Undercover Tobacco Inspector Job Description

Undercover Tobacco Inspector Job Description

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

An Undercover Tobacco Inspector does many useful things, that reflects through his/ her job Description. Undercover tobacco inspectors conduct sales compliance checks at retail stores selling tobacco products to determine if they are following laws aimed at preventing underage smoking. This article will talk about the Undercover Tobacco Inspector Job Description.

Undercover Tobacco Inspector Job Description

Some tobacco inspectors work for the state government under the administration of the Food and Drug Administration, while others work for the city government.

The FDA program

The FDA has the authority to regulate the tobacco industry in accordance with the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2021.

The agency provides grants to the state government for the appointment of temporary tobacco accessories inspectors. Inspectors work with minors who buy real secret cigarettes or tobacco.

These programs are typically integrated through the state’s human services or healthcare departments.


The Minnesota Department of Human Services recruits tobacco compliance inspectors through an agreement between the state and the FDA.

The contract lasts for one to two years, and if the FDA renews the program, future positions may be available.

Applicants must pass a background check and have at least one year of relevant work experience, such as social work. A graduate degree is preferred.

Local government

Local governments sometimes employ tobacco compliance inspectors outside the FDA program.

In New York City, the Consumer Affairs Department of New York City launched a youth tobacco enforcement program in which supplementary tobacco inspectors tried to buy teens cigarettes or other tobacco products.

They were paid $ 7.25 per hour for about 25 hours of work per week. After trying to buy 3 tobacco, those stores have received praise for selling to minors or for advertising tobacco, or violating candy cigarette rules.


Tobacco Compliance Inspectors are expected to regularly check in and out of stores. Since inspectors cannot be minors themselves, they work with teens to conduct impromptu visits.

If the inspector sees a shop intending to sell to a minor, he/she writes the details of the case and sends any relevant evidence to the appropriate authorities who will provide the quote.

Inspectors must have a good record of driving and work well with teenagers. They also need to be able to handle a potential conflict with an angry store owner.

These positions are usually temporary, but they should come with benefits like health insurance and paid leave.

Check the job listings of your city and state governments for openings. I hope this article on Undercover Tobacco Inspector Job Description was found worthy.

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Undercover Tobacco Inspector Job Description

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