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18 Top Tips on Working on Night Shift+10 Sleep Advises

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Working on the night shift has some pros and cons to consider. Peering through the labyrinth of time, poignant query surfaces: What verities have we gleaned concerning the health perils that cloak the night shift experience? Humanity, an inherently diurnal creation, thrives amidst the radiance of day. The nocturnal realm, enveloped in obscurity, beckons the body to yield its appetite, devoting itself to repair and rejuvenation.

The nocturnal ballet is orchestrated by the ebb and flow of blood sugars, a symphony attuned to temporal cadence. In the nocturnal embrace, the recondite crescendo of growth hormone intertwines with the resonant strains of cortisol—an agent of stress. Together, they beckon forth the reservoirs of blood glucose, primarily ensconced within the liver’s sanctum. This dance, an elaborate interplay, sustains the vigilance of the central nervous system sans the necessity of external fuel. Amidst this chronicle, the musculature lays dormant, shrouded in the aloofness of insulin—an agent responsible for glucose uptake.

The endeavor to uphold a healthy lifestyle often feels like an insurmountable feat, a challenge that even the conventional 9-to-5ers grapple with. However, for shift workers encompassing professions such as first responders and medical personnel, this task becomes even more formidable. Research illuminates their heightened vulnerability to ailments like obesity, heart disease, and an array of health conundrums.

The amalgamation of high-stress work environments with prolonged and often overnight shifts gives rise to a dependence on adrenaline, caffeine, sugary indulgences, and meager sleep. But the truth emerges: these ephemeral remedies are untenable over the long haul. In this context, cultivating a disciplined regimen of training and sleep assumes paramount importance.

The glimmer of hope resides in the realm of possibility—sustained healthy practices remain within reach. It necessitates an escalated level of planning and strategizing. Here are five tactics that illuminate the path to embracing a wholesome lifestyle, even within the framework of marathon shifts and capricious hours.

Metabolic conditions to consider when working a night shift

Could it be that this intricate choreography underpins the enigma of glucose intolerance—rampant among night shift laborers? The annals of research unfurl a narrative of glucose imbalance, intertwined with burgeoning waistlines and an elevated predilection for diabetes. A solitary study weaves the tale of a mere trifecta of nights relinquished to fractured slumber—30% diminishment in insulin sensitivity—though the temporal extent remains unaltered.

The diurnal chronicle ensues as a saga of glucose as the day’s stalwart sustenance and fat as the twilight’s cherished secret. Yet, the nocturnal tapestry unveils a paradox—a metabolism adroitly kindled by the fires of fat oxidation. Thus, the act of consuming amidst the shadows propels triglycerides skyward, ensconcing the bloodstream in an embrace of heightened fat storage.

Money Matters

One of the benefits of working a regular night shift is the pay gap. Employees who start working after 5 pm often get a bit more wages. For example, the federal government has two preliminary schedules that it considers a night shift: 3 p.m. From midnight and 11 am until 8 am, federal workers who work evening shifts earn .5 percent more than their standard hourly rate. Overnight shift workers earn 10 percent more.

Does our body clock adjust to night shifts eventually?

A lustrous query emerges—an inquiry into the adaptability of our corporeal chronometer to the night’s elusive enchantment. Astonishingly, a vista that spans two years of relentless nocturnal sojourns discloses a partial attunement of glucose and insulin rhythms to this clandestine cadence.

Digestive health for night shift workers

The citadel of digestion stands besieged—a bastion frequented by ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulcers. The diurnal script, where digestion slumbers, metamorphoses as night befalls—a script where the symphony of hunger and satiety conforms to a novel composition.

Heart health and night shifts

In the shadows, homocysteine surfaces—an amino harbinger of coronary heart affliction, its resonance amplified within night shift realms. This somber alchemy blooms, surging nocturnally, crescendoing further when meat graces the palate.

Conflating with these malevolent whispers is the ghost of insulin resistance—deposits of fat adorning visceral organs and waistlines, evoking inflammation’s ire, accompanied by an assemblage of blood triglycerides. These elements converge, their resonant undertones cradling an inescapable truth—cardiovascular risk burgeons within night’s dominion.

The Aria of Gastronomy in the Dark

Beyond the precincts of biochemistry, a practical quandary takes center stage—meal choices amidst the cloak of night. If embracing wholesome fare in the light of day proves herculean, the mantle of the challenge is woven thicker within night shift climes, offering a meager medley of options. The journey inevitably gravitates toward ready-to-eat morsels or carb-laden reprieves—swift in their energy infusion, yet bereft of nutrients. A chronicle chronicled—the span of half a year morphs night dwellers into purveyors of paltry fiber, forsaking the embrace of verdant bounty.

An Ode to Consumption: Night’s Palimpsest

Night and day, akin in caloric prowess, yet divergent in consumption patterns. Nocturnal wayfarers—subdued appetite their muse—find solace in nibbles, an ephemeral alibi to evade hearty repasts. The cause, manifold in its hues—reduced nocturnal appetite, the dalliance with convenience, and the exigencies of inconvenient timeslots, exemplified in the busy cadence of nocturnal physicians within the corridors of the A&E. The script also weaves the tendrils of coffee, whose embrace is oftener, deeper—an elixir that bestows risk through the alchemy of heightened stress hormones.

Best Tips on Working Regular on the Night Shift

The journey of shift work enfolds around 20% of the formidable American workforce, summoning them to partake in a symphony that dances under the moon’s gaze. In an unconventional ballet, as diurnal creatures, our human essence is intertwined with the sun’s ascent and descent. Yet, the night shift unveils itself as a labyrinthine journey, adorned with challenges.

For those who dare to embark on the quest of mastering the night shift while safeguarding their well-being, a vibrant array of strategies awaits. The path carved is one of complexity, winding, and intricate, yet the allure of vitality recalls.

1. Curating Clusters of Night Shifts

Seasoned veterans of the night shift realm underscore a crucial stratagem: clustering your nocturnal duties across consecutive nights. It’s a linchpin maneuver that aids in the adjustment process.

Hopefully, the scheduling overseers recognize the merit of this approach and facilitate its implementation. This scheduling tactic not only introduces flexibility into your days of reprieve but might also carve out time for embracing the daylight hours.

An added boon, particularly for those traversing the realm of travel nursing, is that clustered shifts provide an opportunity for extended exploration within your assignment city during the hours when you’re not on duty.

2. A Delicate Balancing Act on Days Off

The quest for consistency often defines the days off for many night shift employees—a bid to shield their bodies from incessant recalibrations. However, the allure of daylight hours persists, and experimentation becomes the norm in finding what works best.

However, a note of caution surfaces from researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. They discourage a practice that involves staying awake for 12 hours or more before the initial night shift of the week—an inclination embraced by approximately 1 in 4-night shift workers, as revealed by a 2011 study. Alas, this strategy, researchers assert, is the least effective means of aligning your circadian clock with the night shift schedule.

3. The Elixir of Nourishment

A realm of perils, where shift workers tread—disjointed repasts, untimely encounters with sustenance—a journey laden with culinary trials. Regular meals, a steadfast scaffold bestowing order upon the chronicles of your body.

A triumvirate of meals set forth like jewels upon the tapestry of your day. Nurtured at intervals that mirror the rhythm of a gentle cadence. In moments of hunger’s embrace, extend your hand toward the embrace of apple slices caressed by the tender whisper of all-natural peanut butter or the poetic duet of real fruit in a harmonious blend.

A nascent voyage into the realm of shift work may unveil a preference askew—appetites ignited during the night, smoldering in the sun’s embrace. A blueprint woven with culinary grace acts as your compass in this voyage. Illuminate a path, the dawn of your culinary tale within an hour of emergence. Journey through the day, punctuated by intervals for nourishment—three to four-hour verses of sustenance. This chorus reverberates between three to six times daily.

Imagine the story—a night’s initiation at 11 pm, culminating at 7 am. Should the day’s embrace beckon at 5 pm, then the alimentary journey might ensue as follows:

5-6 pm: Dawn’s Repast (shared with kin)
9 pm: Nourishing Interlude
3 am: Midnight Feast
7 am: Twilight Banquet

Within your epicurean quest, shun the siren call of processed sustenance and hasty fare. Elevate your platter with the opulent bounty of pasture-fed beef, fowl in flight, or ocean treasures captured with care. Weave high-fiber carbohydrates and premium fats into the feast. As you tread closer to twilight, veer away from sustenance two to three hours before the embrace of slumber, veiling caffeine, spirits, and the allure of nicotine.

Caffeine’s symphony resonates for hours on end, an opera that serenades the night. Thus, after the zenith of your shift, let the curtain fall on coffee, tea, and their caffeinated compatriots. The night shift’s enigma embraces the challenge of nourishment—a landscape where choices dwindle. Cafeterias retreat into shadows, their offerings suspended. The nocturnal traveler must make do with vending machines, pizzerias, and fast food havens.

A culinary odyssey beckons, a journey to the heart of nourishment’s craft. Kindle the hearth, summon aromas of home-cooked tales—an alchemical magic, an embodiment of economy, vitality, and simplicity.

4. The “Unplugged” Prelude to Slumber

For those accustomed to the lullaby of a television or the bedside buzzing of a smartphone, a transformative shift is required as a night shift nurse.

Sleep experts champion the cessation of all electronic engagement at least an hour before the intended bedtime. This digital respite cultivates a milieu of tranquility and darkness—a vital prerequisite for daytime slumber. By simulating the nocturnal ambiance, your body can summon the requisite chemicals to foster sound sleep.

The abstention from the allure of stimulating devices and their accompanying blue lights becomes imperative for both day and night shift empoyees, each yearning for restorative slumber.

5. Nourishment: A Bounty of Nutrients and Hydration

Nocturnal endeavors deprive you of the convenience of spontaneous, healthful dining establishments. The corner spot offering natural fare is likely to be shuttered during your mealtime. Thus, stocking up on nutrient-rich victuals assumes primordial significance.

Craft a rejuvenating smoothie to accompany you on your hospital sojourn. Nibble on the vibrant bounty of fresh fruits, verdant vegetables paired with hummus, or a medley of nuts. Package balanced, uncomplicated meals enriched with lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Nourishing your body with a wholesome arsenal minimizes the lure of sugary and fatty edibles.

In tandem with sustenance, the elixir of life—water—becomes paramount. Consistent hydration propels your energy reservoir and curbs untimely hunger pangs.

6. Resisting Temptation: An Act of Tenacity

The nocturnal journey often ushers in the urge for an extra cup of coffee and a midnight rendezvous with a chocolate bar. Moreover, the allure of daytime social interactions might beckon you from your much-needed slumber. In the realm of night shift nursing, an unwavering dose of willpower becomes your steadfast ally.

The hallmark of your journey lies in adherence to your schedule and the resistance against the siren call of unhealthy indulgences. It’s this unwavering discipline that positions you for continued excellence within the realm of night shift nursing.

7. Take Naps Efficiently

Nurturing efficient slumber, a cornerstone of your stratagem weaves itself seamlessly into your sleep narrative. Within the realm of the night shift, a society that seeks refuge under the moon’s mantle, a meandering journey emerges. A tale of slumber’s deficiency—two to four hours fewer per day compared to the populace’s norm—etched like threads in a labyrinthine tapestry. This deprivation, woven into the very hours of existence, crafts companions—throbbing cranial agony, wavering focus, the irksome mantle of irritability.

This realm of insufficiency is no fleeting dalliance—it ensnares your cognitive dominion, propelling you toward an odyssey painted with the hues of mood’s vagaries, the sluggish cadence of reflexes, and the scarcity of concentration. These ailments unfurl as heralds of a plethora of tribulations—escalating sick leaves, a surge of accidents, and a symphony of dwindling productivity.

Weave the tapestry of strategic napping, a gem of efficiency nestled in your trove of strategies. Before the curtain rises on your night’s vigil, grant yourself a reprieve—an elixir as old as the stars—culminating in an awakened mirth. Unfurl the tapestry of a 90-minute nap, an optimal duration, anointed by the wise custodians of the any Sleep Disorders Center.

In the chamber of your respite, conjure an atmosphere—coolness and obscurity, twin patrons of serenity. A ritual that invokes blackout drapes, the tender caress of sleep masks, and the whisper of earplugs—a symphony of enchantment that leads you to the heart of slumber’s embrace.

8. Weaving the Threads of Routine

Amidst the tranquil pause of your days of respite, clinging steadfast to the rhythms of slumber and dawn brings forth an array of advantages. This commitment stands as a bulwark against the shadow of shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), a phenomenon of circadian disarray, casting its shadow as insomnia and the embrace of undue drowsiness for the cohort of night dwellers.

“Circadian,” a beacon of cycles spanning 24 hours, unveils the chronicle of your sleep-wake cycle—a symphony etched in the fabric of your body’s internal chronometer. A symphony conducted by the rays of sunlight, it orchestrates the crescendo of rest and wakefulness. The ebb and flow of day and night, a celestial ballet.

Intermittent disruptions, mere ripples in the waters of harmony, bear trifling consequences—fragmented sleep, fleeting fatigue. However, in the face of sustained dissonance, the shadows of grave ailments cast their pall—Type 2 diabetes and the tapestry of cancers. The price exacted is steep—immune frailty, cognitive veils, weight gain, and the premature embrace of age.

Retracing footsteps to normalcy after the culmination of the week’s night watch requires a delicate choreography. Embark on morning slumber, unfurling with an afternoon emergence, where vigor unfurls until customary bedtime. Infuse strategic siestas, christening your last night of liberty with an extended vigil, and sinking into the embrace of a deep repose as you step into the realm of the night.

9. Online Courses as Beacons

Did you know that online courses can aid you in acclimatizing to the demands of night-shift nursing? The CDC, for instance, extends a collection of enlightening online courses designed to educate nurses and their management cohorts about the confluence of health and safety concerns linked with shift work and its attendant fatigue. Similarly, offers a course tailored to equip nurses with stress management tools.

Today’s online learning landscape seamlessly integrates with your shifts, and many employers or travel nurse agencies often cover the expenses tied to continued education.

10. Weaving a Supportive Network

Crafting meaningful bonds, whether within the physical realm with your fellow night shift nurses or through digital nursing support communities, becomes a cornerstone of holistic well-being—irrespective of your shift.

These alliances bolster your journey, providing a tapestry of mutual support in your quest for healthier habits. They stand as sanctuaries for navigating the tumultuous waters of stress, waters that only fellow nurses can truly comprehend.

11. Focus on recovery during shifts

Occupations like nursing and firefighting demand substantial physical exertion, rendering a consistent training regimen indispensable. Take the example of Dubin’s fire station—equipped with a fitness center where firefighters interweave training amidst their calls.

Healthcare facilities are increasingly adorning their premises with fitness centers, a boon that enables medical professionals to engage in pre- and post-shift workouts. Even during brief respites within shifts, carving a few minutes for foam rolling or other restorative rituals is feasible. In the absence of an on-site fitness haven, carry a trigger point ball or download a yoga session for on-the-go restoration.

It’s essential to optimize your work hours, making the most of the circumstances. The arduous workouts can be scheduled on your days off, where your full focus can be directed toward them. A career devoted to physical fitness mandates that training becomes an integral facet of your existence.

12. Vary the intensity of workouts

Analogous to the weekend pursuit of extended workouts for the conventional 9-to-5 populace, crafting a strategy for high-intensity efforts necessitates a delicate calibration for shift workers.

Dedicate a day devoid of work commitments to accommodate those rigorous workouts that demand heightened intensity. Harmonize the vigor of your training with the ebb and flow of your work schedule and the corresponding levels of fatigue. As an individual maneuvering through disparate shifts, equilibrium in your training regimen is attainable. The pattern might diverge from traditional expectations, but its feasibility is resolute.

13. Start slow and simple

Numerous professionals channel their existence through the conduits of their careers and family responsibilities, only to awaken to a startling realization in their mid-30s—that they’ve inadvertently neglected their physical well-being for a decade. This regressive trajectory is especially poignant for those who once basked in the glory of athletic prowess during their high school or college years. The transition to this phase might manifest as an unwieldy plunge into marathon or triathlon training—a formidable undertaking even for those ensconced in conventional schedules. Within the confines of unconventional hours, the mantra is clear: embark on your journey with gradual, elementary steps.

The expanse of time you reveled in during your college years is now a fleeting memory. The aspiration to instantaneously reclaim that pinnacle of athletic performance is not pragmatic, at least not in the short term.

14. Block your calendar

Achievers of excellence understand the power of allocating time in their calendars for training. It might entail waking up at the ungodly hour of 4 am to ensure their regimen is met. However, shift workers often find themselves still entwined in their professional duties at such hours. The solution? Customization. Delineate a time that aligns with your unique circumstances.

Some shift workers adhere to a predictable routine over the years, their schedules crystallizing into a familiar pattern. Yet, for most, schedules are unveiled a week or two beforehand. Cultivate the habit of setting aside a portion of your week to map out your plan.

At the crux of this endeavor lies the establishment of routine, irrespective of its unconventionality. While certain shift workers might grapple with immediate post-shift slumber, others might be drawn towards training to harness the lingering adrenaline. A realm of individual preferences unfurls, and therein lies the key to optimization.


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15. Set Your Boundaries

Extend the gift of solace to your kinfolk, a song of your work hours and periods of repose. Their gaze fixed upon the illuminated manuscript of your schedule, grant them knowledge of the sanctuaries you seek in sleep, and the moments you ascend into the realm of interaction.

Embarking on the terrain of temporal sovereignty is a cornerstone for shaping lives with precision. A narrative that allows the seizing of temporal reins.

Within your dwelling’s embrace, beseech them to withhold raucous symphonies—silence the rumble of vacuum’s hum, quell the clatter of dishware, and subdue the clamor of televisions. The sanctuary of slumber is sacred. Enshroud your smartphone in the veil of “Do Not Disturb,” allowing your psyche to respite from the siren call of emails, messages, and calls.

Gather your tribe around shared sustenance, a communion perpetuating the bonds of lineage. Even amidst the tapestry of night shifts, forge moments of familial unity, suffusing vitality into the very tapestry of your being.

16. Limit Stress

Stress, the spectral companion etched into existence’s canvas, leaves its mark—an imprint born from the financial tremors echoing through mortgages and utility bills, an emotional turbulence that dons the mask of caregiving for aging guardians.

An elongated sojourn under stress’s wing is the forge where cataclysm is wrought, where the body becomes a theater for a symphony of despair—a dance of burgeoning depression or the quiet withdrawal of the immune ramparts, yielding to the assault of diseases—heart’s affliction, strokes, the shadow of cancer.

Embrace introspection—a pilgrimage to the heart of stress, its allies, entwined with the quest for well-being.

Within the lure of existence, stress’s echoes resound—brush strokes that span financial turmoil to emotional tempests. Extended stays in stress’s embrace etch an insidious panorama—colors shifting from the ochre of depression to the muted footfalls of an immune fortress beleaguered by diseases—heart’s heralds, the specter of stroke, and the relentless advance of cancer.

The stage is adorned with an unsettling figure—a staggering 40% of America’s labor force grapples with office-bound stress, with a quarter dubbing work as the fountainhead of their daily strife. The ledger is clear—the situation warrants inspection, the stressors scrutinized, dismantled with the diligence that leads toward the path of well-being.

The tapestry of nocturnal toil unfurls tribulations of its own—fractured interludes with loved ones, a complex weave nurtured by discordant schedules. In these crucibles, anxiety metamorphoses into a siren’s call—an invocation that summons the tempestuous trinity of tobacco, drugs—both sanctioned and clandestine—and alcohol, a trio of refuge tainted by turmoil.

This concoction, a brew as tempestuous as the ocean’s depths, may offer fleeting serenity, but it unfurls a tempest in its wake—a tempest whose might burgeons with each tick of the clock. Safer stands the path of abstinence.

17. Practice Calmness, Meditation

Envision a sanctuary woven from breath—where the rhythm of inhalations and exhalations paints a portrait of serenity. Summon languid breaths, ushering a diurnal calm that ushers lower blood pressure, a gentle lull of the heart’s tempo, and the dispersal of stress’s tempest.

Within this constellation of strategies that alleviate stress, music dances forth. Surrender to melodies’ embrace, traverse nature’s corridors on a leisurely stroll, or yield to meditation’s cocoon. Chronicle your thoughts through the effervescent ink of journaling—a potion that dispels the storm of stress.

18. Exercise

Sketch the contours of your exercise regimen, aligning it with the cadence of your night’s odyssey. Infuse your days with the vibrant brushstrokes of workouts—before the veil of night’s labor unfurls or after its final bow.

Debates resonate—pondering the opportune time for exercise. Yet, within the realm of practicality, the truth unfurls like petals on the breeze: the opportune hour is the crossroads where the realm of potential meets the constraints of reality. The realm of night shift acolytes echoes this anthem—an ode to adaptability.

Channel your vigor into high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a symphony where brevity fuses with impact. HIIT, a versatile melody, manifests within the sacred chambers of home, amidst a gym’s equipment, or cocooned within your corporeal vessel. Brandish it as your compass, steering you toward results crowned with the regal aura of brevity.

Sleep Tips for Night Shift Workers

Within the moonlit realm of night shift warriors, these tactics emerge as beacons, guiding you back to the embrace of a revitalizing sleep cycle. Remember, not all these strategies may resonate with everyone; thus, embark on a journey of discovery, seeking the approach that aligns with your essence.

1. Relish the Blue-Light-Blocking Magic

As you transition from your workplace to the realm of sunlight, bedeck yourself with blue-light-blocking sunglasses, a shield that shrouds you from the blue wavelength’s clarion call—an invitation for your body to embrace its daytime rhythm. Wear them until you find refuge in the twilight of your boudoir, as this simple act prolongs your daytime slumber.

2. Go directly to bed after arriving at home

When the block of night shifts approaches, the lure to remain awake throughout the preceding day may beckon. However, resist this call to consciousness. The consequences of performing after a 24-hour wakeful journey equate to navigating with a blood alcohol level of .10! Your circadian rhythm might offer a fleeting window for slumber before 2 pm—a window that aids your internal clock as it strives to keep you awake.

3. Make sleep a priority

The siren call of chores, a relentless list that stretches into infinity, may beckon, but do not let this refrain deter your rest. Tempting as it may be to tackle responsibilities post-night shift, tread carefully, for this path can unfurl a treacherous cycle—a perilous “sleep debt.”

Forestall this debt, instead of retiring earlier, leaving ample room to bask in the bosom of well-deserved rest. Embrace the knowledge that during sleep deprivation, slumber is richer, its depth untrammeled, rendering the need to “repay” every lost hour moot.

4. A Culinary Prelude to Dreams

For those beset by hunger, a small repast beckons—a repast that marries high-quality carbs and protein in a harmonious union. Imagine a tableau replete with oats mingling with blueberries, the embrace of Greek yogurt, the lusciousness of peanut butter atop an English muffin, or the partnership of eggs and toast.

5. Sleep as long as possible

The world of night-shift inhabitants often grapples with insufficient sleep and the clutches of subpar rest. We proffer a remedy: Extend your stay in the chamber of dreams, for in this extension lies the antidote to chronic sleep scarcity.

6. Sleep in the dark

Daylight, a natural prompter of our circadian rhythm, rouses us from slumber’s embrace. Enhance your sleep depth by obfuscating the intrusion of light in your sanctuary. Invite the dark to weave a tapestry of tranquil repose.

7. Try a quick nap before work

Imbibe in a swift siesta prior to embarking on your nocturnal journey—a siesta that not only augments your sleep tally but also kindles the flames of alertness. Research asserts that a nap nestled within 1.5 to 3 hours preceding your night shift can infuse you with a renewed sense of vigilance.

8. Expand your team

In the realm of rejuvenation, a collective effort often reigns supreme. Solicit the support of family and friends, urging them to respect your sleep schedule by mitigating disruptions during prescribed periods. An eloquent reminder—restful nights translate to happier comrades, parents, and partners.

9. Melodic Alchemy: Melatonin’s Sway

Should the tides of sleep prove elusive, consider the serenade of melatonin—a hormone that typically graces our body’s evening hours. For those navigating unconventional shifts, melatonin supplements taken at different intervals might herald the advent of rest. However, a cautionary note—while melatonin can usher you into daytime slumber, its charms might not necessarily amplify your alertness during your laborious night shift. Seek counsel from your physician before embarking on this supplement journey.

10. Don’t discount light exposure

Light waltzes as a maestro in the symphony of the circadian rhythm. Partake in the illuminated embrace of well-lit spaces during the day’s inception—watch as your alertness and vitality blossom. As the shift’s curtain descends, a softer light experience awaits, ushering your body from the realm of commotion to the tranquility of your sanctuary.

Takeaways: Steps for working on the night shift

The realm of night, an indelible strand woven into the fabric of society—a saga imbued with services, available in perpetuity, beneath the sun’s gaze and the moon’s embrace. Should you stride the path of the night shift, enlist these six constellations, each casting a luminous ray toward health’s haven during the veiled tapestry of night. There are 4 things you can do to help to work on the night shift easier:

  • Make your switch early
  • Make others aware
  • Make sure you are dark blind
  • Make sure you can drive

These may seem like fairly simple tasks, but it is essential to identify what your obstacles will be to make the switch and help reduce any unnecessary problems so that you can work successfully on your night shift and get comfortable sleep during the day. Read on for additional information on each tip and how you can seamlessly adjust your sleep and work schedule during your new shift.

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