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14 Hidden Habits of Genius We Should Attain to Be a Leader

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What are the hidden habits of genius? Many qualities inhibit a person, but one to think that I have always had these, and use them by own conscience and own parameter, and own limitless power, makes a person to think beyond his/her abilities,talent, geniousness,hard work,or any natural superpower to make him special from others or ability to take decisions on time or to think above the planet,many qualities inhibit a person, but one to think that I have always had these, and use them by own conscience and own parameter, and own limit.

Perhaps we should take a step back and consider if our over-reliance on IQ measures, standardized testing, and a focus on elite level education is producing the folks we want to lead and live with. The amount of false negative geniuses – including Beethoven, Darwin, Edison, Picasso, Disney, Jobs, and the rest – shows that genius is about much more than IQ and that clever may imply a lot of different things. In this article, I am going to talk about 14 exclusive hidden habits of genius.

Hidden habits of genius

Here is a list of 14 hidden habits of genius

1. They understand that deeds speak louder than words.

One of the most essential characteristics of highly effective leaders is that they are aware of the significance of their actions. Leaders may guarantee that they set a positive example for their teams and the public by contemplating how their actions will be regarded.

2. They understand that deeds are more powerful than words.

If you want to discover what someone actually thinks, study what they do instead of listening to what they say. Leadership, not merely publishing a Vision and Values on the corporate website, establishes culture by setting the example and embodying the desired culture on a daily basis.

A vision that is expressed but not lived is easily forgotten.

3. Begin each day by going offline.

It’s remarkable how many clients check the markets, see what emails came overnight, or simply peruse their Twitter feed first thing in the morning on their phone or tablet.

Consider starting each day without engaging in any internet activity. Alternatively, you might meditate, pray, exercise, read, or spend time with your spouse or children.

4. Concentrate on finding answers rather than blaming others.

Blame is never the answer to a company problem, a consumer complaint, or any other issue that arises. Blame is a distraction strategy that chips away at a team’s efficacy and efficiency.

Good leaders strive to address problems first, then do a root-cause study to guarantee that the problem does not recur.

Most consumers don’t care who is to blame; all they want is for their problem to be resolved!

5. They inspire people to believe in themselves.

Confidence alone isn’t enough for a leader. Their teammates must also be self-assured. The most effective leaders inspire trust in their team members, ensuring that everyone feels competent and capable of delivering their best job.

6. They are motivated by achieving and exceeding stretch objectives.

The finest leaders create stretch objectives for their businesses and then push their employees to achieve them. You may push your staff to go just beyond their boundaries and improve their skill sets or capacities by establishing objectives that are just above what appears achievable.

7. Are you self-assured yet not arrogant?

Confidence is not the same as arrogance; the former serves to develop trust in the leader, while the latter undermines it. Great leaders are self-assured in their capacity to deliver, yet they share credit for their accomplishments with others.

8. Make Time For Self-Connection

The work we perform as leaders requires us to be resolute, focused, and decisive. Leaders suppress uncertainty and emotions, and we do everything we can to avoid or dismiss gut instincts.

Every day, spend time connecting with your heart, stomach, and head. The people you manage are entirely human, and they need to see you act humanly as well.

hidden habits of genius

9. Establish A Routine In The Morning

Start your day with a morning routine that will help you achieve your goals. Meditation, exercise, or gratitude practice could be part of your morning routine.

You will be able to contribute to others, handle tough circumstances efficiently, and improve your capacity to lead and listen if you take care of yourself first. It’s preferable if you complete your regimen before turning on your phone or computer.

10. Make sure you’ve done adequate planning before you start working.

If you don’t plan, you’re planning to fail. Great leaders recognize this, as well as the need for a sense of urgency, but they never compromise their chances of success by disregarding the planning.

Before rushing in, great leaders find a way to calm things down, step back, and ensure that their teams are focused on the correct things and that they understand what has to be done to be successful.

11. They maintain a healthy diet and workout regularly

A nutritious diet and frequent exercise will make your mind and body feel better and function at their best. Fuel is provided through food. That isn’t to suggest that a cheat meal or snack every now and then isn’t OK.

Enjoy yourself. Chocolate cake is to be devoured. That glass of wine is yours to keep. Just keep in mind that this isn’t something you should do on a regular basis.

12. They have zero tolerance for poor performance.

Every member of an organization must contribute their fair part if it is to flourish. Team members’ underperformance will not be tolerated by the greatest leaders. Everyone is held responsible for what they should be doing. To win championships, you need the best starting lineup and bench.

13. They collaborate with like-minded individuals.

It’s critical to have someone you can bounce ideas off of that you can trust. Meet with like-minded individuals, not to be in the same room with people who all agree, but to be with those who are eager to learn and grow as people, investors, owners, innovators, and leaders.

This may be found in mastermind groups, monthly breakfasts with pals, or coworkers from various firms. You haven’t heard of anything like this in your field or area? Make it happen.

Make time and space for yourself to develop in your job, as well as your leadership ability and competence. Others can teach you a lot.

14. They offer assistance and mentorship to others.

For both the recipient and the giver, giving is a strong and amazing gift. Many successful people have stated that donating has resulted in them receiving more success and opportunities. When you’re open, listening, and aware of what’s going on around you, opportunities present themselves all the time with hidden habits of genius.

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