social and personal skill of all time.

With a sweet smile, you can win many battles in life. People will be thinking you amicable and friendly. Some people cannot smile. Perhaps they don’t find it useful for executing their purpose. With your sweet smile on the face, you may at least be cast for a toothpaste ad, loll!

Smiling can draw people’s attention as like as the ants get attracted to sugar. So, keep some sugar for people who come across your connection. Being smiley may take some practice. But considering its outcome, I am sure you won’t mind invest your time and efforts.

Keep smiling is one of the traits of a good leader. It enhances happiness in life. People can live longer. Earn a sweet smile on the face and get the jackpot in life!

10. Relationships

Relationship development is a crucial personal skill that is dramatically related to another person you are having a relationship with. In that perspective, a relationship is a social skill that is developed with mutual understanding.

In the age of networking, the relationship is very important for various reasons. It reflects how favorable a person is. Also, by relationship development, we can execute our personal and professional purposes.

If you have an amicable relationship with a good number of people of different ages, sex, race, religion, demography, social status, and professional identity, you are a king for networking.

Keep your old relationship consistent. Also, develop new relationships every day. It will have a good source for your development. You don’t know which relationship will come effective anytime. Social media, social gathering, and personal networking are good sources of relationship development.

11. Troubleshoot Yourself

We all have some weaknesses that pull us from the back. Sometimes, we cannot put maximum output due to our weakness. We understand we should recover, but we can’t. Mostly blocked by our reluctance, and the rest is for the situation we face, or we don’t know what to do, how to do.

We must run troubleshoot to fix the error. How we can expect optimum results despite our problems that need to recover? Can a computer run with error? Identity was the antivirus that fights your shortcomings. You cannot go beyond your loopholes.

Here is the common flowchart to fix any problem permanently:

Identify Problems > Research > Hypothesis > Experiment > Analyze > Solve Problems > Optimize > Scale

People may tell, why you name this as a problem? People don’t find it a problem? Ask your psyche. Ask for feedback from others. See what is the trend. We are talking about the errors that are really troublesome. That hinders your success. Take the initiative to fix them. Set it as a goal of the day, or a week, or month.

12. Grab Technology

It has been the blood of life nowadays. If anyone really wants to reach her destination, technology is a crucial factor to adopt. We cannot think of a day without it. Technology has been the catalyst of our day-to-day life. Accessories, gadgets, and accessories bred by technology have turned our life at ease.

Adopt technology as much as you can. It will really make life easier. Can we think of a day without a mobile, PC or Internet? How fascinating is the email merge, or schedule post, or your blood pressure on your mobile!

Keep yourself in the streamline. Capitalize on the blessings of technology. Make the best use of them. Your life will be easier. Simple Google drive and collaborative work in Google doc give much breathing space for me in my flexible workload.

13. Keep the promise

“I have promises to keep” a famous line by Robert Frost. And we mean it. A promise means a commitment, a commitment to keep. It matters a lot. Life is all about ethics and relationship. Keeping a promise is heightened in every religion. It creates a lot of value in anyone’s personal and professional lives.

Keeping a promise is more important than doing a promise. When you keep your commitment, people have a good impression of you. They trust you. Your colleagues rely on you. You turn dependable to your family. People from your network show readiness to make more cooperate for you. You get more support.

Keep your promise. Before that, set your promise deliberately. You can only give a commitment that you can keep. Start small. End big. Your prestige and identity are not what you think, rather, what people think about you. Your reputation and image are what others impose on you. Don’t let your head down. Read good habits essay. Get the answer to the question, how to improve your life. Learn life lessons quickly that most people learn too late!

Workplace Trends 2020

With the shift of workforce job trends, there will be an advancement in the corporate arena. over 36% of the workforce will consist of professionals born after the baby boomer generation. This scenario will dramatically change the workplace environment.

Prediction implies the following change of trends:

  • Diversity of demographics in the corporate world, there will be much more mingling among workforce from different part of the world
  • Globalization will make diversity of work, offices will be on the move of the global workplace.
  • Employees with soft skills and analytical abilities will be valuable, due to the rise of work diversity
  • The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will enhance the speed of work
  • Offices will focus on virtual office space, which will shrink the physical office spaces
  • Cultural amalgamation in more number will change the pattern of work
  • Collaborative work will be a factor due to the openness of information
  • The rise of Big Data and Data Science will take over security and information
  • Personalized relationship with and among employees will bring attention
  • Data literacy in offices will analyze information in a more tangible way.
  • More flexibility in the working styles sue to change of learning cultures.
  • Chatbots will take care of the development and learning g process of the employees, by answering questions from both employees and clients.

To meet these challenges, an increase of soft skills, leadership traits, and emotional intelligence will be major factors to make a difference.

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