withstand a bullying boss trying to discredit you.

Withstand a Bullying Boss Trying to Discredit You

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Bullies at work are bad enough, but when significance is your boss, the situation becomes more challenging. It is nesessary to know how to withstand a bullying boss trying to discredit you. You might find yourself scared to go to work in the morning or looking for work elsewhere. However, you should take a position on your behalf and try to resolve the situation in a positive way.

When your bullshit boss tries to infamy you, take action that protects your work record and, hopefully, changes his behavior at the same time. This article is an attepmt how to withstand a bullying boss trying to discredit you.

Withstand a bullying boss trying to discredit you

Here are some probable solutions:

The document is everything

When you are a superior fool, you need ammunition to stand up for yourself or move on from Him to solve problems. Keep a comprehensive diary of each bullying incident as much as possible, such as what happened and what was involved. Include an entire conversation of conversation – not just what your boss said or did, but what you said in defense.

If possible, keep a portable digital recorder or use your smart phone to record your boss’s bullying. Also, keep a running track of the positive things you bring to the team, such as a record of exceeding your organization’s standards and goals. This will provide you with ammunition to address any of your boss’s attempts to discredit your work.

withstand a bullying boss trying to discredit you

Communication with confidence

Request a meeting with your boss, equipped with a list of examples of your abuse and your positive work history. If you feel safe doing it, then meet in person. If you feel insecure, keep witnessing your meeting with you, or meeting in a more public setting.

Identify specific examples of bullying behavior and share your documentation if needed. Be professional during this meeting. Do not share personal discussions, emotional displays, name calling or any information that your boss may use against you.

Remind him of the positive examples of your work and the contribution you make to your team. Let your boss know that you want him to stop cheating on you and trying to discredit you, and that if he doesn’t stop you, he will take your concerns to his supervisor or human resources department.

Changing expectations

Document the meeting with your boss carefully and in detail, listing what each of you said and show that you thought the behavior was inappropriate.

If your boss is inappropriate again, tell him that you are about to schedule a meeting with his HR department or his supervisor to file a formal complaint against him. If he apologizes and says it won’t happen again, allow him a second time if you feel comfortable doing it.

Just remember that he may not be sincere and he may try to undermine your credibility. Whatever the case, keep working hard and make a positive contribution to the organization to increase your credibility if the pattern of behavior continues.

Lift the ladder up

If the turmoil continues, it’s time to move the conversation out of your boss. Schedule a private meeting with the appropriate authority, if applicable, your supervisor, HR manager of your company or your union representative. Whatever it is, let her know that you would like to meet privately to discuss your boss’s behavior.

Collect documentation of your boss’s behavior to bring to the meeting. Explain what happened to the person, when it happened, and when it occurred in a calm and professional voice. Explain how your boss’s behavior negatively impacted your work experience.

Make a special note of how your boss tried to infamy you, and then discuss your value to the company and your positive achievements. Describe your desire to see your boss’s behavior change. Thank the person for his time and you are looking forward to seeing the solution.

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