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How is the Average Trashman Salary?

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

How is the Average Trashman Salary? Collectors of refuse and recyclable materials, sometimes informally known as trash men or garbage men, collect and collect garbage and recycling from private homes and businesses and deliver it to a dump or transfer station against competitive average trashman salary.

Garbage collectors who refuse large commercial garbage containers may need to operate a hydraulic lift. A trashman pay is al considerable according to the experience and efficiency

National salary statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual Trashman Salary as of May 25 was $ 34,420, and garbage collectors received an average hourly wage of $ 4 an hour.

Half of all garbage collectors reported earnings between $ 23,820 and $ 42,680 per year, with median payouts of $ 32,280.

The lowest-paid 10 percent of Trashman Salary reported $ 18,560 or less per year, while 10 percent of the highest paid annual reports reported $ 55,510 or more.

Payment by the recruitment sector

Nearly half of all garbage collectors who worked as of May 27 were employed in the private Trashman service and earned an average annual salary of $ 33,380.

Many other trash collectors are directly employed by the local government and earn an average of $ 35,590 per year, slightly higher.

About 15,000 garbage collectors earn an average of $ 37,080 per year in waste treatment and disposal work.

The garbage collectors working on behalf of the state government average $ 40,080 per year.

Garbage collectors working through employee service reported the lowest average income, per year, 27,970. A trashman wage is able to attract many eligible candidates.

Salary by state

The highest average earnings by trash collectors in any state, per year. 49,440, New York reported.

The second highest growth rates were recorded in Nevada, where garbage collectors make an average of $ 46,720 per year.

Other high-paying state garbage collectors included Washington, $ 44,960; Illinois, $ 44,690; And California,, 42,180.

Those who worked in West Virginia earned an average annual salary, 22,790, the lowest among any state.

Payment by geographical region

The highest-paid metropolitan area for this occupation was Peabody, Massachusetts, where trash collectors make an average annual salary of $ 1,770, which is almost twice the national average.

Garbage collectors in the San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, California, earn an average of $ 58,620 annually, and the average annual salary in Napa City, California, is $ 54,310.

The New York-White Plains-Wayne Metropolitan and garbage collectors in New York and New Jersey average $ 54,070 per year. From this, trashman hourly pay can be calculated.

The highest average salary for garbage collectors in a non-metropolitan area, $ 45,690 per year, was recorded in northeastern Pennsylvania. You can see the average pay for trash man based n these stats.

2018 Salary Information for Hand Workers and Material Movers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, hand workers and inventors earned an average annual salary of $ 27,270 in May 2018. The average salary for a trashman may slightly be fluctuated considering different parameters.

At the lower end, hand workers and material operators earned a tenth percentile salary of $ 20,6, meaning that 90% earned more than this amount.

The 90th percentile salary is $ 32,410, which means earning 10 percent more as a trashman job salary. In 2018, 4,234,900 people were employed as hand workers and materials operators in the United States.

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Trashman Salary

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