when should i tell my boss i am pregnant

When Should I Tell my Boss I am Pregnant

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

It can be a bit confusing when should I tell my boss I am pregnant? No matter the prospective employer or your current boss, it is a potentially delicate situation to inform you that you are pregnant. This article will give an overview of when should I tell my boss I am pregnant.

When should I tell my boss I am pregnant?

You are not required by law to disclose a pregnancy, but you do not want to misrepresent the news that your employer feels confused.

A common rule of thumb is to wait until the first quarter is over unless you start showing up too early. For a potential employer, you ideally want to wait until you get a solid job offer.

With your current boss, make sure that you tell her before you hear it from anyone else. In all cases, your primary goal is to assure an employer that your pregnancy will not cause problems for her or the company.

Dealing with potential employers


Do not disclose your pregnancy in the first week or first interview. Sell ​​yourself as if you were not pregnant.


Try to get a job offer based on your application and initial interview. Depending on your qualifications, your background, and the idea that you formulated during your interview, you want to convince the prospective recruiter of the best candidate for the position.


Arrive with the employer after you receive the offer. Legally, an employer is not allowed to withdraw the entire offer based on your pregnancy withdrawal.

Tell her that you are happy to accept the offer, but you want her to be aware that you have become pregnant.

Reassure him it won’t affect your performance, then follow through. Tell her you already have baby care and backup care provided.

Telling your current boss that you are pregnant


Keep your news to yourself in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Do not share the news with anyone in the office. Keep your work going as you always do.


Familiarize yourself with your organization’s policies regarding pregnancy, absence from a medical appointment, and maternity leave.

Review your long-term calendar to determine if your maternity leave coincides with a major project deadline or travel requirement, and consider ways to adjust these timelines without negatively impacting the organization.

You cannot change the baby in time, but you can complete the start of a project or prepare a colleague to take your place at a conference or seminar.


Ask your boss for a private meeting. Make arrangements before you get pregnant or begin to express the word. Choose times when they are not time-consuming or time-bound.

Tell her you are pregnant and give her an estimated date. Reassure her that it is your intention to continue working as normal until the baby arrives.

When you are on maternity leave, explain your thoughts on how to help cover your responsibilities, consider offering to attend important meetings, or make yourself available to colleagues when you need to.


If this is not your first child, telling an employer how you have successfully managed a previous pregnancy and maternity leave can help ease his concern about any potential negative impact on the company. I hope this article on when should I tell my boss I am pregnant was useful to you.

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