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What Do You Know About Our Company? Sample Interview Answers

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

What do you know about our company? Employers want to know in the job interview and we will discuss some sample interview answers for the readers. In this article, I am going to answer what do you know about our company?

They have a couple of things to listen to, and some would definitely like to hear “no”. Then we would like to see some sample interviews “What do you know about our company?” So, it has been a must-read for the applicants how to research a company for a job interview.

What do you know about our company?

If you do not know a lot about them, it would be assumed that you are not really interested in the job. Because, if you are really interested, then you know enough about the company to answer this question, with what do you know about our company sample answer.

Jobseeker usually applies for multiple job offers, and you’ve probably done the same thing. Try to improve our chances to get jobs, we submit more work applications. When modern technologies allow us to apply for a job with a few clicks of a mouse, why do not we?

The employer is not naive. At least not most of them And when they do not expect people to be able to apply only with them, they still tried to find them why we applied for them with jobs. This is the answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

There may be a few questions in the interview session, “What do you know about our company?” One kind of question. This question is asked if the candidate has knowledge about the company, its priorities, and needs. Job searchers apply for jobs at the same time, which the employers are aware of how to answer what do you know about our company.

So, employers want to know the real interest of the candidates through their replies. It is said that 47% of people in the interview do not have any knowledge or knowledge about the company.

Make sure you are not part of them and read the tips below, “Why do you want to interview here?” And “What do you know about this company?”

Your answer to the question “What do you know about our company” helps to understand your reasons, your commitment (if any), and your motivation when learning about what do you know about our company answer.

Why do employers ask this?

Employer employers often ask in interviews, “What do you know about our company?” When they are, they are trying to find two things:

Before you come to a job interview, are you taking enough care about the organization and the role of your research? They are not for any job, this is a job, and anyone who wants to hire someone who feels the work and emotions for the employer.

Are you a good researcher? Even if employed for employment, even job search is not required, employers want to hire interested people, ask the right questions, and find out how to find answers.

The primary reason they want to make sure you do some research before applying it. They do not want to apply every day without applying for many positions.

If you do not know anything about their company, then why would you like to interview? Or how do you know that you will hate working for them?

Later, they want to see how much research and preparation you have made for this interview. So if you really want to influence them, you are ready to get specific with some of the topics you read about their company during the interview preparation.

The key to effectively preparing answers to this question, what do you know about the company.

Do your research and you can learn as much about the company and in some cases, be prepared to show that it took time to learn about the interview to learn what do u know about our company. Learn relevant, even critical information about the company so that you can apply your qualifications and interest as an employer, not just for the job.

Employers do not want to hear

“What do you know about our company?” A couple who does not necessarily influence the interview by asking.

If you do not know at all, it will kill your chances of getting a job.

If you did not do any research and tried to lie and cover it, it is worse. So make sure you actually know some things about the company. It takes only 5 minutes for this question.

And finally, renting what is not right or right will mean losing your chances.

You are 100% sure to walk into an interview with 10 truths and one half or two of them are wrong or misunderstood.

So keep it simple and only know basic information about 4-5 companies.

You can specify when answering this question

The only good research I can answer in this above is some information that you can answer only a few minutes.

But what exactly are you looking for, and where?

I just recommend going to the company’s website, and very likely glancing on their LinkedIn page. It takes all!

Here are some of the information you can look for:

What they sell

When were they established?

How many employees do they have?

Who is the CEO?

What is the Unique Selling Proposition

What is the best known for them?

Who are the competitors to learn what do you know about our company and why did you choose it.

Those are just a few examples. You can very much research in other areas of the company. You need a couple of events that you can answer by asking this question.

Just show them to them and know the company you are interviewing with. It really is that easy!

Now tell you what you know and what to say, answer samples of their sample answers when they want to know about their company.

Traditional interview script (“What is your greatest weakness?” For example) is different from the pointless and objectionable questions, “What do you know about our company?” I do not think about the question.

It does not matter how educated or experienced you are if you do not invest time and energy to learn about the company you are going to interview with. Talk to your interview preparation or lack thereof.

Forget about the impact of interviews. If you are not in the company’s study, then what time do you have to wear clothes and take advantage of them? It can not be worth your time. Do not you find yourself before you get to live?

Many job applicants failed the test “What do you know about our company?”

They did no research other than reading a job advertisement, and what do you know about our company interview question.

They will get interviews in interviews and hear everything they need to know about what do you know about your company.

They do not know why the organization did not exist or why it was created. They do not know his mission or after establishing it did not know what happened or what happened.

They come in the interview with no background. Any consultant that needs to be It’s meaningless

I know what you think. Many of the interviews are unfortunately unprepared for their interview. It’s true. Yet, you are not them. You, you will be the magnificent flame and amazing stories that will carry you only, and with anyone else.

You are amazing, so you can not reduce yourself from others’ standards. Your work is ready for the interview!

Your goal is to answer this question – or develop educated guesses that you still can not answer.

What kind of organization? Is it a corporation, a non-profit organization, a government institution (like a school or motor vehicle division), or a start-up company?

Who provides the product or service to the organization and to whom? Do they help businesses like business to business, help businesses move their computing into the cloud, or do business in a business organization like a salon or mail-order company?

What is their estimated annual income? You must know how big or small companies are. How many personnel does the company employ in your area and elsewhere?

What about this role – what are you interviewing for? The more you can learn about the organization and the reason behind opening the job will begin to arise.

Interviewing the employer for your goal assignment – if you join this company, that person will be your next master. What is your employer’s name, and what is their story? Find their LinkedIn profile and read it (do not send them a connection invitation.)

Ask yourself: What is my employer’s mission? When a picture comes to your mind, it exists! Those pictures are hardly wrong to prepare for what do you know about our company best answer.

The manager’s most likely pain – the reason for the opening of the job exists? Check out your employer’s manager in your brain, about their day. Check out your employer’s manager about their problems. What is the biggest challenge for a person in this manager’s role, in this organization, and at the moment in history?

How to answer this question What do You Know About Our Company?

I do not know much about your company. I have to learn more about this interview in this interview. This is the bad answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers. It is a bad answer, that you do not have any research before the interview.

I know that you are looking for a new marketing manager and that’s why I’m here. I do not know anything else (It is another wrong answer. To understand reality, if you can manage the management of a company, you will have to tell the company – their business, products, and prices. This answer will not make any sense to any skilled employer.)

I do not know anything I did not have much time to apply for job offers and research about every company. (Obviously, this is the worst possible answer.)

People have a good mood in an interview with your research, find something you can appreciate for them

You should do some research before interviewing with the company. Try to find out more about the following areas:

The company’s biggest acquisition, and its original staff, as to how to answer what do you know about our company examples.

Company culture and work environment, basic pay and benefits, transfer patterns

They follow the vision and long-term goals they follow (you can usually find information on their website).

The job duties (work description will help you to understand what the company is going to do) for the position you are trying to get an answer on what do you know about our company interview.

Their product portfolio, their services, what they do in the company only, and how it helps other people or business organizations.

“Tell us something about our organization” question asked in a sure shot interview question about what do know about our company.

The few tips mentioned below will give you the answer “you know about the company” and “why you want this work”. Know thoroughly about the organization. Here are some ways to answer properly:

Online Research

The main goal of your research is to find something that you can appreciate in interviews, something that can revive an employer as your reason for priorities. This is the primary way to find out more about an organization that looks for a job seeker.

They can manage company websites, which contain a complete description of the company’s and its related aspects. Almost all companies possess a company’s profile website with all the information.

Worked Questions can thus apply for a job as well as research the site for knowledge about the company and ask when present in the interview. In this way, more knowledge about anxiety can be acquired.

An answer to affect the employer

When the candidate is asked about what did you know about our company in an interview, he can speak and talk in specific answers instead of dragging. Which is what affects the creator of the appropriate creator. In this way, the candidate needs to research and know the company’s goals and objectives.

Long-term goals and company views can be said to answer interview what do you know about our company that shows the company’s interest in the candidate. Recruitment duties may be called and the employer may be supplemented so that the employer is obsolete while answering what do you know about my company.

Company growth

Candidates can talk about increasing the company’s growth and personal career for answering job interview what do you know about our company with what do you know about our organization sample answer.

Candidates can mention that companies recognize talent and encourage them by providing promotions and other benefits. When asked about the company, the company can monitor the higher positions and make a higher position higher.

Research on the failure of concerns

Make sure to read through the company’s failure in which the study session is also mandatory. By failing, you can confirm what the candidate says and what to say. Talking about failures can be flipped in an interview. So talking about positive results and good things can help employers influence and pass the interview.

Search Keywords

Also, candidates will be advised to search through different sources and prepare answers. Each and every point can be independently researched and planned accordingly. Specific keywords can be specified and appropriate answers can be found.

Many sources offer both positive and negative aspects of the company, so it tastes the company’s proper and positive attitude and frames the answers accordingly. Impress the interview session by giving accurate and accurate answers to the company so that the employers are surprised at the answers. It will show your interest in the company and give you more employment opportunities.

All these tips will be helpful and helpful to know about the job search company. What do you know about our company” while investigating with it can be helpful in advance planning and practice interviews with a research plan?

Focus on the good things about the company

It is important to talk about the company’s good things, to ensure that a company has a specific time-to-time loss experience, so do not be happy about the negative words of any employer company. Focus on good thing is an answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

Make a clear decision and talk to the company’s income, products, growth, expansion, our business partners, employees, and at their most memorable moments. After comparing with other players, choose specific aspects about them and be sure to talk about the branch that you have applied for.

Never overpraise

Never praise the company, because when you apply its achievements, it can make a mark on you. Be sure to avoid this type of impression that does not give much praise or give feedback about the company’s achievements. Attention to talk about something which is special and unique about something unique. In this way, your answer will give you the company’s pricing and expertise.

Help with Social Media

After the advent of social media, collecting what do you know about our company example answer has become very easy. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more have provided space for staff and other professionals to get together and talk about the industry. It will be very convenient to find specific company-specific details to find a job.

Link to some employees and discuss a lot about company issues. Similarly, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram are other social media sites that show a live video of company-specific aspects.

So, these sources can be used when asking about an interviewing company. Helping to social media is an answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

Talk about the current affairs of the organization

When such questions are examined, make sure the company owners talk about clients, international agreements, current operations, and initiatives with them to grasp how to answer the question what do you know about our company.

You can also mention that companies are a place that creates jobs and gives more opportunities to develop candidates. You can also mention that it is the best part of the company because it helps in increasing young talent.

Details for details

As the company has complete details on the website, the candidates will be able to read their mission and know the company’s goals or intentions. Make a short curriculum about their staff and board members to show themselves that you know more about the company.

There are new projects, recruitment and instructions to gain his knowledge as the latest update about a company. Read through the press release and have all the details at your fingertips. When all this is mentioned, the employer will decide that the candidate is aware of the company and can answer what can you tell us about our company.

Other ways to do research

The search engine is one of the best sources that can provide you with enough company information. Get help from Google and research the company and know if there is recent company news for any updates.

If they have any recent news through newspapers and magazines, then hunt it. Make sure to run with Google.com/Blog Search, which can offer you full details to learn how to answer the interview questions what do you know about our company.

Tell about the positive aspects of the company

To create the right answer and to influence the employer, it is important to answer the positive aspects of the company. A job seeker who has done a lot of research can talk about the achievements he has made.

If the company has many achievements then the candidate can mention the best achievements and it also says some lines about it which show his interest in the company. Interviews will also be happy when positive aspects are spoken.

Technical Specifications

When a candidate talks about the company, it will be beneficial in giving technical specifications and details. When the candidate speaks in technical terms, the employer is interested and knows more technical details needed for the job. In this way, more likely to get recruitment.

Attributes of Concern

In order to talk about the company, the candidate can make sure to talk about the culture as well as the company’s good qualities. The candidate can mention the qualities that he likes and be interesting to work there. Describing these aspects, the employer is sure that the candidate has more knowledge of the company.

what do you know about our company sample answer

Meeting staff

To get an insight into the company, you can meet the employees of the company or the previous employees of the same company to know about the details of the candidate organization. The candidate can collect details of the ongoing and future plans of the organization.

Get on LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn profile may be an appropriate source where complete company details, staff details, and more can be found. The latest updates and more details can be found on LinkedIn which will be useful for finding jobs during the interview. This source is an appropriate study material that can help you answer your questions about the company?

Answer to the question (from job seekers), with explanation

Everyone loves them when we praise them for their work.

To answer the question, we’ve got some answers from job seekers participating in our research, or who have purchased our interview success packages and after preparing them with help, decided to send their answers to the most common interview questions by knowing what do you want to know about our company.

Your company is an export-import specialist and mainly active in the CIS market. Since I have market experience, and I speak Russian, I see it as a good place for work.

This applicant has done more than the summaries of the company’s specialty. They use the opportunity to show interviews on why they are a good match for the proposal.

I googled some information about your company. I found good reviews and interesting products. What’s more, your former employees say something good about you on social media I really believe that I know a lot now and can create a good picture of your work environment.

Instead of just checking the corporate website, looking for jobs while spending reviews and checking the responses of past employees, which they decide to share publicly on social media. It is a clear sign of strong interest to get the job done.

Your eyesight has really caught my eyes. I like the long-term goals of getting in touch with your customers and with your activities. Hopefully, I get the opportunity to help you achieve this worthwhile goal.

Most directors are proud of their company’s vision and long-term goals. It is a great way to clearly answer the question to point out these goals. What’s more, you can mention how you can contribute to achieving their goals. Each interview will be satisfied with such an answer.

In Chicago, this segment is the leading player in your stock market and ROI. What’s more, your number gets only good every year. You must hire only a professional in your company. And that’s why I should be on my board.

Market share, profit, income, etc. The company’s positive relationship is being mentioned about the ear of the employer’s directors and the music of the other leading figures of the company, to learn about what do you know about our company and why do you want to work here.

What’s more, they will see that you are interested in the right thing – the company’s profit and prosperity, not just your payroll and personal achievements.

Sample Interview Answer # 1

“Well, I know you are one of the biggest providers of Payle Software, and you were founded in 2012 when your CEO realized that many small businesses spend more than they spend, which hinders their growth.

The story on the” About Us “page of your website was interesting and it seems that this betting is based on how quickly you’ve risen There is a great need for me. I read twice in the form of last year, and you read that this year is read on track again. “

Sample Interview Answer # 2

“You are one of America’s largest investment banks. Based on your headquarters, Raleigh, NC, and 25,000 employees worldwide, what you read on your website. I know about your company for a while and you are one of my first names in this industry, so I was interested in applying and interview here. “

If you follow the steps above, show them that you’ve done your research and what type of organization you are interviewing, you will do well on this question.

This is not one of the more difficult interview questions, and as long as your response sounds similar to the above two sample answers, you will affect the employer.

Just show them you’ve done a bit of basic research and preparation.

And remember to practice your answers. Nothing comes the perfect first time.

Practice answering questions

As you prepare, practice typing your answers for benefits for hiring. These links or achievements are related to the work you are looking for, you can say something like the examples below.

Sample answer

For the job of an organization providing software solutions for local healthcare services, a job applicant can answer –

I believe that your company has been working for more than thirty years, a reliable employee is a great reputation for record management software, which can effectively manage the system, especially unions and non-union employees.

Your clients include the country’s smallest healthcare provider, the main healthcare provider, and the support staff living and nursing homes.

Interested in learning more about the mobile apps you have developed to help collect data from home healthcare providers. In this case, my experience has shown me to better understand this work and to maintain the best staff.

Or, a job applicant can provide this answer in the job interview with the accounting firm –

By the example of Genetic White and Robert in 1990, this accounting firm began to provide auditing and corporate reporting services as well as Sarban-Oxley and other regulatory compliance and reporting. Your firm now has 300 employees as well as an excellent reputation.

Your clients include these state-of-the-art companies. There are offices in the three largest cities of your state, and you seem to be consistently growing.

I have read a recent article from Jane that goes to an important website about the results of your research to accurately report the correct information through the mobile app. This study is very interesting to me because I know how important it is to collect and report this kind of information to help manage the most effectively.

Do not praise too much. Show that you’ve done enough research to find out that you’re really interested in working for the organization, but avoid feeling like Stellar – for example, do not mention what vehicles people drive or where they drive (even if you’re a big fan of that position or car).

Want to keep your answers at the top?

You can appreciate them, or show them why their company encourages them to apply for work and interview, it will make your answer better.

You’ll notice this is happening in sample # 2 above. When you say to an employer that their company is one of the industry’s first names, it is a huge compliment.

But do not say it is not true. If you are talking to a bank with less than 150 employees and you tell them that they are one of your biggest names in banking, they will think that you are crazy.

Although there are a lot of ways to appreciate a company. It does not have to be their size. You can say, “I know someone who worked here, and what you had to say about your company’s culture and how you support your staff.”

You can say, “I saw you got some local awards for community service, which I am very valuable.”

Two parts of preparations

a. Prepare by Employer Research.

Employer research is a very smart thing for many reasons. The research will help you answer this question.

This study will help you avoid bad employers and will help you prepare good questions if asked, “Do you have any questions?”

Find out what you can do about jobs and employers.

First, make sure to read the job description sentence-sentence that understands what you’re looking for and how you meet the requirements.


Check the employer’s website: ours, missions, products (or services), people, etc.

If this is a publicly traded company, the law needs to publish an annual report.

The name of Google’s owner to see what you discover. Among the clients? Competitors? Raves? Slam?

Find out the LinkedIn Company’s profile where you can test the profiles of employees you can connect with (An example of Networking!).

b. Note down you finding for use

List the main information about the organization. Knowing about the mission, vision, the strategy is an answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

What they do

Their products or services pay special attention to the names of those products and services. Knowing about their products line is an answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

Key employee

General size – The number of earnings, income, and employees is both small, medium, or big. Have a good idea of key people of the organization is an answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

Their location (if they have multiple).

Their main competition and how they compare (overall sales), profits (perhaps), where they are / where is good (and bad), and you can find other things that compare with competitors.

Have you endeavored to use any of your services or products? Was it a good experience or a bad one?

Search for their product or service reviews.

That part of the organization is growing or falling?

Do you see something that is particularly interesting to you – perhaps you are a long-time user of their products or you know one of their clients. Add it to your notes too, but be very careful about negatives (like you hate their products).

Note about anything related to a job or employer that feels very attractive or raises concerns for you. Find answers, and ask questions carefully.

How to use what you learned in a job interview

Make a list of remembered events

Use the information collected to make a list of bullets containing information that you can easily remember in interviews. During the research time, you know how much the company knows about making a good impression. Making such a list is an answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

Connect with the employer manager or the company’s culture. During the course of your research, the employer went to your school or lived in your home, or you may know that the company sponsors on a monthly basis on a voluntary basis. Use what you have learned to build real relationships with the people you are talking to. Show your enthusiasm.

Build your own question

At the end of the interview, most employers will ask you if you have any questions about your appointment. Use your research to create your interview questions and to fill the gap between your knowledge. Building your own question is an answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

These questions should not be something that you can learn through additional research; Rather, they should be things that are not easily accessible on the Web, such as “Can you describe a specific day at this location?” Or “What is the style of management of this organization, to justify what do you know about our organization”

Importance and process of company research

Start by researching the online company. Review the “About Us” section of the company’s website, pay attention to the organization’s history, achievements, goals, and values.

If the organization’s founders and/or executive teams are listed, take time to familiarize yourself with those people and their achievements. During the interview process, you will not be able to meet a big cat, but it helps to explain who’s in charge and their careers. Plus, by learning their names and faces, if you are driven by one of them in the elevator or in the reception area, then you may be unknowingly caught.

If you are a college graduate, check if you can get a list of ex-students who work for your company with your school’s working office. This is an ideal way to get an idea of an ideal employer’s perspective and elsewhere.

Also, you may find a former student who can help you find the organization’s internal track and maybe get a job. It is always helpful to get the employer’s attention in connection with the current employer. If you are already on the team someone will vouch for you if you are more likely to do it in the next round.

To review the information provided by the employer, visit the company’s LinkedIn page, and the company’s website. Also, check if you have contact with an organization that can provide you with insight and advice.

If this is a publicly-traded company, look at the “Investor Relations” page on its website to learn more about the financial aspect of the enterprise.

Go to the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages to see what the company is promoting and sharing. You can take information about the information that you might be able to use during the interview. Search Google News for company name so that you can find the most current information available on your potential employer.

Also, those who will be interviewing you are researching. Review their LinkedIn profile and see Google in Google to see what information you can find. The more you discover, the more comfortable you are talking to them.

Take away

The question, “What do you know about us?” Your actual interest in the job and employer is asked to gauge.

If you are not interested in them they are not interested in you. We have tried to discuss the answer to the question, what do you know about our company- with some sample interview answers.

You have to show that you are really interested – you do not hit an “application” button on posting a random job. Smart job seekers are well prepared for this question, so the employer’s interest and the job are clear.

Do your research, look for something you can appreciate, attach it to your interest in the job, and you have the right answer to this interview question. Show them that you care about their homework, and you are really interested in getting a job with them.

By getting ready, you can respond successfully and confidently to an employer when they ask, “Why should we hire you?” A way that you will be pleased to hire them. To go!

Do not turn your interview into a human discussion by closing some events about your potential next employer. It is meaningless to mention events – you are about to immerse yourself in the world of the employer’s director.

It all comes back to show you all done research and is really excited to talk with this company. In this way to be excited to talk to them!

If you fail to respond well to this question, the interview will be effective.

Employers will help you get a job, but it will also help you in other ways. It reminds you that you are another entrepreneur Your business is your career. If you know more about the world around you, savvier you will be a business person!

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